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"Now, let us begin...the pageant of destruction and violence!"
―Oren's speech after his first transformation as Bravo[src]

"When a customer is enjoying the confections we produce for them ... it is imperative nothing spoils their experience."
―Oren's speech after Jonouchi fails to attack Kouta's sister[src]

Oren Pierre Alfonzo (凰蓮・ピエール・アルフォンゾ Ōren Piēru Arufonzo), formerly known as Gennosuke Oren (凰蓮 厳之介 Ōren Gennosuke), is an effeminate and muscular man. He is a military veteran, head chef, and the owner of Charmant (シャルモン Sharumon), a pastry shop in Zawame. He transforms into Kamen Rider Bravo (仮面ライダーブラーボ Kamen Raidā Burābo) using the Durian Lockseed.

He is mostly referred to by those in Zawame as the "Charmant guy" (シャルモンおっさん Sharumon ossan) and later Master Oren (凰蓮様 Ōren-sama) by a fan girl Mai Takatsukasa, his apprentice Hideyasu Jonouchi, and later by Peko.

Character History


A picture of Oren during his soldier days.

According to Mai Takatsukasa of Team Gaim, Oren has been trained as a patisserie and gained a citizenship in France for 10 years and even won the Coupe du monde. He has also achieved the Relais Desserts grade. However, in secret, he is also a former soldier of the Parachute Regiment and had fought in the Middle East and Africa, having done so to gain his French citizenship 15 years prior.

Beat Riders Saga

"Oh. I thought you were familiar, you're the little reject from this morning. You got a problem? Since ancient times, combat has been a form of entertainment. Once, the Roman Emperors had their Gladiators fighting each other in the Colosseum. It was provided to exhilarate the amusement for the citizens. I'm going to with the "show" that'll surpass that. "
―Bravo explains the spoils of battle back in ancient Roman Colosseum to Kouta.[src]

Oren rejects Kouta for a job in Charmant.

Oren got the uninitialized Sengoku Driver & Durian Lockseed. It was taken away from Sonomura by Oren

When Kouta tries to apply for a job in his shop, Oren teases him for his birthday, January 30, due to his dislike of people under the Aquarius sign, and for Kouta being a pretty boy with no style, thus denying Kouta a job at his shop. He later confiscated a Sengoku Driver and a Durian Lockseed from Team Red Hot for being loud in his shop as they celebrate their luck in obtaining a Driver to compete against the other Armored Rider Teams, Gaim and Baron. After watching the previous battles of the Team Gaim Riders and the rivaling team Riders, he decides to put the belt to use, hunting down Ryoji Hase and Hideyasu Jonouchi to test his abilities as Bravo. After defeating Ryoji and Hideyasu, Oren becomes a hit sensation, hunting down all Beat Riders with a Sengoku Driver to show them a true fight and what real entertainment is rather than their dreadful dancing. Defeating Kaito with ease, he tells him to train harder. When Oren interrupts Team Gaim's dance off, Oren is confronted by both Mitsuzane and Kouta. Unaware of how Lockseeds work, he summons an armada of Inves. Defeated by Suika Arms along with his evolved Inves, Oren retreats back to Charmant. However, Oren later uses his Bravo attire as a propaganda for Charmant.

Bravo and Baron were attacked by Zangetsu's acceleration

Oren catches wind of the tournament made by Gaim's team, forcing himself to be allowed to join. In the forest, he is confused where he is, but locks horns with Baron once again, both proving to be an equal match with Baron gaining the advantage. However, Zangetsu defeats both him and Baron, with Oren falling in love with Zangetsu's elegant movements and quick, but fierce fighting style.

Yggdrasill Saga

Yoko gives Oren and Jonouchi upgraded Sengoku Drivers.

When Ryoji is no longer of use to Hideyasu, Oren takes it upon himself to train Hideyasu and shape him to be a real man. Oren was later hired by Takatora to eliminate Armored Riders Baron and Gaim. As Baron's Inves are about to attack the citizens, he arrives and fights Baron. Fighting to protect citizens from Baron, the citizens then proceed to cheer for Bravo, as he proclaims himself the "hero" of the city. Later, while Kouta is trying to stop an Inves from escaping, Bravo appears and fought him as Kouta transforms. While fighting, Kaito appears and team up with Gaim as they easily overpowered Bravo. Days later, Oren alongside Hideyasu was hired by Mitsuzane to steal Kouta's Sengoku Driver. Oren gladly accepted the task from Mitsuzane (who was disguising his voice) on the condition of being told how to contact Zangetsu. However, Oren wrecked the plan due to his feelings of dislike to have his guest being disturbed while eating his pastries. Oren chose to steal Kouta's Sengoku Driver after defeating him in combat, but due to Gaim Jimber Lemon Arms being more powerful, he failed to complete his objective. 

