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"(Second part of PlaMonster name), Please!"
―Summoning announcement via Wizardriver[src]

"PlaMonster, Now!"
―Summoning announcement via White Wizard Driver[src]

"Griffin, Go!"
―Summoning announcement via Beast Driver[src]

The PlaMonsters (プラモンスター Puramonsutā) are familiars created from plastic models that are given life through the use of the Wizard Rings.

They are first summoned by Wizard or Beast using their respective Wizard Rings, where they lay in assorted pieces on a tray. They then put themselves together and Wizard inserts the Wizard Rings into their bodies to keep them active.

However, PlaMonsters have a limited amount of energy, and when it's used up, they disappear and leave behind their respective Wizard Ring to be summoned again.I Want to Be a Magician The PlaMonsters can sometimes reconfigure themselves into a stronger combination. The Promise to Defend Wanted: Despair A Smile in the Chest

List of PlaMonsters

Red Garuda (レッドガルーダ Reddo Garūda) is a bird-like familiar powered by the Garuda Wizard Ring. It is used to perform aerial reconnaissance.

PlaMonsters-Red Garuda

Red Garuda

Red Garuda is composed of the following parts:

  • Clear Site (クリアサイト Kuria Saito) - The eyes. It has excellent vision, and can clearly see things on the ground from midair. It resonates with beings with strong magical power, allowing Red Garuda to sense Phantoms.
  • Crawling Pinch (クロウリングピンチ Kurouringu Pinchi) - The claws on the wings. As it lacks power, it is mainly used for carrying light objects or during struggles against opponents.
  • Flex Jerks (フレックスジャーク Furekkusu Jāku) - The red and silver 'arms'. They are energy tanks that utilise air resistance to store power. By efficiently distributing power, it is possible for Red Garuda to fly long distances.
  • Crimson Loops (クリムゾンループ Kurimuzon Rūpu) - The clear red wings. They manipulate air flow by covering themselves with magical power, allowing Red Garuda to fly in the sky with slight force.
  • Equip Bone (エクイップボーン Ekuippu Bōn) - Metal armor covering the main body. It is a special silver alloy that is generated by magical power, and protects Red Garuda from magical attacks.
  • Garuda Wizard Ring (ガルーダウィザードリング Garūda U~izādo Ringu) - The Wizard Ring used to summon Red Garuda. Stored on Red Garuda's belly.
  • Maximum Foot (マキシマムフット Makishimamu Futto) - The feet. The can grab other familiars and carry them into the sky.
  • Tail Ladder (テイルラダー Teiru Radā) - The tail. It controls the body's altitude and travel direction.

Blue Unicorn (ブルーユニコーン Burū Yunikōn) is a unicorn-like familiar powered by the Unicorn Wizard Ring. This PlaMonster performs ground-based reconnaissance and can use its horn to dig into the ground to provide support by distracting the target. As Blue Unicorn is not capable of flight, it is sometimes carried by Red Garuda if it needs to get to another location quickly.

PlaMonsters-Blue Unicorn

Blue Unicorn

Blue Unicorn is composed of the following parts:

  • Rapid Searcher (ラピッドサーチャー Rapiddo Sāchā) - The eyes. It has excellent dynamic vision that allows Blue Unicorn to see objects even when sprinting at high speeds.
  • Monoke Rod (モノケロード Monoke Rōdo) - The horn. When magically charged, it vibrates at super high speeds that make it invisible to the human eye. Not only can it be used as a weapon, but it can crush rocks and dig through the ground.
  • Heaven's Crest (ヘブンズクレスト Hebunzu Kuresuto) - The mane. It stores magical power. When sprinitng, magical power is amplified and converted into propulsion force.
  • Harness Gear (ハーネスギア Hānesu Gia) - Metal armor covering the main body. It is a special silver alloy that is generated by magical power, and protects Blue Unicorn from magical attacks.
  • Unicorn Wizard Ring (ユニコーンウィザードリング Yunikōn U~izādo Ringu) - The Wizard Ring used to summon Blue Unicorn. Stored on Blue Unicorn's chest.
  • Mile Striders (マイルストライダー Mairu Sutoraidā) - The legs. It is extremely resistant to fatigue, allowing blue Unicorn to run fro a long time without rest. Additionally, rear leg kicks are extremely powerful.
  • Bring It Tail (ブリンギットテール Buring Itto Tēru) - The tail. Blue Unicorn's posture is changed when the Bring It Tail's position changes during a sudden turn.

Yellow Kraken (イエロークラーケン Ierō Kurāken) is a horned octopus-like familiar powered by the Kraken Wizard Ring. This PlaMonster performs underwater reconnaissance and exploration.

PlaMonsters-Yellow Kraken

Yellow Kraken

Yellow Kraken is composed of the following parts:

  • Marble Scanners (マーブルスキャナー Māburu Sukyanā) - The eyes. It can capture targets underwater, even if there is little to no light. It resonates with beings with strong magical power, allowing Yellow Kraken to sense Phantoms.
  • Cannon Beak (カノンビーク Kanon Bīku) - The beak. It can be stuck into enemies to escape from them. It can suck in and release water.
  • Squid Gear (スクイードギア Sukuīdo Gia) - Metal armor. It is a special silver alloy that is generated by magical power, and protects Yellow Kraken from magical attacks.
  • Marlin Tentacles (マーリンテンタクル Mārin Tentakuru) - The tentacles. They are highly elastic and have very strong power. By expanding and contracting, Yellow Kraken can swiftly move through water.
  • Kraken Wizard Ring (クラーケンウィザードリング Kurāken U~izādo Ringu) - The Wizard Ring used to summon Yellow Kraken. Stored on Yellow Kraken's head.
  • Cefarome (ケファローム Kefarōmu) - The large bulbous head. It serves as an energy tank that stores magical power.
  • Strong Vikes (ストロングヴァイク Sutorongu Vu~aiku) - The horns. They are strong enough to penetrate concrete. They serve to protect the Cefarome from assault.

