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The Pegasus Bowgun (ペガサスボウガン Pegasasu Bōgan) is a crossbow/gun hybrid weapon which is used by Kamen Rider Kuuga Pegasus Form that can be created out of any gun-like object, commonly Ichijo's handgun. His finishing move with the Pegasus Bowgun is known as the Blast Pegasus (ブラストペガサス Burasuto Pegasasu), which is an arrow shot from the bowgun after pulling the hammer back to the fullest length.

Once Kuuga upgrades to Rising Pegasus (ライジングペガサス Raijingu Pegasasu), the weapon also upgrades with him into Rising Pegasus Bowgun (ライジングペガサスボウガン Raijingu Pegasasu Bōgan) which enables him to perform the Rising Blast Pegasus (ライジングブラストペガサス Raijingu Burasuto Pegasasu). This attack may use up to three arrows.


A.R. Worlds

In the World of Kuuga, Yusuke Onodera assumed Pegasus Form and performed the Blast Pegasus to destroy Ra-Dorudo-Gu. The World of Kuuga

Gurongi destroyed by the Pegasus Bowgun



Form Ride Kuuga Pegasus

Form Ride: Kuuga Pegasus Form.

With the Kuuga Pegasus Form Ride Card, Kamen Rider Decade transforms into Kuuga's Pegasus Form, wielding the Pegasus Bowgun. He used this to destroy the Geophilid Worm in the World of Kabuto. Warning: Kabuto Running Amok

Other Version


When Kuuga Ultimate Form uses the Pegasus Bowgun, it's in its Rising Form and all green accents on the weapon turn black in color. This was never used in the series but is shown in some toys of Kuuga.


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