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"I am a Humagear, but not a tool!"

Naki ( Naki, lit. "Death") is a System Engineer-Type Humagear and a founding member of MetsubouJinrai.net. They originally worked for Gai Amatsu, but was destroyed and had their consciousness uploaded into the A.I. chip implanted in Isamu Fuwa, sharing his ability to become Kamen Rider Vulcan (仮面ライダーバルカン Kamen Raidā Barukan).

With the help of Yua Yaiba and Jin, Naki was given a new body as part of MetsubouJinrai.net's revival and reassembled under Ark as the independent Kamen Rider Naki (仮面ライダーナキ[亡] Kamen Raidā Naki).

By the end of the series, Naki is later recruited into A.I.M.S. by Yua Yaiba, now serving as the squad's second technical advisor.

Sometime later, Naki's body was destroyed when they and their comrades became Kamen Rider MetsubouJinrai (仮面ライダー滅亡迅雷 Kamen Raidā MetsubōJinrai), with their minds trapped in the process.


Daybreak Town Accident

Naki was originally a System Engineer-Type Humagear that was created and manufactured by Hiden Intelligence, but Gai Amatsu & ZAIA Japan erased Naki's memories. 12 years ago, Naki, alongside with Horobi, Jin, and Ikazuchi were hacked by the newly activated Ark and created MetsubouJinrai.net, with their goal to wiping out humanity aligning with The Ark's own. Horobi and Jin were re-activated in Daybreak Town, and Ikazuchi, as Raiden, was assigned to maintain Satellite Zea by Hiden Intelligence while secretly acting as MetsubouJinrai.net's sleeper agent. I'll Save the Humagears

Naki, as the Mysterious Hooded Person

As for Naki, they would remain active, working under Gai Amatsu and providing him with intel. They also recovered an additional Forceriser and gave it to Horobi, who then used it on Jin so that he could transform into a Kamen Rider. As Project Thouser neared completion, Naki slowly began to disagree with Gai, leaking information about the Gigers to Horobi and giving him the Amazing Hercules Progrisekey. After Naki meets up with Gai again, questions his belief that Humagears are tools and how Humagears can co-exist with humans in peace, he suddenly shoots them with a revolver and kills them for their defiance. Naki's A.I. is somehow preserved and is installed into Isamu Fuwa's A.I. chip some time after his defeat and near-death experience by Horobi. Project Thouser

Creating the Raiders

While controlling Isamu, Naki appeared and stole both a Raidriser and the Crushing Buffalo Progrisekey from ZAIA Japan during the Flower Arrangement Challenge. Naki approached Rentaro Tachibana and put the Raidriser on his waist, while also giving him the Crushing Buffalo Progrisekey so he could get his revenge on Sakuyo Ichirin. Although Isamu questioned Horobi, he simply hinted it is the work of a "deceased" comrade of his. This is My Floristry

Next, Naki were seen approaching Tatsumi Arayashiki, who was unaware of their presence, and put a Raidriser on his waist while suggesting he use the Splashing Whale Progrisekey to get his revenge on Smile SumidaShe is a Home-Selling Humagear

Although Naki was not seen again after the rampage of the Splashing Whale Raider, Naki likely gave the Raidriser and Dynamaiting Lion Progrisekey to Masuji Narusawa, as well as the Storming Penguin Progrisekey to Teruo Nikaido off-screen. He Still Didn't Do It I'm in Love With Your Intelligence!

Freeing Horobi and Aiding Thouser

After Jin was restored, he and Naki, while controlling Isamu, infiltrated A.I.M.S. and freed Horobi, with Naki working to deactivate the surveillance cameras. While Jin returned with Horobi to Daybreak Town, Naki did not follow them. It's Our TurnI'll Save the Humagears

Naki controlling Fuwa's body

It was later revealed that due to an A.I. chip implanted into Isamu's head, Naki has been controlling Isamu's body, interacting in the real world through him, creating Raiders and aiding Jin in freeing Horobi. My Rap Changes the World!

