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Icon-hibiki.png This article is about a weapon in Kamen Rider Hibiki.

The Ongekibou (音撃棒, Ongekibō , lit. "Sound Attack Clubs") are a type of Ongeki Weapon that consists of a pair of taiko drumsticks (bachi) to be used with an Ongekiko that enables the Oni to executes the Sound of Purification.


The uncolored Ongekibou Rekka

In the series, this is the most frequent weapon used by percussion users. It is also the most effective weapon against the human-sized summer Makamou. For giant Makamou, the Oni have developed Ongeki Da finishers that varies the drum techniques. The Ongekibou can also double as clubs. With the Kibōjutsu: Rekkadan, the clubs get an added flame which engulfs the Onisho. The flame can be used momentarily during strikes, or be thrown at targets. The Kibōjutsu: Rekkaken is an upgraded Rekkadan that solidifies the flame and turns it into a sword of solid flames, that protrudes from the Onisho. The Ongekibou are also used by Takeshi's scientists, like Midori Takizawa to test new technology and theories that may strengthen the power of all the Ongeki.


Ongekibou are a set of taiko drumsticks that consists of a brown cotton thread handle with a with a kashira-like silver joint circle on the top and bottom (with mitsudomoe-like Oni symbol), while the silver handguard is shaped like a miniature pumpkin. The drumsticks have two different face Onishi on the heads with silver horns on the foreheads and red stick parts with silver linings. They also exist in many different colors.

List of Ongekibous

The Ongekibou Rekka (音撃棒・烈火, Ongekibō Rekka, lit. "Sound Attack Clubs: Raging Fire") are a pair of drumsticks to be used with for Kamen Rider Hibiki's Ongeki Da finishers through Sound of Purification. Can also double as clubs. They have red Oni's faces on the heads and red sticks. With these Ongekibou Rekka, Hibiki can perform Rekkadan and Rekkaken. Ibuki used it when he was in his "Orochi sealing" training. After that, he brought it to the sealing place, but Hibiki took his place and regained the Rekka.

Attack Ride Cards: As Hibiki, Decade conjures up two drumsticks to charge them with power and use the finisher Kiboujutsu Rekkadan, igniting the tops with flames, creating torch-like weapons that shoot fireballs to incinerate targets. Decade's fireballs are powerful enough to destroy giant Makamou as well.
Arms Weapons : TheOngekibou Rekka is the Arms Weapon wielded by either an Armored Rider or a Genesis Armored Rider when they transform into Hibiki Arms, which is assumed by Kamen Rider Bravo in Kamen Rider Battle: Ganbarizing. As demonstrated by Kamen Rider Fifteen, the Ongekibou Rekka can also be manifested in Decade Arms due to Decade's ability to use the power of the Nine Heisei Riders. He used this to counter the Ongekibou Rekka used by Decade as Kamen Ride: Hibiki. Heisei Rider vs. Showa Rider: Kamen Rider Taisen feat. Super Sentai

Ongekibou Yamase (音撃棒・山背風, Ongekibō Yamase, lit. "Sound Attack Club: Mountain Back-Wind) & Ongekiko (音撃鼓, Ongekiko, lit. "Sound Attack Drum"): A pair of drum sticks that Kamen Rider Ibuki uses when he had to fight Dorotabou, which is a Summer Makamou that can only be defeated with drum-type Ongeki. They have blue Oni's faces on the heads and blue sticks.

Ongekibou Rakurai (音撃棒・落雷, Ongekibō Rakurai, lit. "Sound Attack Club: Thunderbolt") & Ongekiko (音撃鼓 lit. "Sound Attack Drum"): A pair of drum sticks formerly owned by Kamen Rider Zanki, Kamen Rider Todoroki uses these when he had to fight Dorotabou, a summer Makamou that can only be defeated with drum-type Ongeki. Then, he uses these again when he fight Bakeneko. They have green Oni's faces on the heads and green sticks.

Ongekibou Shakubyoushi (音撃棒・笏拍子, Ongekibō Shakubyōshi, Lit. "Sound Attack Club: Scepter Beat"): A pair of drum sticks Ongeki weapons that Kamen Rider Sabaki use. Sabaki uses these when he had to fight Summer Makamou those can only be defeated with drum-type Ongeki. They have red Oni's faces on the heads and dark brown sticks.

Ongekibou Nachiguro (音撃棒・那智黒, Ongekibō Nachiguro, lit. "Sound Attack Club: Those Dark Wisdom"): A pair of drum sticks Ongeki weapons that Kamen Rider Danki use. They have red Oni's faces on the head, blue sticks and white handles.

Ongekibou Rokushou (音撃棒・緑勝, Ongekibō Rokushō, lit. "Sound Attack Club: Victorious Green"): A pair of drum sticks Ongeki weapons that Kamen Rider Eiki use. They have light brown Onisho on the heads, teal sticks and brown handles.

Ongekibou Gouriki (音撃棒・剛力, Ongekibō Gouriki, lit. "Sound Attack Club: Strength Power"): A pair of drum sticks Ongeki weapons that Kamen Rider Gouki use. They have blue Onisho on the heads, blue sticks and blue handles. They were only shown in promotional magazines for the final episode. On Gouki's Rangers StrikeIcon-crosswiki.png card, the Ongekibou have red Onisho with blue sticks and brown handles.

In the S.I.C. toyline, Gouki's Ongekibo Gouriki is the same as the Ongekibou Rekka and has the Ongekibou Kongo (音撃棒 金剛), another big drum stick Ongeki weapon that Gouki use.

Ongekibou Ressui (音撃棒・烈翠, Ongekibō Ressui, lit. "Sound Attack Club: Raging Green"): A pair of drum sticks Ongeki weapons that Kamen Rider Kabuki use. They have green Onisho on the heads, green sticks and brown handles.

Practice Ongekibou (練習用の音撃棒, Renshū-yō no Ongekibō).

Practice Ongekibou (練習用の音撃棒, Renshū-yō no Ongekibō).

In the World of Hibiki,Kamen Rider Diend use his own Ongekibou colored cyan, to aid in destroying a giant Bakegani with the Oni Riders. Ending Journey

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