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Ohma Shocker (オーマショッカー Ohma Shokkā) is the leader of Time Shocker from an alternate timeline. A counterpart to Kamen Rider Ohma Zi-O, he ruled the Earth in the year 2068 of his own timeline.

Character History

Ohma Shocker was a Shocker Combatmen born in the Showa Era, originally called the Last Shocker (最後のショッカー Saigo no shokkā) and given a nickname Shokka-san (ショッカさん) by Sougo. He was meant to become Ohma Shocker, the leader of Time Shocker in the year 2068 in an alternate timeline. A Time Shocker Combatman travelled from this timeline in order to make sure his future domination, stab him with a flueret from 2068 so they can connect the Zi-O timeline to Time Shocker's. However, this action casually make Ohma Shocker appeared in the year 2019. Ohma Shocker was finally defeated by Kamen Rider Zi-OTrinity, returned to his original appearance and walk away.


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Powers and Abilities


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