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"Dai Kaigan! Newton Omega Drive"
―Finisher announcement via Ghost Driver[src]

The unnamed Newton Damashii Gloves, individually known as the Repulsion Glove (リパルショングローブ Riparushon Gurōbu) and Attraction Glove (アトラクショングローブ Atorakushon Gurōbu) for the right hand and left hand respectively[1], are Kamen Rider Ghost's boxing glove-like weapons when he uses the Newton Ghost Eyecon to access Newton Damashii. It first appears in Kamen Rider Drive: Surprise Future, and then made its TV debut in episode 4.



Attached to each of the individual "gloves" on both hands is the Force Amplifier (フォースアンプリファー Fōsu Anpurifå), which supplies energy to both "gloves" to aid in the formation of a "force field" of either repulsion or attraction forces.

By initiating the Ghost Driver's Omega Drive function, it increases the gloves' gravitational powers depending on which one Ghost chooses to use with its maximum strength and radius being 5 km.[2]


  • Omega Drive (Newton) (オメガドライブ ニュートン Omega Doraibu (Nyūton)): Ghost creates a powerful gravity pulse by using either the Attraction Glove on his left hand to immobilize and slow down a target or the Repulsion Glove on his right hand to amplify said gravity pulse for crushing his opponents.


  • This weapon is based on the Armillary sphere.[3]
  • This is the fourth weapons to based on a pair of boxing gloves, succeeding OOO Sagohzo Combo's Gori Bagoon and Knuckle Kurumi Arms' Kurumi Bombers and Jimber Marron Arms' Marron Bombers.
    • In an interesting comparison to the Newton Damashii Gloves and Gori Bagoon, both allow their users to manipulate gravitational forces to their liking.
  • This is Ghost's first weapon to belong to a specific Damashii form, followed by the Sunglasseslasher.



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