This article is about a/an song in Kamen Rider Zi-O.

Next New Wφrld is an insert song from Kamen Rider Zi-O. It was performed by Rider Chips.

It is the character/insert song of Sougo Tokiwa/Kamen Rider Zi-O, a form theme of GrandZi-O.


Romanized lyrics Japanese Lyrics Translation into English

Tokei no hari ga kizamu
idaina rekishi no naka
Jidai ga kawarou toshiteiru ima
Ikutsu mono REJENDO ga
tatakai tsunaide kita
Sekai wo uketsugu no wa dare?
Machigai naku ore! oh yeah!

Seigi no kage ni habikoru
jyaaku na genjitsu wo
Yami no oku ni houmurareru
namida no shinjitsu wo

Abaite sukui dashite
risou egaite yeah

Itsu datte Time is now
Sousa Time is on my side
Tsubekobe iwazu ni
saizen wo tsukusu dake
Kako genzai mirai
zenbu hitotsu ni shite
Shihai shita no wa yeah

Next New Wφrld

Jikuu wo tabishi meguru
Rekishi ga crossover you got chance
Densetsu wa shinka shiteyuku
Souzou wo chouetsu shite

Kanau to shinjita
Yume idaite yeah

Souyatte Time is now
Itsumo Time is on my side
Kowaimono shirazu
saikyou wo mezasu dake
MISU zasetsu koukai
Zenbu PURASU ni shite
Ima tsuyoku nare

Nanka ikeru ki ga suru yeah
Nankai demo yari naoseru yeah
POJITIBU shikou de ikou

Itsu datte Time is now
Sousa Time is on my side
Isshun tari tomo
muda ni shinai no sa
Kako genzai mirai
zenbu shitagaete
Toki no ouja ni nare

Next New Wφrld(x4)

時計の針が刻む 偉大な歴史の中
時代が変わろうとしている 今
いくつものレジェンドが 戦い繋いできた
間違いなく俺! Oh yeah!

正義の影に蔓延(はびこ)る 邪悪な現実を
闇の奥に葬られる 涙の真実を

暴いて救い出して 理想描いて yeah

いつだって Time is now
そうさ Time is on my side
つべこべ言わずに 最善を尽くすだけ
過去 現在 未来 全部一つにして
支配したのは yeah

Next New Wφrld

時空を旅し巡る 歴史が
crossover you got chance
伝説は進化して行く 想像を超越して

叶うと 信じた 夢抱いて yeah

そうやって Time is now
いつも Time is on my side
怖いもの知らず 最高を目指すだけ
失敗(ミス) 挫折 後悔 
全部プラスにして 今 強くなれ

なんかいける気がする yeah
何回でもやり直せる yeah 

いつだって Time is now
そうさ Time is on my side
一瞬たりとも 無駄にしないのさ
過去 現在 未来 全部従えて

Next New Wφrld(x4)

Engraved on the hands of the clock
within our grand history
The era is changing right now!

Numerous legends have come and fought together
Just who is the inheritor of their worlds?
Without a doubt, it's gotta be me! Oh yeah!

Wicked illusions infests the shadows of justice
Buried deep in the darkness, there's a lone tear of truth

Uncover it, rescue it
and paint out those ideals, yeah!

As always, the time is now!
That's right, time is on my side!
Without complaining, I'll just be the kindest!
The past, present and future
will become as one
The one who will rule over us all, yeah!

Next New Wφrld

Journeying across time and space,
you'll get the chance to crossover with history
Legends will continue to evolve
and surpass your imagination

Granting and believing them, hold onto those dreams, yeah...

Like that, the time is now!
Time is always on my side!
Knowing nothing to be afraid of
I'll just aim to be the greatest
Mistakes, frustrations and regret
Turn it all to your advantage
and become stronger now

I've got a feeling this will work out, yeah...
I'll do it all over no matter how many times it takes, yeah...
Let's just go thinking positively!

As always, time is now!
That's right, time is on my side!
Without wasting a single moment
The past, present and future
everything will go accordingly
I'll become the ruler of time

Next New Wφrld(x4)


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