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The Onyuudou (オオニュウドウ Ōnyūdō) is a giant-type Makamou appeared in the Kamen Rider Hibiki novel, Compass to Tomorrow.


The body is covered with dull muscle-like steel, much like the bodies of the Onis. The hair is long and loose, with a square jaw with an overhang of gills. Although its eyes are hidden behind the hair, the molars like a stone mill are visible from the mouth that occasionally opens. Even though it is appear during midwinter, the body is not covered with anything. It was powerful when approached Hibiki, but he was beaten by Hibiki's Ongeki Finisher.

The details of its growth environment and Douji/Hime are unknown, also its special abilities, but Onyuudou have the mysterious strength to break the Hibiki's Ongekibou.


  • Onyuudou seems to be in the form of a giant, like Yamabiko.
  • Its detailed figure is unknown (because there is no illustration).
  • After one of his Ongekibou was broken while battling this Makamou, Hibiki went to Yakushima Island with the intention of repairing his Ongekibou, thus his first meeting with Asumu occurred.
  • If calculated based on overall appearances of Makamou, Onyuudou was the first Makamou to be able to break Hibiki's Ongekibou. Second is Tengu.
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