This article is about a/an Orphnoch in Kamen Rider 555.

The Octopus Orphnoch (オクトパスオルフェノク Okutopasu Orufenoku) was an Orphnoch who assumed the form of a boxer simply called a young man (若い男 Wakai Otoko). He can extend his arms short distances and release ink clouds from his nose. He was destroyed by Faiz's Crimson Smash.

Powers and Abilities

  • Transformation to Orphnoch: As all his race, he can transform of human to Orphnoch.
  • Destroy hearts: As Orphnoch, he can used his tentacle or weapon for eliminated the hearts of theis victims in burst of flames. 

Kamen Rider Decade

An Octopus Orphnoch was part of a group of five Orphnoch which attacked Decade and Natsumi during the destruction of the worlds. They were all quickly destroyed by Decade as Kamen Ride: Faiz. Rider War (episode)

OOO, Den-O, All Riders: Let's Go Kamen Riders

He and a few other Orphnochs are revived as a part of Shocker. but while the other Orphnochs were seen fighting Faiz, Octopus Orphnoch was seen fighting Kamen Rider J.

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