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In the World of Amazons, Nozama Pharmacy (野座間製薬株式会社 Nozama Seiyaku Kabushikigaisha) is a pharmaceutical company. They are researching and developing an artificial life form called Amazon Cell (アマゾン細胞 Amazon Saibō) over the long-standing.[1]

Their 4000 test subjects used to experiment with the Amazon Cells escaped due to an accident caused by an explosion in their testing facility.

The company has quietly tried to resolve the matter by hunting the Amazons down using the Peston Service and trackers they placed on them to prevent the dormant Amazons from becoming active.

The company's president however seems to want them captured alive so that he can use them for whatever nefarious purposes Nozama Pharmacy has set in mind for them. While that exact purpose for using the Amazon cells is not clearly stated yet by their officials, it is implied by Jin that they are used for military based applications for the Japanese Government due to Internet reports of sightings and attacks by Amazons by civilians being deleted by government cyber security officials.

In Season 2, the Tlaloc Incident caused the company severe financial problems as it didn't go exactly as planned. Thus, Nozama Pharmacy went under a corporate downsize restructuring after financing 4C as well as paying reparations to victims or surviving families of Amazons attacks to keep them quiet about the incident. This led to many layoffs at the company and executives in some cases being forced to sell their homes or property as collateral to keep their own finances afloat. PERSONA NON GRATA






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