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One Who Conquers Darkness (暗黒を征す者 Ankoku o Seisu Mono) is the ninteenth episode of Kamen Rider Blade. It features the return of Sakuya Tachibana as Kamen Rider Garren, the final appearance of Go Kiryu, and the return of Mutsuki Kamijo as Kamen Rider Leangle.


Go beats Chalice and tells Sakuya to fight. As he leaves, the Undead leave as well. Hajime returns to the Kurihara family wounded. Sakuya finds Go and tries to reason with him. Mutsuki returns to his normal life, but ends up stealing Garren's belt to trade it for Leangle's belt. Go refuses and Blade fights Leangle to get the belt back. Sakuya grabs his belt and transforms into Garren and defeats Go. Mutsuki then picks up the belt, transforms into Leangle, and kills Go. Blade reseals the Undead and the Boar Undead.


Go, transformed into Leangle and controlled by the Spider Undead, continuously beats Chalice up as he taunts the latter that the human spirit turned Chalice into a coward. Tachibana, who is witnessing the scene, pleading to Go to stop his acts. Go then responds to Tachibana by telling him to fight too as Garren, and he flees the scene along with the Undeads.

Back in Kotaro's house, Mutsuki is being berated by Kenzaki, and he deeply apologizes to the group about the incident involving the Leangle Buckle. Kenzaki gives Mutsuki a piece of advice to continue his normal life. After Mutsuki left the place, he gets depressed and he was found by Nozomi, who tried to call him several times.

Kenzaki, Tachibana, Shiroi, and Kotaro discuss the matter of the Leangle Buckle in Go's hands, and the possibility of Go might be able to gain control of the belt and overcome the Spider Undead's evil will. However, Tachibana tells them it has no use, and the Go they knew is gone. Kenzaki asks Tachibana to meet Go, as he believes that Tachibana could save him from the Leangle Buckle's curse.

Hajime, exhausted from the battle, returns to the Jacaranda Cafe, faints as soon as he enters the cafe. He was later escorted to bed and Haruka gives Kotaro a call that Hajime has a strange condition and asks if he can do anything about it. Hajime is overwhelmed by the Spider Undead's taunt earlier, as he uncontrollably moves, and then attempts to attack Amane. Fortunately, Kenzaki and Kotaro had arrived and managed to stop Hajime and puts him back to sleep. Afterward, Kotaro tells Kenzaki that he couldn't trust Hajime due to his aggressive behavior. Kenzaki protests that he was only confused because of his injury, and believes he would not hurt Amane.

After a game of basketball, Nozomi is glad to have Mutsuki back to his normal self. However, the voice inside of Mutsuki's head says "Leangle..." repeatedly. Mutsuki, still couldn't lose his will to transform into Leangle, returns to his house and desperately searches for the Leangle Buckle.

Later, Tachibana and Kenzaki confront Go. Tachibana asked to Go why the latter should fight him and demands to Go to return the Leangle Buckle. However, Go refuses, and tells Tachibana that the belt gave him power and he has nothing to worry about. Go answers Tachibana's question that he will defeat everything in his way, including the Riders. Tachibana furiously asks to Go what happened to his "justice", to which Go responds that he doesn't care about it anymore and after he obtained the Leangle Buckle, it made him think that justice is just an excuse. Irritated by Tachibana's lecture, Go angrily demands Tachibana to fight him as Garren.

Mutsuki, still in search of the Leangle Buckle, aggressively asks his parents where did they hide the belt, much to their confusion. After not getting answers from them, Mutsuki claims that they hide the belt because his parents wanted to shut him in the darkness and runs off from the house. 

After the confrontation, Kenzaki tells Tachibana that he believes he heard Go's real voice, inside the latter's heart. Kenzaki thought he heard "save me" from Go's voice and states that Go wants Tachibana to save him. Tachibana tells him to stop with his belief and asks Kenzaki what can he do about it.

After leaving the house, Mutsuki breaks into Kotaro's house, which he is instead looking for the Garren Buckle. He was almost caught by Shiori but managed to escape along with the belt. Shiori calls Kenzaki that Mutsuki stole the Garren Buckle and has made a run for it. Later, Kenzaki and Tachibana managed to surround Mutsuki and demands him to return the belt. However, Mutsuki ignores them and escapes from their clutches.

Meanwhile, the Undeads are on a rampage and Go, transformed into Leangle, awaits for Tachibana's arrival. Mutsuki approaches Go that he wants to trade the Garren Buckle with the Leangle Buckle. However, Go refuses the exchange as he explains to Mutsuki that he is unable to use the Garren Buckle, much to Mutsuki's desperation. Kenzaki and Tachibana arrive and Kenzaki transforms into Blade to fight Go.

Kenzaki, who is having trouble fighting off Go, asks Tachibana to fight. Tachibana, thinking back when Go failed to transform into Garren, he remembered the latter's request to fight as Garren in his steed. Finally snapped out of his hesitance, Tachibana picks up the Garren Buckle that Mutsuki dropped earlier, and transforms into Garren and fight against Go. Tachibana managed to defeat Go, which he escaped afterward.

The Leangle Buckle willingly cancels Go's transformation and the Leangle Buckle dropped from him, which was shortly picked up by Mutsuki. The Spider Undead crawls out of Go and back into Mutsuki, taking control of him. Mutsuki transforms into Leangle and summons the Boar, Locust, Deer, and Jaguar Undead to kill Go. While being mauled by the Undeads, Go was saved by Blade and Garren. Blade seals the Locust, Deer, and Jaguar Undeads and uses them to utilize Lightning Sonic on the Boar Undead, sealing it afterward.

Kenzaki and Tachibana cancel their transformations and rush towards to dying Go. As a last request, Go wants Tachibana to be more of an idiot and declares that Tachibana is way too serious and boring. As Go's last word, he always wanted to become a Kamen Rider and dies in front of Tachibana. After witnessing Kenzaki and Tachibana mourning, Mutsuki walks off from the scene with the Leangle Buckle in his hands.


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Kamen Rider Blade Volume 5

Kamen Rider Blade Volume 5, DVD cover

Kamen Rider Blade Volume 5 features episodes 17-20: The Evil Belt, Spirits That Manipulate Darkness, One Who Conquers Darkness and The Target is Kotaro. It was released on DVD on December 10th 2004, with a total run time of 93 minutes.

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Blu-ray Box 2 comes with 16 episodes.

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