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Odyssey (オデッセイ Odessei) is the first Kamen Rider Kuuga Edition of S.I.C. Hero Saga. Written by series producer Shigenori Takatera expands upon the mythology of Kuuga featuring original characters Riku (リク), the previous Kuuga chosen by the Linto, and the original N-Daguva-Zeba (Incomplete) (ン・ダグバ・ゼバ(不完全体) N Daguba Zeba (Fukanzentai)). Odyssey ran from February to May 2002 in the Monthly Hobby Japan magazine.

Odyssey chapter titles
  1. Linto (リント Rinto)
  2. Gurongi (グロンギ Gurongi)
  3. Gouram (ゴウラム Gōramu)
  4. Daguva (ダグバ Daguba)


The Linto's civilization revolves around coexistence with nature. The tribe's magician predicts that something bad is going to happen and they need a warrior. He does some fortune-telling and the person chosen to become their warrior is a boy named Riku.

The Linto tribes created the Arcle which causes the belt to fuse with Riku's spine as his training as Kuuga begins. Meanwhile another tribe known as the Gurongi crafted weapons from the metals which they found from meteorites and use it to attack other tribes.

Soon in one of their expeditions, another meteorite crash-landed causing the whole tribe to develop metamorphosis which changes their DNA structure and gives them beast and plant-like powers. Seeing this as an advantage, they start an attack on the Linto tribes with Riku transforms into Kuuga and fights them.

With an incomplete N-Daguva-Zeba appears and gains the upper hand on the Linto tribe, Riku managed to defeat Daguva with the help of Gouram (in the form of the Horse Armor). He sealed Daguva and the rest of his tribe using the Amadam and his own power, and thus his body formed a coffin. [1]


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