This article is about a/an series of photobooks in the Kamen Rider Series.

The Official Perfect Books (公式完全読本 Kōshiki Kanzen Dokuhon) is a series of reference books published by Hobby Japan Monthly Magazine. They showcase the multitude of character designs created for the year's TV series and associated movies, the interview with the main cast & staff and a conclusion of the performance of the season.

List of Volumes

Image Volume Name Series ISBN
Kamen Rider Gaim Official Perfect Book
Gaim: Warring Fruit Cocktail Kamen Rider Gaim 978-4798609331
Kamen Rider Drive Official Perfect Book
Drive: Maximum Ignition Kamen Rider Drive 978-4798611396
Kamen Rider Ghost Official Perfect Book
Great Soul Journey Kamen Rider Ghost 978-4798613499
Kamen Rider Ex-Aid Official Perfect Book
Ex-Aid: True Chronicle Kamen Rider Ex-Aid 978-4798615912
Kamen Rider Build Official Perfect Book
Build: Best Match Creation Kamen Rider Build 978-4798618371
Kamen Rider Amazons Official Perfect Book
Amazons: Bloody Apocalypse Kamen Rider Amazons 978-4798617091
Kamen Rider Zi-O Official Perfect Book
Celebrate The Zi-O Completion Kamen Rider Zi-O 978-4798620947
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