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Neo Baron (ネオ・バロン Neo Baron) was a group formed in the year 2015 as an offshoot of the Team Baron Beat Rider team. It was formed and led by Shura, an exiled member of Team Baron.[1]

The group organizes underground street fights in their base, with the winner receiving a blank Zakuro Lockseed from Shura.


Approximately one year after Kaito Kumon's death, Shura formed Neo Baron to carry on Kaito's goal in creating a world where only the strong can survive. Neo Baron's affiliation with Black Bodhi granted them Sengoku Drivers and Lockseeds as well as the proposal of Saver System. When Zack was out in New York, Shura recruited Peko to host fights. When winners emerged, Shura rewarded them with blank Zakuro Lockseeds, earning them membership. After Zack returned from New York, Shura pitted him a fight against one of the Neo Baron brutes, if he wanted to leave with Peko alive. Zack won, but Peko didn't want to leave. Shura couldn't allow Zack to leave alive, so he sent men after him, with the interruption of Oren Pierre Alfonzo and Hideyasu Jonouchi, and later Mitsuzane Kureshima. Shura sent two men with Sengoku Drivers after Zack. After Shura's defeat by Zack, Neo Baron is possibly disbanded after being exposed to have been acquaintance to one of Yggdrasill's evil remnants through black market.



  • This "team" is the only one that is not a Beat Rider team, but rather a criminal gang.
  • The possession of blank Zakuro Lockseeds in Neo Baron may imply an unknown relation with Black Bodhi, an antagonist cult group appearing in Kamen Rider Gaim Gaiden: Kamen Rider Duke.


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