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National Security Bureau Section Zero

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National Security Bureau Section Zero (国家安全局0課 Kokka Anzenkyoku Zero-ka), often shorted as Section 0 (0課 Zero-ka), is a branch of the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department, secretly investigating Kamen Rider Wizard and the Phantoms while keeping the knowledge of them from the public. Masanori Kizaki is a member.


Kizaki was originally partnered to Katayama around the time of the Sabbath, learning of the Phantoms' existence while investigating mass disappearances. He promised his senior partner that he would protect his son Naoki when Katayama tried to stop the Phantom Gargoyle. Though he originally saw Haruto to be no different from the Phantoms, abducting Wajima to commission his services in creating a Wizard Ring, Kizaki became an ally when he saved Naoki and gave the Kamen Rider the Magic Stone that is later made into the Hurricane Dragon and Thunder Rings. National Security Agency's Section Zero The Promise to Defend

After Haruto and his friends encountered Kosuke Nitoh, who was revealed to be the ancient magician, Beast, Rinko asked if Kizaki had looked into it, only to find out that Section Zero didn't seem to know about this other magician yet. The Magic of Food

Later, he sent Haruto and Rinko to investigate the missing hairdresser named Sora Takigawa, the Phantom Gremlin's human identity. The Reverse Side of a Popular Model

When he was about to search for a man named Fueki, he found out his true identity by combining the related incidents of the Phantoms and Magicians. However, he was kidnapped by someone. A Magician's Fate However, it is revealed to be the White Wizard himself who ambushed. Kizaki was later retrieved and left in a coma at hospital's ICU. The White Wizard's Secret

Kizaki was then awakened from his coma and gave Haruto the information about Fueki's plan and his address. The Philosopher's Stone (episode) After the final battle, he accepted Mayu Inamori into Section Zero at Rinko's recommendation. The Last Hope

Sometime later, Section Zero learned of possible new Phantom incursion. Kizaki, Rinko, and Kosuke, investigated and found an abandoned hideout of Fueki. For protection, they were accompanied by the three Kamen Rider Mages: Mayu, Yuzuru Iijima, and Masahiro Yamamoto. There they discovered the artificial Phantoms which he had created, setting off a trap which animated trio of said Carbuncle Phantoms, releasing them from their incubation chambers. The freshly-animated artificial phantoms were little more than feral creatures, serving as guard dogs over the hideout. The three Mages came to defend the detectives and Kosuke. The trio of Mages fought against them before the sudden arrival of a mysterious man who revealed himself to be the cannibalistic Phantom, Ogre, proceeding to devour one of the Carbuncles, gaining the ability to launch Magic Stones from his body as projectiles from the artificial Phantom. Kizaki and the others were then escorted to safety by the Mages as Ogre consumed the other two Carbuncle copies. Kamen Rider Wizard: The Promised Place

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