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"Let's Itadaki! (レッツイタダキ!, Rettsu Itadaki!)"
―Attack type selection activation announcement[src]

"(Kuruma/Drink/Fumikiri/Soujiki/Nature)! (車!ドリンク!フミキリ!掃除機!ネイチャー!)"
―Attack type selection announcement[src]

"Itadaki! (イタダキ!)"
―Attack type confirmation announcement[src]

"(Drive-in/Splash Ra-in/Stop Tra-in/Metchakyu-in/Element-in)! Osutoderu Crash! ((ドライブ印!スプラッシュレ印!ストップトレ印!メッチャキュー印!ーエレメント印!) オストデルクラッシュ!)"
―Finisher announcement[src]

"(Vistamp name) Itadaki! (◯◯!イタダキ!)"
―Vistamp scanning announcement[src]

"Ohing! Going! (オーイング!ゴーイング!)"
―Vistamp finisher looping standby announcement[src]

"Osutoderu Crash! (オストデルクラッシュ!)"
―Vistamp finisher announcement[src]

The OsutoderuHammer50 (オストデルハンマー50フィフティー, Osutoderuhanmā Fifuti) is the personal weapon of Kamen Rider Vice. Combining the OsutoderuHammer50 with the Ohinbuster50 forms the Revicelasher (リバイスラッシャー, Ribaisurasshā).[1][2]


The OsutoderuHammer50 is composed of the following parts:

  • Osutoderu Head (オストデルヘッド, Osutoderuheddo): The main portion. The large-caliber, ultra-hard head creates tremendous destructive power as a striking weapon.
  • Osutoderu Trigger (オストデルトリガー, Osutoderutorigā): The trigger. When the attack target is confirmed, the safety is released and the attack is performed.
  • Osutoderu Grip (オストデルゴーグリップ, Osutoderugōgurippu): The grip. It acts as an energy path through which energy is supplied from the Revice Driver when grasped by Revice. In addition, it has a built-in Viststamp reading device which by setting in an inverted position can read simple genetic information and activate the finishing move Ostoderu Crash that applies the power of the species.
  • Osutoderu Knock (オストデルノック, Osutoderunokku): The operation device. It has a structure in which commands are input by pressing it strongly, and after pressing it once, the target data read by the stamp-type information input device Itadaki Injector is locked by pressing it again. This makes it possible to activate the finishing move Ostoderu Crash, which makes use of the characteristics of various substances
  • 50 Connector (50フィフティーコネクタ, Fifuti Konekuta): The coupler. The OsutoderuHammer50 and Ohinbuster50, which have been transformed in preparation for combination, are firmly connected while forming an energy bypass to become the combined weapon Revicelasher.
  • Itadaki Injector (イタダキインジェクター, Itadaki Injekutā): The stamp-type information input device. By hitting an object, its composition is read instantly and a pseudo energy body can be generated.


Main article: Finisher (Revice)

The OsutoderuHammer50's finisher is the Osutoderu Crash (オストデルクラッシュ, Osutoderu Kurasshu), which is performed by either striking an object or scanning a Vistamp. The attack will take on the attributes of the type of object that was struck or the power of the scanned Vistamp.

Vice strikes a car, causing a projection of the OsutoderuHammer50's seal to appear. Vice then spins, with his body surrounded by pink energy, while holding out the OsutoderuHammer50, which produces a trail of yellow and cyan energy. He approaches the target while spinning and crashes into them, continuously striking them with the OsutoderuHammer50. Vice then moves away and briefly stops spinning before starting again and resuming his attack. At the end of the second spinning attack, a yellow projection of the design on the OsutoderuHammer50's head to appear as the enemy is launched away.

Vice strikes a stone on the ground, causing a projection of the OsutoderuHammer50's seal to appear. Numerous balls of yellow energy emerge from the stone and float into the air before transforming into large rocks. Vice swings the OsutoderuHammer50, sending the rocks towards the target. The rocks then rain down, relentlessly striking the enemy and the surrounding environment.