After Oren read the flier of the dance event, he, along with Hideyasu made a public announcement of stopping the event. Later, before the event could start, Oren arrives and mocks the rest of the Beat Riders while the summoned Inves from Hideyasu crash the event. Kouta transforms to stop Bravo and the Inves crashing the event along with Zack as Knuckle. After the Beat Riders finish their dance, Gaim declares his victory to Bravo as he decides to let him go. Bravo, still not giving up, tried to chase him but stopped when he struggled to remove a Duri Noko that he accidentally stabbed into his right foot.

Helheim Saga

After sometime, he and Hideyasu appear to try to turn the public against Zack and Peko by insisting that giving up their Inves Game is just propaganda. However, his speech was interrupted by a swarm of Elementary Inves, which made him upset. He later transforms and finished off all the Inves by himself. 

Over Lord Saga

"You're an adult. How can you let these kids fight alone? Only an complete amateur would fight without any compensation. Fighting simply because not wanting to lose is their policy. Despite all of that, I couldn't help myself but want to watch over them."
―Oren's explanation to Minato about his arrival to aid Armored Riders against the armies of Inves[src]

As he sees Hideyasu was in a bad mood, Oren decides to take him into training. However Hideyasu stormed out of the shop as he doesn't see what was the training for. Oren manage to find Hideyasu in Drupers as he blames the Beat Riders and reveals that Hideyasu is preparing for his greatest moment. He transforms and chases Gaim until Inves appears. While fighting, Hideyasu as Gridon arrives and blocks the attack from the Inves. Bravo then took him away while Gaim deals with the Inves. Later, Hideyasu woke up and told Oren that the Inves Game really ended as he sees his teammates hanging out with other teams. Later that night, Oren found a Crack as he enters with a surprise. While wandering in the forest, Oren finds himself starving. When approaching a few premature Lockseed fruits, he remembers his cruel military survival training saying not to eat foreign objects. Saved by Kouta and his generosity with riceballs, the two find the Over Lords attacking the Yggdrasill camp. Teaming himself with the Kurokage Troopers, they stop any rampant Inves attacking the camp. Oren later takes a direct hit meant for Zangetsu Shin, falling in his arms. However, Zangetsu Shin, focusing more on the Over Lord, throws Oren across the Headquarters Crack.

Later, Oren, along with Hideyasu arrive to aid Baron, Knuckle and Marika to fight the Inves and Demushu, however the Riders were overpowered easily by the Over Lord until Kouta appears to finish off the Over Lord with his new form, Kiwami Arms.

Forbidden Fruit Saga

After an All Rider meeting in combating Helheim invasions led by Redyue, Bravo saved Gaim from Zangetsu Shin's attack when he finds out that the white Rider is not the original one due to the lack of the elegant fighting style that the original had.

After hearing an announcement from Over Lord Redyue planning to conquer Earth and using people as a sacrifice, with Zack getting mad to the extent of wanting to kill the Over Lord for their announcement, Oren and Hideyasu accompany Zack until they find endangered civilians being kidnapped by an Inves army and rescue the civilians safely. When Knuckle gives Gridon a Suika Lockseed from Baron, Bravo tells Gridon to be careful. As Gridon doesn't know how to control the Suika Arms armor while stuck in Odama Mode, Bravo lent him a hand, by using him in Odama Mode armor as a wrecking ball. It almost kills Knuckle, but luckily he dodged the uncontrolled Gridon in Suika Arms.

Before he left to patrol around the city to look over the civilians to escape Zawame, Oren learns the original Zangetsu's identity, Takatora, along with behind the compromisation of Yggdrasill by Ryoma's group, and his relationship with his younger brother, Mitsuzane, who assume Takatora's Rider identity using his Genesis Driver and betrays the alliance for selling his humanity to Over Lords instead of saving it for Takatora's sake.

When Ryoma gives the chance to think about to cooperate with him. Oren is joined in the discussion alongside Hideyasu. He later assist Gaim and Baron to raid into an infested Yggdrasill HQ with a car. As the riders transformed, both Bravo and Gridon will take care of the remaining Inves outside the HQ while Gaim and Baron enters it successfully, thanks to Ryoma's plan. Later, Bravo and Gridon appears to distract Mitsuzane, having Kaito reaching to Kouta before they retreat. Once the kidnapped citizens were saved, they return to Zawame and started to wonder about the Inves invasion coming to an end.

Oren is defeated by Lord Baron, along with his destroyed Sengoku Driver and Durian Lockseed.

