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"Seal me. Don't let this chance pass by. You want world peace...you wanted to fight for justice, right? Seal me. Hurry!"
―Shima's last words before being sealed by Leangle[src]

Noboru Shima (嶋 昇 Shima Noboru) is the human form of the Tarantula Undead (タランチュラ アンデッド Taranchura Andeddo), the first King (of Clubs) Undead to appear.


A friend of Kei Karasuma, whom he met in Tibet, he entrusted the Rouse Absorber to Shima and sent him to oversee Kenzaki and Tachibana and does his best to stay in human form unless necessary, being first seen with his yellow canary bird, Natural, walking among a crowd of people. He then enters Kotaro's household and greets each of the gang, introducing himself and telling them of the current predicament. Kenzaki later finds him meditating and sensing the wind, with Shima telling him of how ferocious Daichi is when enraged and what the Rider should be fighting for. Shima later entered the Jacaranda Cafe, amusing Haruka and Amane, when Hajime took him to another area after sensing his Undead nature. Hajime then decided to fight him to Shima's reluctance when Kenzaki and Kotaro were surprised to see his Undead form. After Amane calls Hajime back, Kenzaki accused him of lying to them, only for Shima to assure the two that he was entirely honest of what he told them. When Kenzaki realized that he should fight to protect people instead of it being for his mission or duty during his battle with Daichi, Shima arrived to give Kenzaki his Rouse Absorber for the Rider to use Jack Form. The Power Which Moves Me

After Kenzaki sealed Daichi, Shima told him, Tachibana, and Mutsuki of how much of an issue it is for him to be near the latter due to the Spider Undead's control. Back at Kotaro's household, Shima wondered of how unique he is with not wanting to fight for the dominance of his representing animal species. Later at the hospital, Shima, Kenzaki, Kotaro, and Shiori went to check up on a hospitalized Tachibana after he got injured from attempting to save Mutsuki. Shima then hesitantly suggested that he must be sealed in order to free Mutsuki from Spider's control to the others' dismay. At that night after, Shima quietly left the household to inconspicously fight the Spider-corrupted Mutsuki while leaving Natural in Kotaro's care. The Trembling Heart...

While Shima fought Mutsuki, Kenzaki interfered and used Jack Form to knock Mutsuki out of transformation. When Kenzaki commanded Mutsuki to relinquish his belt, Shima stated to him to be futile as the belt would just come back to the lad. Shiori and Kotaro then chastized Shima for his do-or-die attempt, only for him to respond that he couldn't bear to watch Mutsuki get his personality destroyed by Spider. As he told them that he was heading to Tachibana, Shiori became worried about him, only for Shima to make a snarky remark that her worrying would ruin her beauty, to her embarassment and the boys' amusement. Tachibana then told Shima of Mutsuki's basketball hobby and relationship with Nozomi, then heading out to protect the latter from the Pecker Undead. As Nozomi passed out from seeing him, Shima then took her to the hospital to remove her memories from his fight, believing Mutsuki would be saddened if she were involved in the battle. Shima then decided to talk with Mutsuki, using his wind abilities to show him Nozomi's voice of how much she loved him, then stating that that voice was cut off because of Spider. Afterwards, while talking with Natural, he noticed Hajime and referred to him as Joker to have a discussion with him of his nature and how wonderful living with people are before giving his bird to the Rider, who then does the same to Shiori and Kotaro. Mutsuki and Shima then continue their fight with Kenzaki attempting to stop them again, only for Leangle to overpower both. Shima then allowed himself to be defeated by Leangle's Blizzard Clash to help him be free of Spider's influence, nodding his head yes before he parts ways with them.  A Dangerous Gamble!?

Ultimately, his sacrifice was not of much use until the Hikaru sacrificed herself, allowing Shima to finally lend his power to Mutsuki to help him defeat the Spider Undead. Leangle Revives

Mutsuki attempts to unseal Shima near the end of the series, but fails as the Joker was declared the winner of the Batte Fight.Prologue to Destruction

Shima later became unsealed in Missing Ace only to be resealed by Lance's Impact Stab.


The wisest one of the Undead, Shima is different from other Royal Club Undeads as he has a good heart and loves humanity. His genuine kindness and pacificstic disposition pretty much has him loved by most of the main heroes to where they were extremely upset after he ultimately got sealed.


  • Biological Immortality: As an Undead, Shima can survive from most physical injuries, no matter how grave they may be.
  • Undead Tracking: As Undeads are attracted to each other by instinct.
  • Wind Power: Shima can sense others' energies thorugh the wind, uses wind abilities in combat, and can facilitate wind balls to use other people thoughts, as what he did with Nozomi's feelings with Mutsuki to free the lead from the Spider Undead's corruption.

Video Game appearances

Kamen Rider Blade (video game)

The Tarantula Undead is one of many Undead who appear in the Kamen Rider Blade video game.


Tarantula Undead

Tarantula Undead

  • Height: 223 cm
  • Weight: 124 kg

Rouse Card

Tarantula Undead Rouse Card

  • Suit: Club (♣)
  • Category: King (K)
  • Effect name: EVOLUTION
  • Card name: Evolution Tarantula (エボリューション・タランチュラ Eboryūshon Taranchura)
  • Consumption points: EP +4000

Behind the scenes


Noboru Shima is portrayed by Kazunari Aizawa (相澤 一成 Aizawa Kazunari).

Concept Art

Tarantula Undead concept art


  • Shima is the only male Royal Club Undead with a surname.


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