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Nanako Shimada (島田 奈々子 Shimada Nanako) is a 23 year old systems engineer and web-site designer of the ORE Journal. She's quite talented, adores computers and gets along better with them than with humans. She also has a slight crush on Shinji.

Shimada has shown some peculiar habits like going to the amusement park by herself spending her night with a large stuffed doll before getting kidnapped, as well as taking particular offense being called a 'second-rate' systems engineer by Jun Shibaura, plotting revenge and taking back control of ORE Journal's computer system. Shimada is fond of naming her precious computers, her precious Amirilyis was decimated by a computer virus, and White Milky was taken by new Ore Journal recruit, Megumi Asano, though they later forms a bond, spending time together, specifically stalking Shuichi Kitaoka.

While taking pictures of her pet chameleon, Shimada noticed the presence of a Mirror Monster in the photograph, leading to Ore Journal's publication of an article about it.

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