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Out of the Void is the thirty-third episode of Kamen Rider: Dragon Knight. It is the debut of the Ventaran Kamen Rider Torque, Strike, and Axe, as well as the return of Kit Taylor after being absent from Episode 32.


The Advent Master finds the Ventaran Kamen Riders Torque, Strike, and Axe, and brings them back from the Advent Void. Adam tries, unsuccessfully, to win the trust of the other Riders by joining them in battle. The Riders track down Xaviax's teleportation devices to infect them with a disabling virus.


Both Len and Adam fight in Survive Mode but the latter retreats being unable to vent his friend. Xaviax continues telling Adam to gain Len's trust back threatening Sarah if he doesn't. While Len and Maya train, Eubulon manages to rescue Ventaran Riders Torque, Strike and Axe. Len and Eubulon explain to them what happened to Ventara and what is happening to Earth while Trent locates three of Xaviax's transmitters. Eubulon gives the Riders a virus to disable the transmitters while he goes back to the Advent Void. Hunt, Kamen Rider Axe, goes after one in Asia and comes across Adam who tries to gain Hunt's trust back by battling alongside him but fails. Meanwhile, Eubulon manages to rescue Kit and Kase from the void.


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Advent Cards

  • Cards used:
    • Dragon Knight:
      • Survive, Survive Final Vent, Sword Vent, Shoot Vent
    • Wing Knight:
      • Survive
    • Axe:
      • Final Vent, Attack Vent (Destwilder)


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