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The Onpu Gamma (音符眼魔 Onpu Ganma, lit. "Music Note Eye Devil") is a type of a Gamma that achieved evolution through a jabot.




The first Onpu Gamma was summoned to target Kosuke Kimijima in order to unseal the Beethoven Ghost Eyecon. He convinced Kosuke that musicians only became famous after their deaths and tried to lead him to kill himself so that Beethoven's soul could be unlocked from a piece of his original sheet music at the price of Kosuke's life. However, Takeru and Kosuke's sister convinced him not to, and his passion for music unsealed Beethoven's Parka Ghost, which Takeru turned into his Eyecon. Kamen Rider Ghost fought the Gamma in his newly-attained form, Beethoven Damashii, and then destroyed it with Musashi Damashii's Omega Drive/Slash. Destiny! Reviving Melody!


The second Onpu Gamma was summoned by Igor to compose a musical piece to be used for the opening ceremony of the Demia Project. Do-or-Die! Ready for Infiltration! However, all of his efforts were criticized by Igor to be worthless, causing him to run away and fall into a slump. Along the way, he met "Cubi", the friendly Gazai Gamma, who was also in a slump as well. They both found something in common between them, in that all they wanted to do was to pursue their own passions. They became friends and soon, Cubi decided to go on a trip with the Onpu Gamma to try to get out of their slumps. Bursting! Power of the Depths! Cubi would later send a handmade card to his friends at the Mysterious Phenomenon Institute, featuring a depiction of himself and the Onpu Gamma. Upheaval! The Magistrate's Decision!

While traveling, both Gammas were witness to the mass appearances of Adel's likeness overriding that of the humans as a result of the Emperor's use of the Demia Project to take over the human world. Seeing this made the Onpu Gamma realize that something very terrible was going on. Duel! Words from the Swordsman!

As the Great Eyezer ran amok in the city erasing almost all traces of humanity, the Onpu Gamma and Cubi try to find their friends to hide from being erased, but upon finding them, the two are immediately captured by the Great Eyezer. Once Takeru defeats the Great Eyezer and frees the Great Eye for good, the Onpu Gamma is revived along with Cubi and the other Great Eyezer victims, including Jabel. Off-screen, Onpu returns to his mortal body in a capsule in the Gamma World after the Great Eye leaves Earth, rendering the Gamma Eyecon System that maintains the Gamma Capsules inactive. Infinity! Power of Humanity!

Final Stage

Onpu Gamma is possessed by Beethoven in the stage show and assumes his Kamen Rider Ghost form. Kamen Rider Ghost: Final Stage


KRGh-Ganma Eyecon

Gamma Eyecon

Onpu Ganma remains

Onpu Gamma's Eyecon, along with a jabot.

The Gamma are created from the Gamma Eyecons (眼魔アイコン Ganma Aikon), with this one having merged with a jabot, provided by Mysterious Man's hand to create the first Onpu Gamma.

This Eyecon is later seen when Kamen Rider Ghost Musashi Damashii used his finisher to defeat Onpu, falling to the ground from the death of Onpu's Assault, along with a jabot that formed from the Gamma's jettisoned Parka Ghost, where it ultimately explodes.

The second Onpu Gamma's Eyecon shatters with the rest of the Gamma Eyecons as the Great Eye leaves Earth and the Gamma's Eyecon System shuts down, returning his soul to his original body.

KRGh-Ganma base

Gamma Assault

The Gamma Assault (眼魔アサルト Ganma Asaruto, lit. "Eye Devil Assaut") are Gamma born from the Gamma Eyecon. They first appear in Primal Body (素体 Moto-tai). Gamma Assaults do not possess unique abilities of their own, but can gain powers of their own through being infused with an object around them.

Powers and Abilities
A Gamma's primary ability is to turn themselves invisible and intangible to the public. Those whom wielded an Eyecon are capable of witnessing them.
Gamma can infuse themselves with ordinary objects, converting said object into a Parka Ghost, to achieve a unique evolved form. Should the Gamma be defeated, the object will be restored to its original form as the Gamma is destroyed.


Onpu Gamma

Through bonding with a jabot, the originally generic Ganma evolved into the Empowered Gamma (強化眼魔 Kyōka Ganma, lit."Empowered Eye Devil") known as Onpu.

Powers and Abilities
A Gamma's primary ability is to turn themselves invisible and intangible to the public. Those whom wielded an Eyecon are capable of witnessing them.
Eyecon/Parka Infusion
Gamma Assaults can infuse themselves with Ghost Eyecons or at the very least, their Parka Ghosts to become Giant Gamma.
Sound Manipulation
Onpu Gamma can manipulate sounds to his liking. He can also neutralize sounds within a 60 km radius.
Musical Notes
Onpu Gamma can create and launch energy constructs of musical notes as weapons. Unlike the Beethoven Damashii's rainbow-colored notes, the Onpu Gamma produces dark notes.