After Kaito's betrayal and subsequent transformation into Lord Baron, Oren along with Zack and Jonouchi discover him in the middle of Zawame accompanied by Yoko. Oren is quickly able to deduce that Kaito is not the man he once was, and transforms along with Jonouchi to battle him and the newly summoned Inves. Oren manages to put up a decent fight against Baron, but is ultimately defeated, resulting in both his Sengoku Driver and Durian Lockseed being damaged beyond further use. Unable to continue the fight, Oren and Jonouchi return to pass on the news of Kaito's betrayal, which spurs the injured Kouta into action. Although he initially protests against pursuing Kaito, Oren relents and allows Kouta to seek him out. Oren, along with other survivors at Drupers were evacuated from Zawame temporarily by the JDSF, until Kouta was able to stop Kaito, save the world and left to a new world with Mai.

3 months later, Oren built another Charmant bakeshop called "Charmant II" after Zawame has been reclaimed and rebuilt. Those saddened by the tragedy, Oren lectures Jonouchi that pasts mistakes cannot be undone, and those who commit them must move on for their future. Oren also assures him that Mitsuzane, whom Jonouchi worried about, will find a better place for the future.

4 months later (7 months after Helheim left Earth), Oren and Jonouchi served Takatora and Akira as they were their best customers, serving them special cakes, until the Grasshoper Monster and Kamen Rider Jam come out of nowhere and attacks the powerless former Armored Riders for revenge. After Jam's first attack, Oren convenes with the other surviving former Riders to discuss the best plan of action. After Kohgane's (as Kamen Rider Jam) destruction, Oren, along with Takatora and their fellow former Armored Riders reunite with Mitsuzane.

Other Events

Gaim Gaiden: Kamen Rider Baron


Oren scolded Jonouchi for letting Kaito's lookalike in his kitchen, but he received a call from Alfred to hunt Shapool. Oren tries to scare "Kaito" by transforming into Armored Rider Bravo. However, after finding out that Kaito's Sengoku Driver doesn't make Shapool transform into Baron, he attempts to attack him until Zack intervenes to stop him while Mai and Shapool run away.Gaim Gaiden: Kamen Rider Baron  

Kamen Rider × Kamen Rider Drive & Gaim: Movie War Full Throttle

Drupers member witness Kouta falling.png

During the events of Movie War Full Throttle, Oren tastes the fruit desserts made by Bando which makes him unimpressed. Suddenly, Oren, along with Bando, Jonouchi and Zack, witnesses Kouta's defeat by Megahex. Gathered at the old Team Gaim garage to tend to Mitsuzane’s injuries, the group assesses the dire situation. With only Mitsuzane able to transform, there seems to be no hope. However, a single Helheim fruit appears, which is provided by Mai's power, to turn into Melon Lockseed for Takatora, in which Oren is pleased to see Takatora rejoin the fight. At the end of the movie, Oren, Zack, Jonouchi, Takatora and Mitsuzane appear to Kouta and Mai as the two would about to say farewell to them.Kamen Rider × Kamen Rider Drive & Gaim: Movie War Full Throttle

Gaim Gaiden: Kamen Rider Knuckle

Oren assist Zack.jpg

When Zack was in trouble, Oren appeared in the underground fighting ring to assist him. While he fought the Neo Baron henchmen, Hideyasu grabbed Zack to safety.Gaim Gaiden: Kamen Rider Knuckle

Chou Super Hero Taisen

More Sentai and Riders 3.png

Kamen Rider Heisei Generations FOREVER


Kamen Rider Bravo appears as a toy, when Sento Kiryu and Sougo Tokiwa found Ataru Hisanagahe and he brings them to his room which is filled with Kamen Rider memorabilia, with Sougo and Sento stunned to see toys of themselves. Ataru reveals that Kamen Riders are fictional.Kamen Rider Heisei Generations FOREVER  

Kamen Rider Saber

Chapter 8: The One That Is Sealed Is, Arthur.

122439981 3909554745733302 2724574353414244291 o.jpg

A pair of civilians that look like Oren and Hideyasu appear in Saber in a cameo, being petrified by Medusa Megid's attack.Chapter 8: The One That Is Sealed Is, Arthur.

Gaim Gaiden: Kamen Rider Bravo vs Kamen Rider Gridon

It took place after the events of Kamen Rider Zangetsu stage show event. Many years had passed and Oren had retired as a patisserie and worked as a personal military, especially for Takatora. On a certain night, Oren was in displeased by how Hideyasu had somehow fallen in front of his eyes for taking too much credit on his successful career on taking over Charmant. It was by then, Takatora called for him to assassinate Hideyasu as he was suspected to have caused a haywire of Helheim forest to their world.

The next morning, Oren didn't start his move yet and wanted to judge the truth first on Hideyasu. Hideyasu greeted Oren happily and asked him to taste the new dessert that he made using a new fruit. After being served, Oren in fear for judging it as Helheim fruit, angry to Hideyasu and beat him for once before leaving him, calling Hideyasu a failure grown. In the evening, Oren was attacked by Gridon and it made Oren finally confirmed that Hideyasu had become a criminal and sent him a challenge letter.

