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Among the bulk of the massive Imagin army Kai creates for the purpose of killing Airi are the New Mole Imagin (NEWモールイマジン Nyū Mōru Imajin). These Imagin sport black vests, as opposed to the red vests the regular Mole Imagin wear, and are armed with numerous other weapons for hands. While individually they are noticeably weaker than the regular Mole Imagin, their great numbers allow them to compensate for this weakness by completely overunning any opposition.

Kamen Rider Decade

World of Den-O

The New Mole Imagin appear as minions of the Alligator Imagin during the Hikari Studio's visit to the 'World of Den-O'. One is destroyed by M-Tsukasa as Den-O Sword Form. A few later appear during Decade's fight with the other three forms of Den-O while Shilubara and his minions steal a vase. Super Den-O Beginning Here Comes Super Momotaros!

All Riders vs. Dai-Shocker

They are revived in All Riders vs Dai-Shocker. They are seen fighting Ichigou, X, Amazon, Shin, Hibiki, Kabuto, Sword Den-O, Decade, and DiEnd. Kamen Rider Decade: All Riders vs. Dai-Shocker

World of the Rider War

A duo of New Mole Imagin were among four Imagin who were part of a gathering of monsters which were revived by Super Apollo Geist in the World of the Rider War through a surplus of Life Energy which he had gained during his wedding to the Fangire Queen. These four Imagin were combined to create a copy of the strongest Imagin from the World of Den-O, the Alligator Imagin. This Alligator Imagin is later destroyed by Decade Complete Form's Enhanced Dimension Kick. Destroyer of Worlds

OOO, Den-O, All Riders: Let's Go Kamen Riders

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Kamen Rider × Super Sentai: Super Hero Taisen

However, they are revived in Kamen Rider x Super Sentai: Super Hero Taisen. They arent seen mthroughout uch throughout the movie, they were only seen when the Den-O's and Gekirangers team up to fight their past enemies. One is seen being shot by Gun Den-O with Long, Yang's Secretary Miranda, and Sea-Fist Demon Rageku, and another one is seen being dragged by GekiViolet when Momotaros accidently knocks down Gn and Ax-Den-O.

Kamen Rider Wizard

A trio of New Mole Imagin were among Amadum's monsters in the World within the Magic Stone. The Kamen Rider Rings They were respectively destroyed by Fourze's Gatling Module, Den-O's Extreme Slash, and a combination of Blade's Lightning Slash, OOO's OOO Bash and Agito's Rider Kick. Neverending Story

Kamen Rider Zi-O

2007: DenLiner Crash!

Video Game appearances

All Kamen Rider: Rider Generation

Mole Imagin AKRG

A New Mole Imagin in All Kamen Rider: Rider Generation.

New Mole Imagin appear as regular enemies in the video game All Kamen Rider: Rider Generation.

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