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The No-Men are a group of government agents that get involved in the Earth/Ventaran conflict. Introduced as secondary antagonists, they soon are revealed as allies.


The No-Men is a government group. In 1947, 61 years prior to the series, the No-Men found the unconscious body of Eubulon in Roswell, New Mexico, and, unable to wake him, placed it in stasis in their headquarters.

At some point, JTC was apprehended by the No-Men where they gave him the option to either work for them or go to jail; he refused.

When Agent Phillips received the info from Michelle about the Kamen Riders, Xaviax, and the Mirror Monsters, he instructed Michelle Walsh to head up a mission to apprehend Kit Taylor. They succeeded and Agent Phillips arranged for a "demonstration" by having the door to Kit's cell opened to lead him to the Mirror Monster Brobajell.

Following the venting of Kit Taylor at the hands of Xaviax in Kamen Rider Wrath's body, Agent Phillips led Len, Maya, Lacey, and Trent to where Eubulon was held and Len revived him with his Advent Deck. Agent Phillips offered Trent an opportunity to work for them or go to jail (the same offer he previously gave to JTC); he accepted because "they know everything".

The No-Men then let the Eubulon use their headquarters as a base of operations and aided him in locating Xaviax's teleportation beacons and transmitters, Trent adapting their scanners to work with Eubulon's locator.

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