Another next day, Hideyasu alongside his secretary came to the port for receiving the challenge. Oren came towards Hideyasu with his military outfit and weapons as he was about to kill him. Hideyasu was confused as he thought that the challenge would be a dessert challenge, but right after Oren had transformed, a portal of Helheim forest was opened and the veins binded Oren. Oren angry with Hideyasu commanded him to release Oren. But unbeknown to Oren, Hideyasu didn't know anything and Oren was transformed by the vein into Bravo King Durian Arms, brainwashing him.

The mysterious Gridon appears and fights Bravo, which is later revealed to be Takatora. Bravo later fights Hideyasu and defeats him, knocking Hideyasu out of his transformation. Later, Hideyasu transforms into Gridon Lychee Arms and defeats Bravo, freeing him from his mindless rampage. After the battle, Hideyasu carrying Oren on his back, asks him to come back to train him, which Oren gladly accepts.

Video Game appearances

Kamen Rider Battle: Ganbarizing

Bravo is among the vast majority of Kamen Riders that are available in this arcade game. Notably, he is shown to use the Legend Rider Lockseed to assume Hibiki Arms in Kamen Rider Battle: Ganbarizing.

Kamen Rider Riderbout

Kamen Rider Bravo as seen in Kamen Rider Riderbout

Kamen Rider Bravo appears as a playable character with the other Heisei and Showa Kamen Riders in Kamen Rider Riderbout.

Kamen Rider Buttobasoul

Kamen Rider Bravo Medal

Kamen Rider Bravo is a playable character in Kamen Rider Buttobasoul.


Oren is a highly flamboyant and effeminate man, typically dressed in feminine clothing along with wearing mascara, lipstick and nail polish. In reality, however, he is a man with a military background and has a lethal cocktail of having sadistic and homicidal tendencies, as shown when he transformed and almost attacked Team Gaim when he was annoyed by them. Due to this, it makes him almost as dangerous as Zangetsu, due to the fact he is one of the few Armored Riders with professional training. Oren sees the Beat Riders' way of competing as childish and believes that it needs to be made in his own way. He also tends to use a French accent, and sometimes uses French words in his speech. He also seems to dislike people born under certain astrological signs, such as Aquarius, signifying he reads horoscopes. An adult himself, he also sees Baron as a worthy opponent as he gave back Kaito's Banana Lockseed to him so that he could train to become stronger. But still, since he is not a Beat Rider, he didn't know the first thing about summoning the Inves.

Because of this lack of information, he was inspired by Kaito summoning the Inves in spite of already having transformed into Baron, and in an Armored Rider battle against Gaim and Ryugen, Oren threw down activated Lockseeds, causing him to lose control all of his Inves. Great Ball Watermelon, Big Bang!

Oren is a very boastful man, which his skills in battle allow him to back up in spades. He often taunts his opponents in battle and takes every opportunity to make a spectacle of himself even without an audience. He often parades around in his transformed state, declaring his superiority and issuing challenges to anybody willing to face him, as well as projecting a "hero" role to the public.

Despite his grandstanding, like one of his archenemies, Kaito, Oren has a sense of honor who dislikes dirty works/tricks and deeply cares for his customers. As seen during the belt theft attempt, he places the happiness of his patrons above all else, even betraying Yggdrasill because their plan involved interrupting Akira's meal. Likewise, he shows a growing fondness for his protégé Hideyasu; when he goes through a personal crisis, Oren helps him work through it by pointing out that it was caused by the realization that he lacked a purpose in life, and encourages Hideyasu to become a stronger and more decisive man so he can find that purpose. Gridon and Bravo, the Strongest Tag

Despite his bullying and sadistic tendencies, Oren ultimately means well. In fact, the only reason why he kept terrorizing the Beat Riders, was because he adamantly believed the rumors that they were the cause of the Inves problem. To Oren, this was even more proven when Kaito transformed into Baron and sicced a bunch of Inves at an angry crowd. In response, Oren genuinely thought he needed to be the hero who puts the "unruly kids" in their place, not realizing how far from the truth he was. In the end, Oren is able to accept other points of view, but only when the evidence is overwhelming.

When he finally realized the truth about the Beat Rider's innocence, Oren becomes a much more heroic figure and actually comes to admire the Beat Riders for their attempt at resisting the Overlords. During the Forbidden Fruit Saga, Oren developed a superior/supervisor-like figure to the Beat Rider resistance, feeling that they lacked an adult to guide themselves. Like the Beat Riders as well, he also worked to free the Zawame City from Inves invasion and rescues the remaining citizens. During this time, he loses his boastful personality and acts much more subdued compared to his earlier appearances.

