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Wielding a violin and learning under Otoya Kurenai, the Octopus Fangire (オクトパスファンガイア Okutopasu Fangaia) lures humans to feed on, usually other female violinists. Her true name was "The Lady Portrait Torn in a Full Moon" (満月に引き裂かれた貴婦人の肖像 Mangetsu ni Hikisakareta Kifujin no Shōzō) and she was from the Aqua Class (アクアクラス Akua Kurasu).


Kamen Rider Kiva

Suite: Father/Son Violin

In 1986, Yuri Aso is ordered by Mamoru Shima to protect Hitomi Miyazawa, until she realizes that she is the Fangire. Her abilities include shooting ink-balls from her mouth, shooting tentacles from her body, and morphing her feet into skates. After her violin is damaged in the fight with Yuri, Hitomi is forced to go into hiding as Otoya refuses to help her anymore for using his teachings in a perverted way. Later in 2008, Hitomi gets Wataru Kurenai to repair her violin, targeting Megumi Aso for her mother's act against her, but Kiva's interference gives Megumi time to destroy the violin. The Octopus Fangire attempts to flee, but ends up being outmatched by Kiva and destroyed before being sealed in Castle Doran. Suite: Father/Son Violin

Powers and abilities

  • Life-Sucking Fangs:She can use this ability as any Fangire in the tv series to drain the Life Energy to humans.
  • Masterful Violinist:Hitomi Miyazawa was known for his prodigious violin skills.
  • hypnotizing symphony:she can combine your abilitis as fangire and violin give to result to put a person in a trance taking her with the symphony where she is for later use Life-Sucking Fangs to kill yopur victim.


Octpus Fangire

Octopus Fangire

  • Height: 250
  • Weight: 250

Behind the scenes


Hitomi Miyazawa is portrayed by Masako Umemiya (梅宮 万紗子 Umemiya Masako) who previously portrayed Midori Takizawa in Kamen Rider Hibiki,as Octopus Fangire voice is portrayed by Kanae Oki (沖 佳苗 Oki Kanae) .


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Octopus Fangire concept art


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