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Oma's Day (オーマの日 Ōma no Hi) is an anticipated event serving as one of the central plot points in Kamen Rider Zi-O. According to Tsukuyomi and Geiz Myoukouin, it is said to be set sometime in the year 2019. Forever King 2018 Happy New Woz 2019 Due to the present day Zi-O temporarily giving up his Ziku-Driver, the expected progression of events in Oma's Day now differ across separate timelines.

Oma Zi-O's timeline

ZiO to Ohma

Zi-O transforms into Oma Zi-O

On this day, Zi-O will transform into Oma Zi-O and control seven giant monstrous machines called Dai Mazines to destroy the world along with all Kamen Riders and become the "Demon King." Back to 2068Happy New Woz 2019 This global catastrophe will create the dystopian timeline where Geiz Myoukouin, Tsukuyomi and the original Woz came from. Kingdom 2068

Geiz Revive's timeline

On this day, Geiz Revive will defeat Oma Zi-O and save the world, becoming its savior and creating a new history. Sometime after this day, Another Woz will travel to January 2019 to assist Geiz. Happy New Woz 2019 This is also the timeline where future Kamen Riders Shinobi, Quiz and Kikai hail from.