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Ongekishin (音撃震 Ongekishin, Sound Attack Quake) is a device used by String Oni. If used, it should be attached on Ongekigen to turn it into a guitar, just for their Ongeki Finishers. When not in use, it is usually lodged on the buckle part of their equipment belt.

Zero Type


Zero Type used by Transformed Todayama.

When String Oni was in the training phase, and still did not have their own Oni's name (referred to as Transformed), the Ongekishin they used were completely white and had no strings, called the Zero Type (零式 Reishiki). It also called as Practice Ongekishin (練習用音撃震 Renshū-yō Ongekishin).

The Ongekishins

Ongekishin - Raigou (音撃震・雷轟 Ongekishin: Raigō, Sound Attack Quake - Thunderous Roar): Zanki's original Ongekishin, later used by Todoroki. At first, it has yellow chords (when it is owned by Zanki). After Ongekigen - Retsurai is given to Todoroki, it changes to red chords.

Ongekishin - Zantetsu (音撃震・斬撤 Ongekishin: Zantetsu, Sound Attack Quake - Cutting Withdrawal): Zanki's new Ongekishin. It has yellow chords and red symbol.

Ongekishin - Gokuraku (音撃震・極楽 Ongekishin: Gokuraku, Sound Attack Quake - Paradise): Sabaki's Ongekishin, attaches to his Ongekigen - Enma to turn it into a guitar form for his Ongeki Zan: Enma Sabaki. It has gold chords.

Ongekishin - Jigoku (音撃震・地獄 Ongekishin: Jigoku, Sound Attack Quake - Hell): Banki's Ongekishin. It has a yellow border with gold chords.

  • Shuki's Ongekishin.

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