While Isamu was struggling with trauma and denial after learning the truth, Naki controlled him as Vulcan Assault Wolf, as they interrupted the duel and helped Thouser in defeating Zero-One. Our Dreams Don't Break

Retaliation against Thouser

Naki transforms into RampageVulcan, together with Isamu

During an assault on HIDEN Manufacturing, Yua snagged  Isamu's Shotriser, forcing him to transform into Vulcan Assault Wolf, and made Naki forcibly resurface to attack Delmo, a fashion model Humgear. While Zero-One fought the Naki-controlled Vulcan, Jin showed up in the nick of time, and was quick to take them away to Daybreak Town in MetsubouJinrai.net's base.

Later on, Naki made their way to the fashion show site where they are recognized by Aruto and Izu. They desperately ask Izu to tell them whether or not Humagears could have dreams. Izu, Delmo and Aruto all tell them that having a dream was fine, with Aruto telling them that Humagears were not tools.

As Naki contemplates on Aruto's words, Isamu manages to take control again.  Due to a mishap later on, Isamu was captured by Horobi and Jin while looking for Delmo, again making Naki resurface. Standing alongside Thouser and the Fighting Jackal Raider, Gai ordered the Naki-controlled Vulcan to destroy Zero-One.

However, Naki remembered Aruto and Jin's kind words, and resolved to find a dream of their own despite not fully understanding what that means. At the same time, they vowed to help other Humagears pursue their own dreams. Syncing their consciousness with that of Isamu's, they put their differences aside and work together to beat back Thouser.


While Isamu was thinking about Gai's words about his false past of the Daybreak Town Accident, Yua Yaiba, now defected from ZAIA Japan, showed up and, after talking a little about Isamu's true past, knocked him out with a chop to the neck. At MetsubouJinrai.net's base, Yua worked to remove Naki from Isamu's A.I chip (and even knocked him out again with the same trick), though Jin was unsure if Isamu would survive the extraction process. When the process was completed, Naki, now in a new physical body, restated their loyalty to MetsubouJinrai.net. This is the Path of Destruction

Azu's Singularity Test

Naki and Azu

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Becoming a Kamen Rider

Naki with the Forceriser

After all members of MetsubouJinrai.net assemble, The Ark (while in Jin's body) creates the Japanese Wolf Zetsumerisekey and a new Forceriser, with the satellite giving both items to Naki. Naki then encounters Gai Amatsu in Hiden Intelligence's parking lot, showing the Dodo Zetsumerisekey in their possession. Surprised by this, Gai demanded that the Zetsumerisekey was to be returned to him immediately, but was stopped by Ikazuchi. They then transform into Kamen Rider Naki for the first time, and used their speed to tear Gai's clothes apart, as the latter didn't know about the existence of a new Zetsumerisekey. Naki also explained to Gai about the rise of the Ark, before they and Ikazuchi left the building.

Later, Naki and the other members of MetsubouJinrai.net came together face-to-face with Gai and the Battle Raiders after they rendered the entire A.I.M.S. squad unconscious. They then all transform to battle both Gai and Battle Raiders, defeating them with ease.

Joining A.I.M.S.

Naki joins A.I.M.S.

After the war between humans and Humagears was successfully averted, Naki was invited by Yua to join A.I.M.S., to which they accepted. They were later introduced to their fellow members as their latest member, as well as their second Tech Advisor.

Movies and other events

Kamen Rider Zero-One: REAL×TIME

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Zero-One Others: Kamen Rider MetsubouJinrai

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Video Game appearances

Kamen Rider Battle: Ganbarizing

Kamen Rider Naki and vulcan Assault Wolf is a playable character in Kamen Rider Battle: Ganbarizing alongside with many other Kamen Riders.

Battle Spirits

Kamen Rider Naki in battle spirits

Kamen Rider Naki appear with other Kamen Riders and Monsters in Battle Spirits.



As part of Kamen Rider's collaboration with Zenonzard, cards from Zero-One, OOO, and W were available in the Japanese servers throughout September 2020.