After the Helheim crisis, Oren still maintains contact with the Beat Riders, showing he built up a genuine friendship with them. This was shown when he wished Kouta and Mai farewell after Megahex's destruction and when he helped Zack escape an illegal fight club run by Shura.


  • Expert Combatant: As an ex-military soldier which having fought in the French military to obtain his citizenship, Oren has a great number of skills resulting from his harsh training. He is a skilled fighter, which has cemented him as one of the strongest Armored Riders. He is able to fight against Yoko Minato who is a highly-trained spy. 
  • Skilled Engineer: Oren has some experience in creating military-grade weapons. He built the bomb for Zack's attempt to assassinate Kaito.
  • Expert Chef: As the owner of Charmant, Oren is a renowned patisserie, and is famous in Zawame for his baking prowess.
  • Bilingualism: Oren is fluent in both Japanese and French, often interjecting French into his sentences
  • Indomitable Will: Since his training requires the necessity to reject unknown flora in the forest, Oren was able to resist the temptation of eating a raw fruit of Helheim.


Like with the other Armored Riders, Kamen Rider Bravo's forms are called Arms (アームズ Āmuzu). His Sengoku Driver plays American rock & roll music and emits a guitar riff sound before every transformation, while his personal Lockseeds are styled in pure English with a "Mr. [Adjective/Noun]" theme.

By pressing the Sengoku Driver's Cutting Blade down on the Lockseed after transforming from one to three times, Bravo can activate one of three finishing moves based on his current Arms form: Squash (スカッシュ Sukasshu), Au Lait (オーレ Ōre), or Sparking (スパーキング Supākingu).

Ride Wear

The Ride Wear (ライドウェア Raido Uēa) is Bravo's default form undersuit, which is briefly seen during Bravo's transformation sequence before the Armor Part attaches or when he changes Arms. However, this form is completely vulnerable to any incoming attacks when shot at directly in the suit rather than at the Arms that is descending down on the Rider.

The Ride Wear that Bravo's Sengoku Driver has is easily identifiable through its Rider Indicator (ライダーインジケーター Raidā Injikētā) faceplate. The Rider Indicator only identifies what Ride Wear a Sengoku Driver contains for simplicity and can be replaced with extensions such as the Genesis Core or Senyo Joint.

Durian Arms

Durian Arms

"(Guitar riff) Durian Arms! Mr. Dangerous! (Five count bell ring with a cheering crowd)"
―Transformation announcement[src]

Rider Statistics:

  • Rider Height: 210 cm
  • Rider Weight: 125 kg

Ability Parameters:[1]

  • Punching Power: 12.4 t
  • Kicking Power: 16.7 t
  • Maximum Jump Height: 27 m
  • Maximum Running Speed: 100 m per 5.9 seconds

Durian Arms (ドリアンアームズ Dorian Āmuzu) is Bravo's durian-based default form. Accessed through the Durian Lockseed, this form bears the Duriking Casque (ドリキングカスク Dorikingu Kasuku) helmet with the ReduSight (レデューサイト RedyūSaito, short for "Reducer Sight") visor. This form debuts in episode 6.

While assuming Durian Arms, Bravo dons the Durian Armor Part (ドリアンアーマーパート Dorian Āmā Pāto) and his Arms Weapon is the Duri Noko.

Out of all the Armored Riders' main forms, Bravo is the strongest. As listed above, his punching and kicking power exceeded that of Zangetsu's Melon Arms. Adding to his versatility, his jumping height is only 1 m shorter than Gaim's Orange Arms, and has the exact running speed with Orange Arms, despite his bulky armor. He even can lift metal scaffolding with nothing but his bare hands, and is even seen somewhat keeping up with the Sakura Hurricane and Suika Arms' Odama Mode, though he was somewhat exhausted from the long run. Bravo is later further strengthened when his Sengoku Driver is replaced with an updated, refined model.

Despite his ability perimeters being regarded as the strongest out of the Sengoku Driver users, Oren still restrains his strength as he constantly views whoever he fights against amateurs. This arrogance allowed him to be defeated by Gaim Jimber Lemon Arms when Gaim had yet to fully unlock the potential of the Jimber Lemon Arms while Bravo was using the updated Sengoku Driver model. However, Oren's true battle prowess would soon be shown in the Summer Movie, after Peko, Hase, and Zack die. As Bravo, Oren now full of hate and rage was able to take on Zangetsu Shin, arguably the most skilled Genesis Driver user while using the inferior yellow-belted prototype Sengoku Driver. The two were fighting at their peak and fullest potential resulting in a battle that destroyed Zawame City with the two of them being killed.

Oren loses access to Durian Arms in a battle against Lord Baron, resulting in the destruction of his Durian Lockseed and Sengoku Driver.

This Arms has two Rider Shooting finishing attacks.