―Revicelasher combination announcement[src]

"Stamp-By! (スタンプバイ!)"
―Ohinstamp scanning announcement[src]

"Here we go! Let's go!"
―Finisher looping standby announcement[src]

"Revi Vicelash! (リバイバイスラッシュ!)"
―Finisher announcement[src]

The Revicelasher (リバイスラッシャー, Ribaisurasshā).[3][4] is the combined form of the OsutoderuHammer50 and the Ohinbuster50.


The Revicelasher is composed of the following parts:

  • 50 Slasher Edge (50フィフティースラッシャーエッジ, Fifuti Surasshā Ejji): The main blade. The ultra-hard blade, sharpened without a speck of cloudiness, is formed into a long sword by the genome power field emitted by the Ohinbuster50. Furthermore, various special characteristics can be added by obtaining the power of the species input into the Ohinjector stamp-type information input device.
  • Osutoderu Head (オストデルヘッド, Osutoderuheddo): The main unit. By becoming the Revicelasher, the built-in genome power transformer is activated, and the energy output supplied by Revice is raised at once and converted into attack power.
  • Ax Edge (アックスエッジ, Akkusu Eiji): The secondary blade. By performing ultra-high-speed stamping up to 500,000 times per second and emitting high frequencies, everything can be easily torn apart. Additionally, as the Revicelasher concentrates the power of the Ohinbuster50 on the 50 Slasher Edge, it is mainly responsible for secondary attacks such as counters.
  • Ohinjector (オーインジェクター, Ōinjekutā): The stamp information input device. The Revi Vicelash finishing move that adds the power of a biological species can be activated after changing the method of attack by stamping the Ohinstamp or by receiving input through stamping the Vistamp's special information transmission code, the Vistamp Code (バイスタンプコード, Baisutanpu Kōdo).
  • Slasher Bustrigger (スラッシャーバストリガー, Surasshā Basutorigā): The trigger. When the attack target is confirmed, the safety is automatically released and various attacks are performed.
  • Ax Busgrip (アックスバスグリップ, Akkusu Basugurippu): The grip. It acts as an energy path through which energy is supplied from the Revice Driver when grasped by Revice.
  • Eraser Pump (イレイサーポンプ, Ireisā Ponpu): The input release device. It has the role of cancelling the input to the Ohinjector stamp-type information input device, returning the weapon from the Stamp-By state to its default state.
  • Ohinstamp (オーインスタンプ, Ōinsutanpu): The Ohinbuster50's stamp. When Kamen Rider Revi receives its stamp, the Ohinbuster50 appears. In addition, after becoming the Revicelasher, the finishing move Revi Vicelash can be activated by removing it from the main body and stamping it on the Ohinjector stamp-type information input device.


The Revicelasher's finisher is the Revi Vicelash (リバイバイスラッシュ, Ribai Baisurasshu), which is performed by stamping either the Ohinstamp or a Vistamp onto the Ohinjector. The latter results in an attack using the Vistamp's power.

  • Vice delivers a series of three energy slashes to the enemy, with each slash being composed of both blue and purple energy as well as yelow ans cyan energy. Each slash produces a shockwave of yellow energy upon impact, and the third slash additionally produces a yellow projection of the design on the OsutoderuHammer50's head.

Behind the Scenes


The OsutoderuHammer50 is voiced by Shingo Fujimori (藤森 慎吾, Fujimori Shingo).


  • "Osutoderu" means "Press to come out" (押すと出る, Osuto deru) in Japanese.


  • The OsutoderuHammer50 having hammer and sword modes makes it similar to the Gashacon Breaker from Kamen Rider Ex-Aid. Furthermore, it is used by Kamen Rider Revi in his Jackal Genome, which is based on Ex-Aid.
    • Unlike the Gashacon Breaker, the OsutoderuHammer50 has to combine with the Ohinbuster50 to become a sword, something the Gashacon Breaker could do by itself.
    • When combined with the Ohinbuster50, it resembles the Gashacon Key Slasher.
  • The number "5" on the OsutoderuHammer50's handle and the Ohinbuster50's Ohinjector form a "50" when combined as the Revicelasher.




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