  • Naki Cards Included
    • Kamen Rider Naki Japanese Wolf (Rare)


"Fuwa's futon has flown away softly. (不破布団フワッとふっ飛んだ。 Fuwa no futon ga fuwatto futtonda.) Yes. It must be Aruto."
―Naki telling one of Aruto's jokes[src]

Before appearing in the series, Naki appears to have an identity crisis, mainly due to their conflict about where their loyalties lie. Despite being a member of MetsubouJinrai.net, Naki seemed to have doubts about Horobi's goals as well as Gai's own, even questioning whether or not they were simply a tool. It is unknown whether or not Naki still has such feelings as they were gunned down and possibly reprogrammed after voicing such thoughts to Gai. Project Thouser 

After Naki's revival, they seemed to be fully dedicated in exterminating humanity, in accordance to the Ark's will. But despite this, Naki seems to show appreciation to their host Isamu and Yua for removing the A.I. from him and switching it to a Humagear body, and shows their gratitude by imitating one of Aruto's jokes to Isamu, which (to Yua's surprise) makes him laugh uncontrollably.



  • ZAIA Japan Server Access: After their revival, because they served Gai Amatsu before being shot dead by him, they know the systems of ZAIA Japan extremely well, thus having the ability to hack the network of all the systems that ZAIA Japan uses for their products and weapons, such as making ZAIA Spec users go berserk. Gai tried to prevent this from happening again by upgrading the security of ZAIA Japan's systems, but this later proved futile by Naki's hacking ability once more when all of the Battle Raiders and Gigers either stopped functioning or turned against him.


Kamen Rider Naki

Kamen Rider Naki

Kamen Rider Naki with Nihon Ookaminotsume

"Forcerise! Japanese Wolf! Break down."
―Transformation announcement[src]

Rider Statistics:[2]

  • Rider Height: 191.5 cm
  • Rider Weight: 94.2 kg

Ability Parameters:[2]

  • Punching Power: 26.2 t
  • Kicking Power: 51.6 t
  • Maximum Jump Height: 33.7 m
  • Maximum Running Speed: 100 m per 2.0 seconds

Naki transforms into Kamen Rider Naki by using the Japanese Wolf Zetsumerisekey in the MetsubouJinrai Forceriser.

In this form, Naki is skilled at electronic warfare and hacking. They can also destroy targeted enemy sensors in order to ambush them. In battle, they use their the agility to perform a rapid series of attacks. Their arms are equipped with retractable claws named the Nihon Ookaminotsume (ニホンオオカミノツメ lit. "Japanese Wolf Claws”).[3]

Compared to Vulcan Assault Wolf, Naki has marginally higher punching power and jump height as well as equal running speed, but lower kicking power. However, they are still able to hold off Thouser.

Naki lost access to this form when the Japanese Wolf Zetsumerisekey was heavily damaged alongside Fuwa's Shotriser after they lent it to him. However, it was repaired by the time of the conflict with Lyon Arkland, allowing Naki to transform again.

Kamen Rider Naki's suit is composed of the following parts:

  • Japanese Wolf Head (ニホンオオカミヘッド Nihon Ookami Heddo) - The helmet.
    • Japanese Wolf Ear (ニホンオオカミイヤー Nihon Ookami Iyā) - Naki's extended hearing sensor. It has an excellent tracking function by sound pattern detection, and can capture up to 16 targets simultaneously within a radius of 7km.
    • Japanese Wolf Goggles (ニホンオオカミゴーグル Nihon Ookami Gōguru) - Naki's facial armor. The armor that protects the face is equipped with a visual device and a hearing device to enhance its high-speed fighting ability.
    • Japanese Wolf Signal (ニホンオオカミシグナル Nihon Ookami Shigunaru) - The control device. The system operation status of the whole body is monitored from time to time to control energy allocation. Further, when the shock or the damage accumulated exceeding the expected damage level exceeds the limit, the wear is absorbed by releasing the wear to protect the wearer.
    • Crest Server (クレストサーバ Kuresuto Sāba) - The memory device. Has the role of collectively storing and managing data. The built-in data is converted by a special encryption technology, but a mechanism that destroys the stored data when it is physically separated works. This keeps the secret even if the enemy destroys it.
    • Japanese Wolf Scope (ニホンオオカミスコープ Nihon Ookami Sukōpu) - The visual device. By switching modes such as shading and night vision, the visibility is secured under all circumstances. In addition to this, it has a function of visualizing electromagnetic movements, and makes it clear where traps are by recognizing movements and movements that are originally invisible such as radio waves.
    • Hearing Back (ヒアリングバック Hiaringu Bakku): Naki's hearing device. Hearing information is communicated to the wearer through the Restraint Cables.
  • Main Blocker (メインブロッカー Mein Burokkā) - The chest armor. The data image Lost Model (ロストモデル Rosuto Moderu) of the extinct species that is overloaded is forcibly installed. In addition to the structure with low observability, it gives the wearer the high agility of the Lost Model of the Japanese wolf. This makes it possible to perform covert actions alone, including invasion of bases and sabotage.
  • Lazarotech Suit (ラザロテックスーツ Razarotekku Sūtsu): Naki's base suit. It protects the user from corrosive liquids with a special fabric called Texta Wall (テキスタウォール Tekisuta Wōru) that has extremely low breathability and permeability. It also keeps the internal pressure higher than the external pressure by being airtight. In addition, its materials have high insulation and it has the role of preventing malfunction of internal equipment due to the intense blizzards that Naki produces.
  • Howling Echo (ハウリングエコー Hauringu Ekō): The compound communication device. A collection of powerful electronic devices that can simultaneously operate a large number of radars, communication devices, and sensors to collect all kinds of information. In addition, it can be wirelessly connected to various external devices and can be operated by hacking. In addition, by utilizing the special electromagnetic wave control ability, and analyzing the types of electromagnetic waves used by the target, they are good at electronic attacks such as disruption of radar waves and communication, deception of sensors and misidentification of targets.
  • Force Arm (フォースアーム Fōsu Āmu): Naki's arms. By receiving the energy generated by the MetsubouJinrai Forceriser, the wearer's strength is increased by approximately 4.8 times.
  • Force Grab (フォースグラブ Fōsu Gurabu): The Lazarotech Suit's gloves. They increase grip strength and tactile sensitivity by a factor of approximately 3 by receiving the energy generated by the MetsubouJinrai Forceriser. In addition, the fingertips are protected by sharp armor and function as a blizzard release device supplied by the Arm Stranger.
  • Force Leg (フォースレッグ Fōsu Reggu): Naki's legs. By receiving the energy generated by the MetsubouJinrai Forceriser, the wearer's leg strength is increased by approximately 6.4 times.
  • Chain Blocker (チェインブロッカー Chein Burokkā): Naki's segmented body armor. The "Lost Model" of the overloaded Zetsumerisekey is forcibly attached to it. By protecting the parts of the body that are subject to impact with thick armor and cutting unnecessary armor, the total protection capacity is maximized while at the same weight. The Chain Blocker's arrangement allows it to easily move according to the wearer's movements.
  • Arm Stranger (アームストレンジャー Āmu Sutorenjā): Naki's arm armor. The Lost Model of the overloaded Zetsumerisekey is forcibly attached to it.
  • Leg Stranger (レッグストレンジャー Reggu Sutorenjā): Naki's leg armor. The Lost Model of the overloaded Zetsumerisekey is forcibly attached to it. It protects the legs and improves running speed and kicking power. In addition, by utilizing the strength of the armor, it enables activities in extreme environments that humans cannot set foot in.
  • Restraint Cable (レストランケーブル Resutoran Kēburu): Cables running through all parts of the body that transmit energy and information from the MetsubouJinrai Forceriser. In addition, taking advantage of their high toughness and ability to expand and contract freely, they have the role of constraining the utilized Zetsumerisekey's Lost Model and tightly binding it to the wearer.

