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Naoto Ichimori (市森直人 Ichimori Naoto) is a prosecutor who is hired by ZAIA Japan to compete against Bengoshi Bingo.


Naoto is a prosecutor who is hired by ZAIA Enterprise as ZAIA representative to compete in the Workplace Competition on the "Court Trial" Challenge as Victim's prosecutor against Bingo Bengoshi who was Yuto Sakaki's Lawyer. Naoto and Bingo then argued with their different opinions. However, Naoto didn't know that his ZAIA Spec had disappeared so he came to Gai Amatsu's place to buy a new ZAIA Spec. When Aruto alongside Izu and Bingo arrive at Gai Amatsu's office and asking Naoto about the ZAIA Spec that was dropped by Dynamaiting Lion Raider, Naoto was accused by Bingo that Naoto is the Dynamaiting Lion Raider who attacked him, but Naoto soon denied the allegations by saying that he is not Dynamaiting Lion Rider as Naoto told them that his ZAIA Spec is missing and decide to buy a new one while Bingo shocked that Naoto said the truth about his missing ZAIA Spec and Dynamaiting Lion Raider.

In the rematch round, Naoto saw the evidence that was shown by Bingo about the truth and start asking questions to Bingo about the evidence but was stopped by Fuwa who caught the real perpetrator who was behind the marriage scam case which is Masuji Narusawa, a police officer who target Yuto as a person accused of being the perpetrator of marriage scam. Later, Naoto detached his ZAIA Spec from his glasses and applauds Bingo after he had succeeded to prove the innocence of his client. He then told Aruto that he acknowledging Humagear, and admitted that he has a distaste for ZAIA, discarding the device as he had decided he would return it regardless of whether he won or lost the competition.


Naoto is a complete calm individual and do his job on just. His calm even goes far to not go panic after his ZAIA Spec was stolen and stated his innocent towards Bingo.

Naoto so far is the only ZAIA representative to acknowledge the existence of Humagear as he applause Bingo after he had succeeded to prove the innocence of his client. Not only just acknowledging Humagear, Naoto also already admitted that he has a dislike for ZAIA, showing that he easily discard the device and just think of it as the representation sign during competition even said that he would have returned it otherwise after he won or lose the competition.

Behind the Scenes


Naoto Ichimori is portrayed by Roy Kishima (希志真ロイ Kishima Roi).


  • Unlike Rentaro Tachibana & Tatsumi Arayashiki before him, Naoto is the first ZAIA Enterprise representive of the Workplace Competition to not become a Raider.
    • He is so far the only ZAIA representative who didn't have any ill feelings towards Humagears, didn't attempt to cheat, and did not harass their opponent.



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