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Icon-hibiki.png This article is about a weapon in Kamen Rider Hibiki.

Ongekikan (音撃管, Ongekikan, lit. "Sound Attack Tube") is the brass instrument-like Ongeki Weapon, such as trumpet, trombone, etc. Used as regular firearms, and for the Ongeki Finisher, the Oni fires Onishi into the Makamou, then attaches the Ongekimei to the muzzle, along with the mouthpiece at the lead pipe (rear of the main body), changed into the "Ongeki Mode", the Onisho are then ignited by the Sound of Purification through the Ongekikan.


Ongekikan has the same features as the real trumpet, but it is added with the firearm's design and some other features.

  • Mouthpiece (マウスピース, Mausupīsu): A removable piece where Oni place their lips to create sound. When not in use, it is stored on its holder at the slide.
  • Lead Pipe (リードパイプ, Rīdo Paipu): A back holes found on the main body, used to insert the mouthpiece when switching the Ongekikan into Ongeki Mode.
  • Piston Valve (ピストンバルブ, Pisuton Barubu): The three cylindrical piston valves (Valve A (バルブA, Barubu Ē), Valve B (バルブB, Barubu Bī), and Valve C (バルブC, Barubu Shī)) which when pressed, the Onishi on it will light up, indicating its red bullet will be used. In Ongeki Mode, the valve is used to control the Sound of Purification tones.
  • Tube: A wind metal tube used in Ongeki Mode.
  • Tuning Slide: A c-shaped metal tube. It is equipped with a mouthpiece holder, loading that part between the slide and the valve.
  • Water Key: Attached to the bottom of the tuning slide. Its function is not disclosed in detail, it may be just decoration.
  • Finger Hook
  • Gun Muzzle: A muzzle of a gun that works just like a real one. When switching to Ongeki Mode, it will be merged with Ongekimei, forming like trumpet's bell.
  • Trigger: The trigger is used to shoot the bullets. The shot will be released 3 times simultaneously when the trigger is pulled once.
  • Grip: Handgrip, held during shooting.


The Ongekikan has two modes:

  • Jugeki Mode (銃撃モード, Jūgeki Mōdo, lit. "Gun Attack Mode"): Ongekikan's firearms-like mode. Always used even without transforming. It can fire Air Bullet (空気弾, Kūki-dan) three times in a row when the trigger is pulled at once, which shells out a heavy amount of damage to the enemy. In this mode, the mouthpiece is equipped at the bottom of the muzzle. If one of the valves is pressed, the Onishi bullet will replace the air bullet.
  • Ongeki Mode (音撃モード, Ongeki Mōdo, lit. "Sound Attack Mode"): Ongekikan's brass instrument-like mode, used when the Oni want to launch an Ongeki Finisher, often. In this mode, the mouthpiece is attached to the lead pipe, and the Ongekimei is attached to the muzzle, forming any brass instrument such as a trumpet.

List of Ongekikans

Ongekikan Reppu (音撃管・烈風, lSound Attack Tube: Reppū, lit. "Gale") is a golden gun-like trumpet with three Oni faces on it. It is usually used in its Jugeki Mode (a gun) where it fires Air Bullet which shells out a heavy amount of damage to the enemy. For his finisher, Ibuki fires red bullet Onishi into the Makamou, and then combines the Ongekimei Narukaze with the Ongekikan along with folding out the mouthpiece to form its trumpet-like Ongeki Mode. The Onishi are then ignited by the Sound of Purification through the Reppuu. Hibiki used it once when he lent his Ongekibou Rekka to Ibuki for Ibuki's "Orochi sealing" training.

In World of Hibiki, the A.R. World version of Ibuki uses other types of Ongekikan, to aid in destroying a giant Bakegani with the Oni Riders.

Never appears on screen in any media, and was created for the S.I.C. figure of Sabaki. The figure came with a trombone Ongeki Weapon, called Kyūshiki Ongekikan (旧式音撃管, Old Style Ongekikan, lit. "Old Style Sound Attack Tube"). It is golden with a black handle, with three red Oni's face on it. It has two modes with the regular gun mode and the trombone mode after combined with the Ongekimei Tsumujikaze).

The S.I.C. figure of Shouki was armed with a golden sousaphone called Ongekikan Taifū (音撃管・台風 lit. "Sound Attack Tube Typhoon"). Unlike other Oni, the Taifū connects to a part of his body armor, forming a type of shoulder cannon Jugeki Mode. With the Ongekimei Fūsoku attached it forms the sousaphone-like Ongeki Mode.

Touki's gun-like trumpet Ongeki Weapon, never appears any media. Its name has not been revealed. It has two modes with a primary gun mode and secondary ttrumpet mode when the Onekimei is attached. In Touki's Rangers StrikeIcon-crosswiki.png card, his Ongekikan is visible, it is golden with a brown handle.

The Touki S.I.C. figure comes with a rifle-like herald trumpet called Ongekikan Arashi (音撃管・嵐, Sound Attack Tube: Arashi, lit. "Storm"). It is golden with a brown handle, and has a rifle mode and a secondary trumpet mode when the Ongekimei is attached.

This two version of Ongekikans were used by Toki for his Ongeki Finisher.

Kamen Rider Fubuki has two Ongekikans, one of them has the same size as Ibuki's Reppuu (but not its design), and there is small size. Both is a gun, only the usual size can be changed into an Ongeki Mode. Small size can be stored on the back of the equipment belt, just like Ongekibou.

His/her Ongekikans is not described in detail, and only appear in S.I.C. Super Collection VOL.2.

There are some Ongekikans in Midori's Laboratory, along with a variant there that is also a Ongekikan in the style of a trombone. In Hibiki's World in Kamen Rider Decade, Ibuki (A.R. World) uses a trombone-styled Ongekikan against the Bakegani Narutaki summoned to use against primarily Decade.

Concept Art


DX Ongekikan equipped on equipment belt.

  • It does not reveal the exact amount of bullets is included in the Ongekikan.
  • In Kamen Rider Ibuki DX Ongekikan Set, it has additional features such as replacing the bullets after running out of the ammunition, and put it on the equipment belt.

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