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"But at least we can pray that they'll find a different future different from ours. Rosyuo, we're together again, forever."
―The Queen's last words[src]

The Queen (王妃 Ōhi) was the female Over Lord Inves who first appeared after Rosyuo's death. She was the designated Woman of the Beginning of the Femushinmu.


As the bearer of the Golden Fruit, the Queen believed in Rosyuo's belief to save the rest of the Femushinmu against the Helheim Invasion. Sometime after, she died, causing Rosyuo to become hollow and empty with the Femushinmu Civilization reduced to almost extinction. Because of Rosyuo's love for the Queen, he sets out to use the Golden Fruit intended for humanity to revive her. However, when he sees that Mai has similar ideals to the Queen, he instead gives her the fruit, viewing her worthy of it, and hopes that she will continue observing until the end. The Queen's spirit appears after Rosyuo's death, finally reunited with her lover, asking Sagara what will happen to the Humans of Earth before fading away.

Behind the scene


The Queen is portrayed by Hiromi Iwasaki (岩崎ひろみ Iwasaki Hiromi), the wife of Metal Yoshida who portrays Oren Pierre Alfonzo.


KRGa-Over Lord Queen.png

  • Aside from Lapis, the Queen is the second Over Lord Inves to appear in a human form, production wise. Timeline wise, she would be the first.
    • She is also the second Over Lord to be an ally, with Lapis the first.
    • The Queen is also the second Over Lord to be female, with the first being Redyue. However the Queen has the distinction of the first to be portrayed by a female actor.
    • Although she's an ally, she hadn't directly helped the riders, but rather indirectly thanks to Rosyuo's memory of her.
  • She has heterochromia and blond hair just like Mai due to being in possession of the Golden Fruit.


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