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O Scanner

O Scanner

"(3 Core Medals): (phrase)!"
―Transformation announcement w/ OOO Driver[src]

"Scanning Charge!"
―Finisher announcement w/ OOO Driver[src]

"Single/Double/Triple Scanning Charge!""
―Finisher announcement w/ Medajaribur[src]

"(3 Core Medals), Gin Gin Gin! Giga Scan!"
―Finisher announcement w/ Taja Spinner[src]

The O Scanner (オースキャナー Ō Sukyanā) is a device that is able to read the energy found within O Medals. By using the O Scanner on a set of three Core Medals in the OOO Driver, it allows for the transformation into Kamen Rider OOO or one of his various Combos. By scanning the Core Medals in the OOO Driver a second time without exchanging any Medals, it initiates one of Kamen Rider OOO's finishing attacks known as Scanning Charges (スキャニングチャージ Sukyaningu Chāji).

The O Scanner can also be used on the Cell Medals in the Medajaribur to initiate its Scanning Charge, designated as "Single", "Double", or "Triple", as well. The voice of the Scanner had a much deeper pitch when used by the original OOO than it does for Eiji. When Cell Medals are used in the Taja Spinner, OOO can initiate a different type of finishing attack called Giga Scans (ギガスキャン Giga Sukyan).


The O Scanner is composed of the following parts:

  • D Moon (Dムーン D Mūn) - The D shaped crystal in the middle of the O Scanner. It is a special crystal that transforms, amplifies and irradiates power sent from the Tri Star Rocks, allowing transformation.
  • Gold Circle Pod (ゴルドサークルポッド Gorudo Sākuru Poddo) - The O Scanner's golden metallic exterior. It is made of a special alloy that Kogami Foundation proceeded to research on, allowing them to synthesise a new alloy they dubbed Strontium (ストロンジウム Sutoronjiumu).
  • Corona Circle (コロナサークル Korona Sākuru) - The inner golden ring decoration. It is composed out of the same alloy the Gold Circle Pod is made of. It suppresses any runaway energy leaked out of the D Moon, preventing the O Scanner from collapsing.
  • Tri Star Rocks (トライスターロック Torai Sutārokku) - Three circular units that glow when they pass over an O Medal during scanning. Embedded underneath are special mysterious ores that are used to capture an O Medal's power. These ores are formed 1000m underground, and are extremely rare due to the fact that they can only be collected after they have been expelled out of the Earth's crust via high-power volcanic eruptions. Three of these ores are laid underneath the circular units.
  • Arm Mount (アームマウント Āmu Maunto) - A hook on the O Scanner's rear side that is used to latch onto the OOO Driver's Scanner Nest when not in use. It is also used as a guide rail whenever someone scans the OOO Driver with it.

Behind the Scenes


The voice of the O Scanner, as well as the Medagabryu, is provided by Akira Kushida (串田 アキラ Kushida Akira).

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