Beethoven Damashii

Beethoven Damashii

"Kaigan! Bee~tho~ven! (Energy loading) Kyokumei! Unmei! Ja-ja-ja-ja~ne! (Orchestrated tune choir)"
―Transformation announcement[src]
  • Height: 204 cm.
  • Weight: 98.5 kg.

Ability Perimeters:

  • Punching power: 4.9 t.
  • Kicking power: 9.9 t.
  • Maximum jump height: 41 m.
  • Maximum running speed: 100 m. per 6.8 sec.[1]

Beethoven Damashii (ベートーベン魂 Bētōben Damashī, lit. "Beethoven Soul") is Ghost's black, white, and gray piano-based form themed after Ludwig van Beethoven, the late 18th and early 19th century Viennese classical music composer who composed some of the most recognized pieces in classical music including the 5th Symphony. Accessed through the Beethoven Ghost Eyecon, this form bears the Persona Composer (ペルソナコンポーザー Perusona Konpōzā) helmet with the Face Music Score (フェイスミュージックスコア Feisu Myūjikku Sukoa) faceplate.[2] The Onpu Gamma is possessed by Beethoven and assumes this form in the stage show.

While assuming Beethoven Damashii, The Onpu Gamma dons the Symphony Hood (シンフォニーフード Shinfonī Fūdo). Onpu Gamma also wears the Concerto Coat (コンチェルトコート Koncheruto Kōto), where he is able to create energy constructs of musical notes through sound by pressing the 'piano keys', and manipulate them in a manner similar to how a conductor controls an orchestra via hand gestures.

Beethoven Damashii adds the following parts:

  • Persona Composer (ペルソナコンポーザー Perusona Konpōzā) - The hooded helmet.
    • Wisp Horn (ウィスプホーン U~isupu Hōn) - The single horn sticking from the forehead. It detects Gammas and enemies lurking within a 5km radius, and alerts the user. Due to it structural strength, it can also be used as a headbutting weapon.
    • Soul Ornament (ソウルオーナメント Souru Ōnamento) - An energy adjustment device located at the base of the Wisp Horn. It checks the condition of the user's body and manages energy flow. It shifts each system into a battle posture according to information gathered by the Wisp Horn.
    • Various Visor (ヴァリアスバイザー Vu~ariasu Baizā) - The visual sensor/face shield. The thick clear parts cover the entire face, and has excellent impact resistance qualities, preventing almost all physical attacks. Additionally, the visor is filled with a fluid vision sensor, allowing the user to see surrounding situations by utilising the entire Various Visor as a giant eye.
    • Face Music Score (フェイスミュージックスコア Feisu Myūjikku Sukoa) - The pattern on the Various Visor. The Various Visor's fluid vision sensor changes color under the influence of the inserted Beethoven Eyecon, forming the current musical score pattern.
    • Destiny Tuner (デスティニーチューナー Desutinī Chūnā) - The decorations sticking out of the Symphony Hood's ear areas. A built in analysis device utilises ultrasonic waves to grasp and locate the weak point of an opponent's internal structure, allowing Ghost to concentrate on striking the weak spot.
    • Symphony Hood (シンフォニーフード Shinfonī Fūdo) - The hood. It can create a special reverberation field around an area, creating a space where acoustic sounds can flow, akin to a large concert hall. It also controls the direction of attacks played from the Concerto Coat.
  • Concerto Coat (コンチェルトコート Koncheruto Kōto) - The main parka. The 'piano keys' located all over it can emit sound when touched. A small acoustic device is built into it, inserting a special energy vibration wave into music played by the piano keys, allowing Ghost to destroy enemy armor and internal function via specialised sounds. The piano keys play an important role in adjusting the output of the special energy vibration waves emitted.

This form is exclusive to Kamen Rider Ghost: Final Stage.

Onpu Eyecon

The Onpu Gamma is preserved following his death in a specially created Gamma Eyecon which allows the Gamma Superior such as Igor to assume his Parka Ghost by channeling his power through the Proto Mega Ulorder, in a sense becoming the reincarnation of the Onpu Gamma. Connect! Genius Juvenile!

Behind the Scenes


Onpu Ganma's suit actor is Jiro Uchikawa (内川 仁朗 Uchikawa Jirō).


  • Onpu Gamma's fight with Ghost in Beethoven Damashii is ironic because Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Onpu Gamma's motif, was the inspiration for Ludwig van Beethoven's career in music. Mozart even gave Beethoven inspiration for his famed 5th Symphony using 29 bars of Mozart's 40th Symphony, tweaking and rearranging the structure of them into the composition.
  • The Onpu Gamma's ability to nullify sound is a reference to Beethoven becoming slowly deaf in his 20s, along with the accompaniment of "ringing" in his ears. Despite being almost totally deaf by the age of 44, the master composer was still able to create new works of music throughout the remainder his life.
  • The Onpu Gamma's sound neutralizing ability was a recurring running gag in the series, where other characters would discuss it (usually through subtitles) while it was happening, Yurusen even describing it as "Useless!" when the Onpu tried using it to defend himself from Igor in episode 28.

See Also

  • Mozart, his Heroic Soul counterpart



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