This article is about a/an item container in Kamen Rider OOO.

The O Medal Holder (オーメダルホルダー Ō Medaru Horudā) is a special case designed to store O Medals, rather than merely being contained within Ankh's body. Although the O Medal Holder first appears in the Kamen Rider OOO: Nobunaga's Desire act of Movie War Core, in episode 17 of the television series it is revealed that Hina had commissioned its creation while she and Chiyoko were vacationing in Egypt. After the series finale, Hina came into possession of the O Medal Holder as she keeps Eiji's remaining Core Medals safe.

In Kamen Rider × Super Sentai: Super Hero Taisen, after seemingly killing Eiji, Captain Marvelous orders his Dai-Zangyack forces to destroy OOO's Greater PowerIcon-crosswiki, the Core Medals. As Hina was carrying the O Medal Holder, she was pursued by Dai-Zangyack. After it is revealed that Marvelous was deceiving Dai-Zangyack and was only pretending to be their leader when knowing they are associate with Dai-Shocker and will seemingly betrays him, Eiji lends the Core Medals to the Gokaigers, allowing them to defeat Rider Hunter Silva.


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