This article is about a/an Insectovore in Saban's Masked Rider.

Ocusect is a dodomeki-like hag creature from an Edenoi fairy tale. She wields a magic staff in battle and can imprison anyone within its main eye and can even shoot optic beams when in its eye form.

According to Dex Stewart, any Edenoite who stared into the main eye of Ocusect would be frozen with fear forever and that anyone who is within Ocusect's main eye will be absorbed into its body forever. Dex was deathly afraid of the Ocusect when he was young. Count Dregon (who was also afraid of the Ocusect that haunted his nightmares) decided to bring Dex's worst fear to life by taking Cyclopter's idea to create an Ocusect that they can control. When the Maggots were sent down with Ocusect's eye form, they ended up accidentally imprisoning Patsy Carbunkle in it. Since Ocusect needs recharging after imprisoning each victim, Nefaria had the Maggots hide Ocusect's eye form. Dex caught up with the Maggots and fended them off.

When Herbie caught up with Dex, Ocusect appeared. Dex was frozen in fear and Herbie tried to get Dex away only to end up imprisoned in Ocusect's main eye. With some wisdom from King Lexian, Dex decides to overcome his fear.

As Masked Rider, Dex rides Combat Chopper to an abandoned cabin where Ocusect is hiding. When Ocusect manages to use its main eye to fear-freeze Dex, she then absorbs him into her main eye. Dex then turns into Super Blue and liquifies out of Ocusect. Dex then battles Ocusect. Upon turning into his Super Gold form, Dex uses his Ecto-Ray to blast Ocusect enough for her to release Patsy and Herbie. Upon deactivating Super Gold, Dex used the Rider Kick to knock down Ocusect. Ocusect then transforms into her eye form and attacks. Upon stating that he's not afraid of Ocusect anymore, Dex uses his Electro Saber to stab Ocusect's eye form which leads to Ocusect's destruction. Fits the theme of Nefaria's monsters.


  • Her eye form was seen in American footage.
  • She is the only monster in the show to be destroyed by the original Electro Saber stabbing like in Kamen Rider Black RX.
  • She is Nefaria’s Aunt in her counterpart’s version

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