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Olteca (オルテカ, Oruteka) is one of the generals of Deadmans in Kamen Rider Revice. He use the Daiouika Proto Vistamp to transform into the Daiouika Deadman (ダイオウイカ・デッドマン, Daiouika Deddoman).


Olteca, along with Aguilera and Julio, were first seen leading the Deadmans' rally by using the Vistamps to summon Giff Juniors from her cult followers who cheered for them. After capturing the dangerous criminal, Tomoyuki Harada, to unleash the Mammoth Deadman, Olteca participated in the attack on the Fenix ceremony with their army of Giff Juniors. As the Deadmans march forward and spread panic towards the civilians present, Hiromi Kadota accidentally created the Rex Deadman in an attempt to use the Revice Driver. Aguilera took a camera and publicly declared their intentions to create hell on Earth, before the executives made their leave. In the end, Ikki Igarashi managed to contract with his devil, Vice, in order to become Kamen Rider Revi and Kamen Rider Vice to combat the Deadmans.

The next day, Olteca approaches golf caddy, Ibata, and presents him the Kamakiri Vistamp to call forth his inner demons, creating the Kamakiri Deadman. Though the Deadman was destroyed by Revice Eagle Genome, the Deadmans soon approached Ibata's boss, Araki. Olteca brought him over to the base and granted him the Megalodon Vistamp, summoning the Megalodon Deadman which was also vanquished by Revice using the Remix Forms.

While Aguilera laments in seeing Giff once more, Olteca reminds her that they need to create quiet more Deadmen to sacrifice in order to resurrect their leader. Julio entered and found another volunteer to receive a Vistamp. It was then that Julio entered their base to inform the two that another volunteer had come to them asking to receive a Vistamp. Olteca remarked that Julio's plan sounded interesting.

Other Events

Kamen Rider Saber

Special Issue: A New Page, Opens

Olteca granting Junpei the Batta Proto Vistamp

One night, Olteca came across a man named Junpei and granted him the Batta Proto Vistamp to create the Batta Deadman, promising him that it will make his bonds with his childhood friends stronger. Although it created the Batta Deadman, it promptly attacked two friends instead. However, the Batta Deadman was vanquished by Kamen Riders Saber and Espada with the help of Revi and Vice.


Olteca is soft-spoken and patient, often acting as the Deadmans' strategist. Rarely phased by anything, he is quick to adapt to changes in plan and dismiss things not going as expected.

Daiouika Deadman

Daiouika Deadman

―Transformation announcement via Daiouika Vistamp[src]


  • Height: 222.7 cm
  • Weight: 119.1 kg


  • Paranegro (パラネグロ, Paraneguro): Daiouika Deadman's umbrella-like weapon that can act as both a sword and shield.
  • Tentacles: The Daiouika Deadman can extend tentacles from his hands or torso to attack.


  • Energy Slashes: The Daiouika Deadman can generate purple energy slashes with his Paranegro.
  • Poisonous Flames: The Daiouika Deadman can generate dark poisonous flames from his hands.
  • Explosive Buttons: The Daiouika Deadman can launch buttons from his body that stick to any surface and detonate.
  • Ink Regeneration: Even if his body is destroyed, the Daiouika Deadman can regenerate from a mass of ink.
  • Smoke Disappearance: The Daiouika Deadman can disappear in a cloud electrified black smoke.

Deadmen Created

Behind the Scenes


  • Olteca is portrayed by Hayata Seki (関 隼汰, Seki Hayata). As the Daiouika Deadman, his suit actor is Shogo Teramoto (寺本 翔悟, Teramoto Shōgo).


  • Olteca's name likely combines the names of the Aztecs, the ones who made Chichen Itza, aka the American Pyramids, and the Olmecs, the creators of the famous stone heads.


  • Olteca's squid motif is an homage to Dr. Shinigami, one of the first two Shocker generals from the 1971 Kamen Rider TV series.
  • According to designer Masato Hisa, Daiouika Deadman's design also includes a goat and narwhal aesthetic to reflect his demon motif.[1]




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