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"Pine Arms: Funsai Destroy!"
―Transformation announcement[src]

Pine Arms (パインアームズ Pain Āmuzu, short for "Pineapple Arms") is an alternate pineapple-based armored Japanese Samurai form of Armored Riders. Accessed through the Pine Lockseed, this form's Arms Weapon is the Pine Iron, while the helmet the Rider wears is the Spine Kabuto (スパインカブト Supain Kabuto, lit. "Spine Helmet") with the Pulp Eye (パルプアイ Parupu Ai) visor. While it is mostly used by Armored Rider Gaim, it can also be used by other Riders.


Pine Arms consists of the following parts:

  • Spine Kabuto (スパインカブト Supain Kabuto) is the helmet to protect the head of a Rider.
    • Palm Stem (パームステム Pāmu Sutemu) is an analysis unit installed on the top of the head that monitors the wearer's biological information. Of the five large blade type sensors, the central sensor reads the heart rate of the wearer, physical and mental damage, etc. and attempts cooperation with the Sengoku Driver so that the combat ability can be maximally drawn out. The remaining four sensors monitor the armor damage covering the upper body of the Pine Arms.
    • Pulp Eye (パルプアイ Parup Uai) is the visual line sensor section of a Rider. A myriad of small camera eyes is arranged radially and can be caught far beyond the human visual range.
    • Reversal Arm (リバーサルアーム Ribāsaru Āmu) is a type of armor that protects the head, installed on the two sides of Pulp Eye. It has a role of receiving damage attacked to the head laterally to reduce damage.
    • Spine Armor (スパインアーマー Supain' Āmā) is the armor with the function of diffusing and absorbing shock by attaching spiked unevenness on the surface, installed on the back of the head. Also, the unevenness of the armor surface also has functions such as destroying the enemy's weapon itself, causing the blade to spill.
  • Spine Lung (スパインラング Supain Rangu) is the armor to protect the chest of a Rider. It boasts enough strength to scratch even if it is slashed with a sharp sword.
  • Spine Sleeve (スパインスリーブ Supain Surību) is the armor to protect a Rider from shoulder to arm. The surface of the armor is covered with large irregularities, and it deflects the enemy's attack and damages the attacking side.


Arms Change


In the History Modifying Machine's altered history, Gaim likewise possessed the Pine Lockseed as a Shocker Rider. Assuming Pine Arms, Gaim attempted to perform the a Pine Squash Rider Kick against the rebel Kamen Rider Black RX only to himself be kicked aside. Super Hero Taisen GP: Kamen Rider 3


  • This form's Arms Weapon is the Pine Iron. When combine with Musou Saber, it become Kusarigama Mode (鎖鎌モード Kusarigama Mōdo, lit."Chain Sickle Mode").


Finishing attacks

  • Iron Breaker (アイアンブレイカー Aian Bureikā): After Gaim activates his Sengoku Driver's Squash function, he can execute one of four variations of this attack.
  1. Gaim throws/kicks the Pine Iron at the opponent, growing it if he needs it to. Once the Pine Iron is attached to the opponent's head, he strikes the target with a powerful side kick.Certain Kill! Pine Kick!
  2. Gaim launches the Pine iron to encase the target in a pine aura passes through a line of slices of pine and slams into the target with a powerful side kick. If the Pine Iron is unavailable or is already being used, Gaim just passes through the line of pine slices and kicks the target as usual.Farewell, Beat Riders
  3. Gaim swings and restrains the opponent with the Pine Iron in close range, then he floats into sky, passes through the line of pine slices and kicks the target.The Betrayal of Zangetsu
  4. It can be used without the side kick, causing the Pine Iron to become an explosive projectile instead of attaching to the target's head.Kamen Rider × Kamen Rider Gaim & Wizard: The Fateful Sengoku Movie Battle
When used in conjunction with Mango Au Lait, the Pine Iron expands on the target's head, mixed with Mango energy and crushes the target.Baron's New Power, Mango!

  • Pine Musou Zan (パイン無双斬 Pain Musō Zan, lit. "Pineapple Unrivaled Slash"): After Gaim activates his Sengoku Driver's Au Lait function, he restrains the opponent with the Pine Iron and charges the Musou Saber with pineapple-shaped energy before slashing the enemy.


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