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The Neohi Magia (ネオヒマギア Neohi Magia) is a Magia with several identities.

Known Identities


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Magia Form

Neohi Magia

Neohi Magia

―Transformation announcement[src]


  • Height: 197.9 cm
  • Weight: 127.7 kg

This Humagear transforms into the Neohi Magia (ネオヒマギア Neohi Magia) by using the Neohi Magia Zetsumerisekey in the Zetsumeriser.


  • Maratacle (マーラタクル Māratakuru): The tentacles extending from the Neohi Magia's head. They have sharp tips for attacking foes and can quickly regenerate after being severed.


  • Humagear Hacking: Using a method similar to transforming into a Magia, the Neohi Magia can corrupt other Humagear and transform them into Trilobite Magia by piercing them with tendrils.
  • Smokescreen: The Neohi Magia is able to produce an electrified black smoke to obstruct its foes' vision and escape.
  • Lightning Discharge: The Neohi Magia can generate yellow electricity from the Maratacles.

Appearances: Zero-One Episode 3, 19

Behind the Scenes


The Neohi Magia's name is derived from Neohibolites, an extinct genus of cephalopods.




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