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Philosopher's Stone

The Philosopher's Stone (賢者の石 Kenja no Ishi) is a magical object connected to the Sabbath ritual performed by Wiseman, which forced numerous Gates into despair and giving birth to their respective Phantoms.

The Phantom Gremlin, who goes by his human name, Sora, knows of the Philosopher's Stone and its connection to the Sabbath, he revealed this to Wiseman when he was chained up after releasing the chained rogue Phantom Legion to learn more as he was curious as to the Phantom's objective of starting the Sabbath again. This revelation led Wiseman to not only spare Gremlin his planned execution, but to make him his right-hand man. Tears

After escaping Wizard Infinity Style's finisher after the wizard learned his true nature, Gremlin told Haruto that they would fight again after he had the Philosopher's Stone. The Other Side of Sora

Wiseman told Gremlin that to obtain the Philosopher's Stone, a huge quantity of mana must be gathered to perform the Sabbath without the need of a solar eclipse, thus more Phantoms need to be created by forcing Gates into despair. Gremlin wondered if there was another way, despite Wiseman's claims. The Stolen Hope

The stone played a key role in Sorcerer's plan to recreate the Earth into Magic Land. Sorcerer (at an unknown point) kidnaps Koyomi and harnesses power from the Philosopher's Stone, without direct usage of it.

Hope Wizard Ring

Hope Wizard Ring

The Hope Wizard Ring (ホープウィザードリング Hōpu Wizādo Ringu) is a Wizard Ring created from the Philosopher's Stone in the finale as the embodiment of Koyomi's final hope. Just after receiving this ring, Wizard scans this ring into the Wizardriver and executed an enhanced version of All Dragon's Strike Dragon Kick while in Flame Style known as the Empowered Strike Wizard Kick (強化ストライクウィザード Kyōka Sutoraiku Uizādo Kikku) to kill Gremlin. It looks identical to the Engage Ring, but with a pink magic stone. This ring is seen in the opening sequence with Haruto placing it on Koyomi's finger. Haruto eventually seals the Hope Wizard Ring within his own Underworld by giving it to Koyomi for safekeeping. Kamen Rider Wizard: The Promised Place



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