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The Neo Amazons Register (ネオアマゾンズレジスター Neo Amazonzu Rejisutā), is an armlet like item produced by Nozama Pharmacy. It is the successor of the Amazons Register and was built sometime in the five years period after Operation Tlaloc. The only known users of this Register type are Iyu Hoshino/Crow Amazon and Chihiro/Amazon Neo.

In Chihiro's case, it is used for its primary function, which is to continuously inject suppressant drugs against Amazon cells, thus reducing an Amazon's desire for human hunger. A slightly upgraded version of this Register, which is capable to inject even more doses of said drugs, is given to him following his increasing urge to eat humans, though he refused due to him not facing the truth of being an Amazon. QUO VADIS? Iyu doesn't need the Register for this function as Sigma Type Amazons are incapable of feeding on their own.

In Iyu's case, the Register serves as a transformation device. By pressing the beak of her Register, turning the eye color from blue to red, she can transform into her Amazon form. Iyu's Register also contains a program termed YBR19 by Yugo Tachibana, which when activated, would begin to slowly destroy her body. This program was implemented to dispose of Iyu in case she deviated from her original purpose.



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