Violet Golem (バイオレットゴーレム Baioretto Gōremu) is an ape-built giant-like familiar powered by the Golem Wizard Ring. It is the only PlaMonster that doesn't search for Phantoms, since its shy personality prevents Golem from doing an effective job. Instead, it has found its use in crafting, sometimes alongside Shigeru Wajima. The likes of this PlaMonster's handiwork includes the Wizard Ring Box and a convincing duplicate of the Beast Driver. It later on appears to get over its shyness, allowing it to deliver the Eclipse Ring to Haruto and later to join the other five PlaMonsters in searching for Fueki.


Violet Golem

Violet Golem is composed of the following parts:

  • Zoom Scopes (ズームスコープ Zūmu Sukōpu) - The eyes. They have excellent visual ability, and can be used to distinguish small objects during tasks.
  • Golem Wizard Ring (ゴーレムウィザードリング Gōremu U~izādo Ringu) - The Wizard Ring used to summon Violet Golem. Stored on Violet Golem's head.
  • Drum Muscles (ドラムマッスル Doramu Massuru) - The chest. It serves as storage tank that hold magical power. It also creates power that allow Violet Golem to carry heavy objects.
  • Gatling Fists (ガトリングフィスト Gatoringu Fisuto) - The fists. It not only excels in arm strength, it can release compressed magical power to stretch out to attack.
  • Cestus Hammer (セスタスハンマー Sesutasu Hanmā) - Metal armor that covers the Gatling Fists. It can be used as a striking weapon or used as a tool to strike iron during tasks.
  • Big Crawlers (ビッグクロウラー Biggu Kurourā) - The legs. Even if Violet Golem is carrying a heavy load with a low centre of gravity, they will not topple.

  • White Garuda (ホワイトガルーダ Howaito Garūda) Used by White Wizard to bring a red Magic Stone to Antique Shop Omokagedo. Mayu was later shown using a White Garuda, though whether this was the same one or not is unknown. The Ringed Novelist
  • Black Cerberus (ブラックケルベロス Burakku Keruberosu): A three-headed dog-like familiar powered by the Cerberus Wizard Ring. White Wizard used Black Cerberus to lead Koyomi to a blue magic stone. The Film Director Came Back

  • Green Griffin (グリーングリフォン Gurīn Gurifon): A griffin-like familiar powered by the Griffin Ring.

  • Orange Garuda (オレンジガルーダ Orenji Garūda): Like the Red and White Garuda PlaMonsters, it is powered by a Garuda Wizard Ring.
  • Goldenrod Unicorn (ゴールデンロッドユニコーン Gōrudenroddo Yunikōn): Like the Blue Unicorn PlaMonster, it is powered by a Unicorn Wizard Ring.
  • Pink Kraken (ピンククラーケン Pinku Kurāken): Like the Yellow Kraken PlaMonster, it is powered by a Kraken Wizard Ring.


Wizard Rings

These rings are utilized by Haruto, Fueki, and Kosuke to summon and power their respective PlaMonsters.

  • Garuda Wizard Ring (ガルーダウィザードリング Garūda Wizādo Ringu): Summons then powers the Red Garuda PlaMonster. Variations also exist for the White Garuda and Orange Garuda.
  • Unicorn Wizard Ring (ユニコーンウィザードリング Yunikōn Wizādo Ringu): Summons then powers the Blue Unicorn PlaMonster.
  • Kraken Wizard Ring (クラーケンウィザードリング Kurāken Wizādo Ringu): Summons then powers the Yellow Kraken PlaMonster.
  • Golem Wizard Ring (ゴーレムウィザードリング Gōremu Wizādo Ringu): Summons then powers of the Violet Golem PlaMonster.
  • Cerberus Wizard Ring (ケルベロスウィザードリング Keruberosu Wizādo Ringu): Summons then powers of the Black Cerberus PlaMonster.
  • Griffin Ring (グリフォンリング Gurifon Ringu): Summons then powers the Green Griffin PlaMonster.


  • The colors of 3 of Haruto's 4 PlaMonsters do not correspond with 3 of Wizard's 4 form's color-coded elements. Garuda, a creature of the skies, is red (Flame Style); Unicorn, a land-based beast, is blue (Water Style); and the water-housed Kraken is yellow (Land Style).
    • Likewise, Kosuke's Griffin PlaMonster, a lion/bird hybrid, is green (Chameleo Mantle).
  • Haruto and Fueki both have PlaMonsters that are based on a Garuda and are colored after their respective primary Rider Forms.
  • The Griffin PlaMonster is the only PlaMonster that has two motifs, since it is a hybrid of a lion and a bird.
  • In Kamen Rider Wizard in Magic Land, a close up of an orange Garuda is seen, as well as several other PlaMonsters in various colors, showing that the color of the Magic Stones needed to make a PlaMonster exist are not related, and can come in a whole rainbow of colors.

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