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Noise: Melody of Destruction (ノイズ・破壊の旋律 Noizu: Hakai no Senritsu) is the thirty-fourth episode of Kamen Rider Kiva.



In 1986, Otoya and Maya continue to craft the "ultimate violin" together as Yuri suffers in silence about the heartbreak of seeing Otoya with another woman until she had enough.

In 2008, Wataru is still in a depression since learning that Mio is engaged to Taiga yet wishes the best for her. After Keisuke and Megumi try to cheer him up, Taiga shows up and cluelessly invites Wataru to join Mio and himself in going to an amusement park. There, Wataru and Mio discuss Taiga, with Mio trying to admit her love to him. But then, a fugitive named Tatsu Murakawa takes hostages at the funhouse with Keisuke attempting to catch the man. When Kengo shows up and beats the escaping criminal he expresses his hatred towards Keisuke and Wataru, now a changed man after being under Shima's wing and member of the Blue Sky Organization. Both of these new issues eventually cause the Bloody Rose to crack in response to Wataru's stress. Meanwhile, Dr. Kanda, a former member of Blue Sky Organization, kidnaps a mysterious girl named Kaede and uses her for his research on Fangires by having her feed on them in experiments and becoming one herself. Later, Mio admits to the Bishop that she cannot take being the Queen anymore, with the Fangire learning from Taiga that he realizes Mio is in love with another. This leads the Bishop to personally attack Wataru in his true form, as the Swallowtail Fangire, demanding to learn the identity of his parents. Keisuke arrives to Wataru's aid as Rising Ixa, until Kaede arrives to attack him as the Horsefly Fangire under Kanda's orders while Wataru battles the Bishop in Emperor Form. However, the Fangires escape with Keisuke severely wounded from his fight. While Taiga starts to punish Kaede for her actions against their kind, after being advised by the Bishop, Mio manages to make her way to a cave where she finds the one who can help her: Maya, the former the Queen of the Checkmate Four.


Guest Cast

Form Changes

Kiva: Kiva Form, Emperor Form

Ixa: Burst Mode, Rising Ixa

Saga: Saga Form


DVD releases

Kiva Vol 9

Kamen Rider Kiva Volume 9, DVD cover

Kamen Rider Kiva Volume 9 features episodes 33-36: Supersonic: Saga's Fight, Noise: Melody of Destruction, New Arrangement: Flying Rose and Revolution: Sword Legend.

91zy1VpQehL SL1473

Kamen Rider Kiva Box 3, Blu-ray cover

Blu-ray Box 3 comes with 16 episodes.

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