  • Sengoku Driver finisher:
    • Durian Danger (ドリアンデンジャー Dorian Denjā): Bravo activates the Squash function on his Sengoku Driver and emits a wave of energy from the comb on his helmet, then swings his head around and slashes forward into his target.
      • This finisher has a variation in the form of a technique called Durian Shoot (ドリアンシュート Dorian Shūto), where Bravo would jump into the air, make his Durian Armor fold into its Armor Part form at the peak of the jump, then fire an energy version of it at the target.
    • Duriasshe (ドリアッシェ Doriasshe): Bravo activates the Au Lait function on his Sengoku Driver and swings his Duri Noko at the opponent, launching lime green durian-shaped energy spheres with every swing. A stronger variation exists where he charges a giant durian-shaped energy sphere and swings it at the opponent. It can also be done in an energy slash fashion.

Appearances: Gaim Episodes 6-7, 10-11, 13, 17-18, 20, Gaim Gaiden: Baron, 25 ,27, 32-34, 39, 41, 44, Final Stage, Kamen Rider Gaim (novel), Chou Super Hero TaisenIcon-crosswiki.png, Kamen Rider Heisei Generations FOREVER (as a toy), Gaim Gaiden: Gridon VS Bravo.

Kingdurian Arms

Kingdurian Arms

"(Guitar riff) Kingdurian Arms! Mr. Violence! (Five count bell ring with a cheering crowd)"
―Transformation announcement[src]

Kingdurian Arms (キングドリアンアームズ Kingu Dorian Āmuzu) is Bravo's red durian-based final form. Accessed through the Kingdurian Lockseed, this form bears the King Duriking Casque (キングドリキングカスク Kingu Dorikingu Kasuku) helmet with the King ReduSight (キングレデューサイト Kingu RedyūSaito, short for "King Reducer Sight").

Bravo gets corrupted by a plant from Helheim Forest and transformed into this form. His Arms Weapon is the Giga Duri Noko, a twisted version of the original Duri Noko.

Despite being a final form for Bravo, due to him being possessed, he goes berserk and attacks anyone in his sight like a mindless beast, having no control over the form whatsoever.

The negative effects were stopped after Gridon defeats him and reverts his transformation, but it is currently unknown if this form will still affect Oren if he transforms into this form the proper way.

This Arms's finisher is an unnamed slash: After Bravo activates his Sengoku Driver's Sparking function, he charges his Giga Duri Noko with black, red and lime green durian-shaped energy, then delivers a powerful slash to the enemy. This attack is very powerful to destroy Gridon's Donguri Lockseed, shattering it to pieces.

This Arms is exclusive to Gaim Gaiden: Kamen Rider Gridon VS Kamen Rider Bravo‎‎.

Jimber Melon Arms

SIC Bravo Jimber Melon Arms.jpg

"(Guitar riff) Mix! Durian Arms! Mr. Dangerous! (Five count bell ring with a cheering crowd) Jimber Melon! Ha-Ha!"
―Transformation announcement[src]

Jimber Melon Arms (ジンバーメロンアームズ Jinbā Meron Āmuzu) is Bravo's honeydew melon/cantaloupe-based fusion form that is accessed through the simultaneous use of the Durian Lockseed and Melon Energy Lockseed.

While assuming Jimber Melon Arms, Bravo's Arms Weapon is a Sonic Arrow shaped to resemble a sword.

Appearances: SIC Hero Saga

The Rider Arms (ライダーアームズ Raidā Āmuzu) are forms based on past Kamen Riders. All of these forms are exclusive to Kamen Rider Battle: Ganbarizing.

Hibiki Arms

Hibiki Arms

"(Guitar riff) Hibiki Arms! Tatakikome kiyome no oto!"
―Transformation announcement[src]

Hibiki Arms (響鬼アームズ Hibiki Āmuzu) is a Legend Rider Arms based on Kamen Rider Hibiki's default form that is accessed through the Hibiki Lockseed.

While assuming Hibiki Arms, Bravo dons the Hibiki Armor Part (響鬼アーマーパート Hibiki Āmā Pāto) and his Arms Weapon is the Ongekibou Rekka.

These forms are exclusively available to be simulated with Bravo in the Arms Change toyline.

Kurumi Arms

Kurumi Arms

"(Guitar riff) Kurumi Arms! Mr. Knuckle Man! (Three count bell ring with cheering crowds)"
―Transformation announcement[src]

Kurumi Arms (クルミアームズ Kurumi Āmuzu, lit. "Walnut Arms") is Bravo's walnut-based form. Accessed through the Kurumi Lockseed, this form bears the Knuck Met (ナックメット Nakku Metto) helmet with the Knuck Eye (ナックアイ Nakku Ai) visor. Kurumi Arms is normally used by Kamen Rider Knuckle.

