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"Neo/New Omega!"
―Transformation announcement[src]

"(Blade/Needle/Claw) Loading!"
―Weapon summon announcement[src]

"Amazon (attack)!"
―Finisher announcement[src]

The Transformation Belt Neo Amazons Driver (変身ベルト ネオアマゾンズドライバー Henshin Beruto Neo Amazonzu Doraibā) is the successor to the original Amazons Driver used by Kamen Rider Amazon Neo, Amazon New Omega, and Amazon Neo Alpha to transform in the second season of the web series Kamen Rider Amazons. [1]


It was a belt developed throughout the last 5 years since Operation Tlaloc to further enhance the abilities of an Amazon, with the intention of replacing the original Amazons Driver. One notable characteristic of such enhancement is encasing the Amazon wearer in technological armor.


Unlike the original Amazons Driver, the Neo Amazons Driver requires a special syringe-like device known as the Amazons Injector (アマゾンズインジェクター Amazonzu Injekutā)[2] which contains a special protein solution that activates the Amazon Cells.

To transform into an Amazon Rider, the user must wear the driver first, then insert an Amazons Injector in the slot holder provided in the belt, raise the slot holder and press the button on the Amazons Injector to inject the content to the belt, making the belt's 'eye' glow according to the Injector's content color and announcing the Rider name of said user. Then, following by a glow on the user's eyes and shouting 'AMAZON!', the user can transform into either Amazon Neo or Amazon New Omega.

To equip a weapon, the person must press the Injector's button once more. There are a total of three weapons that could be equipped. A blade for melee attacks, a wired claw and a needle gun for ranged attacks.

Despite the shape and function of all known Neo Drivers look identical (save for the injector content and 'eye' color), it is not known whether Amazons Riders can exchange Neo Drivers.


To initiate a finisher, the user must push the slot holder downwards before raise the slot holder again.

  • Amazon Slash: Amazon Neo's finisher.
  • Amazon Punish: Amazon New Omega's finisher.
  • Amazon Strike: Amazon Neo and Amazon New Omega's Rider Kick.
  • Amazon Break: Finisher with weapon equipped.

Users (chronological order)

User Transformation Episode Obtained Description
Kamen Rider Amazon Neo
NEO Chihiro had been supplied with a Neo Amazons Driver by 4C an unknown amount of time before the start of the series, which he used to transform into Kamen Rider Amazon Neo and be in control of himself while fighting. It is unknown what happened to this Driver after Chihiro's death.
Haruka Mizusawa
Kamen Rider Amazon New Omega
VANISHING WINGS Haruka was given a second Neo Amazons Driver acquired it from an unknown source by Makoto Shido, and used it to upgrade his Amazon form, becoming Kamen Rider Amazon New Omega.

Haruka's Driver is later destroyed in a battle with Amazon Neo Alpha.

Einosuke Mido
Kamen Rider Amazon Neo Alpha
Kamen Rider Amazons: The Last Judgement Einosuke is supplied with a Neo Amazons Driver and the Militant Amazons Register by Yugo Tachibana in order to defend his Amazon livestock.



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