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Operation Tlaloc

In the World of Amazons, Operation Tlaloc (トラロック作戦 Torarroku Sakusen) was a plan developed by Nozama Pharmacy's Reika Mizusawa to use a manufactured chemical pesticide deployed by flying robot drones mixed with rain water to destroy all the Amazons in a genocidal assault. Using the rain water to mix with the pesticide would trigger a reaction to create a gas that would be toxic to Amazons and kill them, but not humans.


Operation Tlaloc started by Reika without warning the Nozama Peston Service, causing a total of 246 Amazons in the city to awaken and go on a rampaging spree before succumbing to the poison's effect. During the event, Mizuki Mizusawa try to give Omega the Gold Register to help him protect against the rain, but Haruka rejected it and ran away with Mamoru.


Three weeks after Tlaloc operation, it's confirmed that 3,000 Amazons had been killed and had their registers retrieved. Only about 1,000 Amazons survived the operation, including Jin, Mamoru, and Haruka as well.


  • The operation is named after Tlaloc, an ancient god of water and rain.
    • While Amazons alludes to the mythology of the original show with the hero motifs and certain small aspects, this is the one slight error. Tlaloc is not an Incan deity (As the original Amazon was a hero with Incan mystical power), but one that was worshiped by the Aztecs. The Incan deities of rain and water would be Illapa, Paryaqaqa and Kon.
  • This event is called Tlaloc Incident on the Season 2 Blu-Ray cover.[1]


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