While assuming Kurumi Arms, Bravo dons the Kurumi Armor Part (クルミアーマーパート Kurumi Āmā Pāto, lit. "Walnut Armor Part") and his Arms Weapon is the Kurumi Bombers.

This form is exclusive to Arms Change.

Blood Orange Arms

Blood Orange Arms

"(Guitar riff) Blood Orange Arms! Ja no michi on stage!"
―Transformation announcement[src]

Blood Orange Arms (ブラッドオレンジアームズ Buraddo Orenji Āmuzu) is Bravo's blood orange-based default form. Accessed through the Blood Orange Lockseed, this form bears the Dai Kabuto (ダイカブト lit. "Orange Helmet") helmet with the Pulp Eye (パルプアイ Parupu Ai) visor.

While assuming Blood Orange Arms, Bravo dons the Blood Orange Armor Part (ブラッドオレンジアーマーパート Buraddo Orenji Āmā Pāto) and his Arms Weapon is the Daidaimaru (Bujin Gaim ver.).

This form is exclusive to Arms Change.

Lemon Energy Arms

Lemon Energy Arms

Lemon Energy Arms (レモンエナジーアームズ Remon Enajī Āmuzu) is Bravo's lemon-based default form. Accessed through the Lemon Energy Lockseed, this form bears the Lemos Headpiece (レーモスヘッドピース Rēmosu Heddopīsu) helmet with the Steering Eye (ステアリングアイ Sutearingu Ai) visor.

While assuming Lemon Energy Arms, Bravo dons the Lemon Energy Armor Part (レモンエナジーアーマーパート Remon Enajī Āmā Pāto) and his Arms Weapon is the Sonic Arrow.

This form is exclusive to Arms Change.

Peach Energy Arms

Peach Energy Arms

Peach Energy Arms (ピーチエナジーアームズ Pīchi Enajī Āmuzu) Bravo access through the Peach Energy Lockseed, this form bears the Momoc Headpiece (モモックヘッドピース Momokku Heddopīsu, lit. "Pink Headpiece") helmet with the Steering Eye (ステアリングアイ Sutearingu Ai) visor.

While assuming Peach Energy Arms, Bravo dons the Peach Energy Armor Part (ピーチエナジーアーマーパート Pīchi Enajī Āmā Pāto) and her Arms Weapon is the Sonic Arrow.

This form is exclusive to Arms Change.

Dragon Energy Arms

Dragon Energy Arms

Dragon Energy Arms (ドラゴンエナジーアームズ Doragon Enajī Āmuzu) is Bravo's pitaya-based form accessed through the Dragon Fruits Energy Lockseed.

While assuming Dragon Energy Arms, Bravo dons the Dragon Energy Armor Part (ドラゴンエナジーアーマーパート Doragon Enajī Āmā Pāto) and his Arms Weapon is the Sonic Arrow.

This form is exclusive to Arms Change.

Golden Arms

Golden Arms

"(Guitar riff) Golden Arms! Ōgon no kajitsu! (Baroque choir with harp music)"
―Transformation announcement[src]

Golden Arms (ゴールデンアームズ Gōruden Āmuzu) is Bravo's golden apple-based default form that is accessed through the Golden Ringo Lockseed.

While assuming Golden Arms, Bravo dons the Golden Armor Part (ゴールデンアーマーパート Gōruden Āmā Pāto) and his Arms Weapons are the Sword Bringer and Apple Reflecter.

This form is exclusive to Arms Change.

Silver Arms

Silver Arms

"(Guitar riff) Silver Arms! Hakugin new stage!"
―Transformation announcement[src]

Silver Arms (シルバーアームズ Shirubā Āmuzu) is Bravo's silver apple-based default form that is accessed through the Silver Ringo Lockseed.

While assuming Silver Arms, Bravodons the Silver Armor Part (シルバーアーマーパート Shirubā Āmā Pāto) and his Arms Weapon is the Souginjou.

This form is exclusive to Arms Change.

1go Arms

1go Arms

"Soiya! 1go Arms! Waza no ichigō, let's go!"
―Transformation announcement[src]

1go Arms (1号アームズ Ichigō Āmuzu) is a Legend Rider Arms based on Kamen Rider 1 that is accessed through the Showa Rider Lockseed channeling the 1 Lockseed.

While assuming 1go Arms, Duke dons the 1 Armor Part (1号アーマーパート Ichigō Āmā Pāto) and he does not possess an Arms Weapon.

This form is exclusive to Arms Change.



