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Neon Ulsland (ネオン・ウルスランド Neōn Urusurando) is the leader of Foundation X and Jun Kazu reports directly to her about events that involve the organization.


Neon Ulsland usually researches graded reports of unusual events or artifacts like NEVER and the O-Medals of Kamen Rider OOO that were seen during Kamen Rider W Forever: A to Z/The Gaia Memories of Fate. She also keeps a stopwatch due to being strict with her schedules, even interrupting others should it affect her schedule.


Prior to the events of Kamen Rider W, Neon adopted Charming Raven Inc. She is first seen speaking with an employee, and then telling Jun Kazu that Foundation X has decided to cut funding to the Museum, and needs a new project to invest in, which might even include the O-Medals. When Kazu informs her of his and Saeko Sonozaki's plans to resume the Gaia Impact, she says she will request continual funding from the board of directors, provided that Jun succeeds. After witnessing Jun's defeat, Neon officially decides to end the foundation's Gaia Memory research.


  • Her actress, Maria Theresa Gow, previously portrayed Georgie Leland in another Tokusatsu series, Ultraman Gaia.
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