  • Sengoku Driver - Transformation device (Originally used the prototype version, retired it in favor of a customized mass production version before the latter was destroyed by Kaito Kumon)
  • Lockseeds - Gives access to Bravo's Arms changes, depending on which lock is used




  • Hideyasu Jonouichi: Currently the best pupil for Oren. Initially, Hideyasu wanted to use Oren as his other man power to help his Beat Rider's group to be the best but the plan was back fired. As the story goes, Oren cares on Hideyasu more despite it was initially a fake and Hideyasu would be soon notice how pathetic he was after the Beat Riders were no more a separated group, but united dancers. This lead their relationship develop into a great loyal master-pupil.
  • Takatora Kureshima: Oren has a great love feeling for Takatora and dubbed him as his Melon prince, adoring his fighting style and manners. Albeit his love is more into looking up, Takatora felt disguised when Oren showed his expression. After Jonouichi had succeeded on inheriting Oren's Charmant, Oren becomes the personal soldier for Takatora, albeit he is officially a public serving soldier.
  • Kouta Kazuraba: Initially had a great awful distance towards him because his star sign is Aquarius, but since the Overlord's raid, Oren become the best support for Kouta. Before the truth of the Helheim and Yggdrasil's hazardous plan, Oren and Kouta were enemies until Hideyasu informed Oren about the incoming danger from the uncontrolled Helheim's portal. Their relationship started to become good when Oren was lost in Helheim forest and in state of hungry, deciding to not eat the Helheim fruit and Kouta feed him instead. Despite Kouta has become a God, Oren still calls him as Aquarius boy while still having respect for him.
  • Kaito Kumon: Oren and Kaito has a benevolent relationship because they never interact well. But, Oren initially has a great respect for Kaito and was even able to see his potential to be a powerful person, a different judgement from the rest of Beat Rider dancers. Unfortunately, Oren lost his respect to Kaito after Kaito has evolved into an Overlord. It's never officially revealed if Oren has a respect for him again in the aftermath of the series.
  • Mitsuzane Kureshima: Oren initially looking down Mitsuzane just like any other Beat Rider dancers. During Mitsuzane's heel moment, Oren looked him down more and even labelling him as 'fake melon' because how easily for Oren to discover that Mitsuzane was the one behind Zangetsu-Shin's rider suit. After Mitsuzane's raise, Oren started to respect him and they worked together to keep on Zawame City in care during Kouta's absence.
  • Zack: As one of the Beat Riders, Oren also looked down on him until Zack showed his courage and the next one to keep on taking a frontal move when Kouta and Kaito were not in the battlefield. While benevolent, Oren had Zack to be the closest in term of teaming up after Hideyasu.

Behind the scenes


Oren Pierre Alfonzo is portrayed by Metal Yoshida (吉田 メタル Yoshida Metaru). Yoshida is currently married to Hiromi Iwasaki, who plays the Over Lord Queen in the same series.

As Kamen Rider Bravo, his suit actors are Yasuhiko Imai (今井 靖彦 Imai Yasuhiko)[2] and Jun Watanabe (渡辺 淳 Watanabe Jun)[3][4]


  • The scene in Farewell, Beat Riders, where Oren jumps and performs a flying kick at Hideyasu had been made into various internet memes.

Concept Art


  • Bravo's name is written as "Blavo" on the official TV-Asahi Website.
    • However, different publications such as SHT Magazines, S.H. Figuarts, and Bandai Magazines refer to him as Kamen Rider Bravo.
  • Bravo is the second non-Beat Rider Armored Rider, with the first being Zangetsu.
  • Oren is the oldest Armored Rider in the series, being around 40 years old.
  • His Rider name, Bravo, is the Spanish, French, and Italian word for "congratulations".
  • Bravo's Ride Wear suit is the same model worn by Baron, Gridon, and Mars. Oddly though, the hard-armored portions of the suit are covered with small spikes, reminiscent of those found on the Durian Arms armor.
  • Oren becomes the only person ever seen to be tempted to eat the Helheim's Fruit but chooses not to without outside help.
  • Whenever Oren speaks in the French language, a pink quotation would appear beside him to translate his word.
  • In Kamen Rider × Super Sentai: Chou Super Hero TaisenIcon-crosswiki.png, Oren as Kamen Rider Rider Bravo is the only man in the Team Women.
    • But the name of the team implies, they are composed of female warriors, or at least effeminate warriors in Bravo's case.
  • Oren is one of two Armored Riders to have a customized mass production Sengoku Driver, which retains the face plate used by his prototype Driver and maintaining the original Ride Wear suit.
  • Although every Sengoku Driver Rider introduced after Gridon and Kurokage uses the same transformation sounds for their Genesis Drivers, the distorted riff from Digimon's insert song Brave Heart is often heard in scenes with Oren.
    • Similarly, the fake Lockseed he gave Hideyasu had Oren singing an off-key reference to Never Give Up!. The fact that it was off-key is somewhat ironic as he is played by a musician.

Legend Rider Lockseeds


Main article: Oren Pierre Alfonzo/Appearances


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