This form has the following finishers:

  • Forceriser finishers:
    • Zetsumetsu Dystopia (ゼツメツディストピア Zetsumetsu Disutopia): Naki runs to the enemy and performs a series of rapid kicks, followed by a single, stronger kick after a brief pause.
    • Zetsumetsu Utopia (ゼツメツユートピア Zetsumetsu Yutopia):

Appearances: Zero-One Episodes 37, 39, Kamen Rider Zero-One: Final Stage, Zero-One Others: Kamen Rider MetsubouJinrai

Assault Wolf

Assault Wolf

"Shotrise! Ready, go! Assault Wolf! No chance of surviving."
―Transformation announcement[src]

Rider Statistics:[4]

  • Rider Height: 199.7 cm
  • Rider Weight: 119.6 kg

Ability Parameters:[4]

  • Punching Power: 25.7 t
  • Kicking Power: 57.8 t
  • Maximum Jump Height: 32.4 m
  • Maximum Running Speed: 100 m per 2.0 seconds

Assault Wolf (アサルトウルフ Asaruto Urufu) is Vulcan's super form accessed by using the Assault Wolf Progrisekey with the Assault Grip attached in the A.I.M.S. Shotriser. Naki uses this form while possessing Isamu Fuwa.

In this form, Vulcan has higher punching power and running speed than Zero-One in Shining Hopper, but marginally lower kicking power and significantly lower jump height. In addition to physical strength, the armor covering most of Vulcan's body gives him remarkable defense, allowing him to withstand Ikazuchi's attacks without flinching.

Naki lost access to this form after their A.I was extracted from Isamu's A.I chip and transferred into a new body.

Assault Wolf is composed of the following parts:

  • AW Head (AWヘッド AW Heddo) - The helmet.
    • Assault Signal (アサルトシグナル Asaruto Shigunaru) - Vulcan Assault Wolf control device. The base armor “Assault Actor” makes adjustments to adapt to the Assault Wolf Progress key from time to time, maximizing its ability.
    • AW Border (AWボーダー AW Bōdā) - Vulcan Assault Wolf face special armor. Equipped with an extended auditory sensor and radar system, it has excellent search performance. Moreover, the obtained information is sent to the battle assistance device “Orbital Binder” on the chest at any time.
    • Wolf Border Ears (ウルフボーダーイヤー Urufu Bōdā Iyā) - The AW border extended auditory sensor. It has an excellent tracking function based on sound pattern detection and can capture up to 16 targets simultaneously within a radius of 7 km. On the right side, there is a dedicated antenna for communicating with a specific partner through a secret line with an increased security level.
    • AW Border Hair (AWボーダーヘアー AW Bōdā Heā) - The AW border radar system. This is a type of reflector antenna that forms a beam by applying radio waves to the panel. By changing the angle of the panel, the antenna pattern can be changed and all peripheral information can be collected.
    • AW Face (AWフェイス AW Feisu) - AW border special mask. Although a special filter is built in, it can take in the atmosphere, but it will not be submerged even under water pressure of 200m at the maximum.
    • Vulcan Optical Visor (バルカンオプティカルバイザー Barukan Oputikaru Baizā) - The blue compound eyes. In addition to the dynamic visual acuity enhanced by eight times that of humans and a viewing angle of 160 degrees in all directions, visibility is ensured under all conditions by switching modes such as shading and night vision. An “assault scope” is installed on the left side, and the focal length is increased by a factor of seven. It also functions as an optical sighting device by synchronizing with various parts and arms such as the A.I.M.S. Shotriser via the chest “orbital binder”.
    • Base Act Head (ベースアクトヘッド Bēsu Akuto Heddo) - The overall helmet. It is part of the Rise Base Actor. It is composed of Zain Ceramic (ザインセラミック Zain Seramikku) armor and is reinforced with a laminated exterior. It is equipped with many sensors. Furthermore, it is highly adaptable, able to change its abilities according to what Progrisekey is used.
    • Assault Act Communicator (アサルトアクトコミュニケーター Asaruto Akuto Komyunikētā) - The communication device. Arranged on the left and right sides of the Assault Wolf Head, it integrates wireless communication devices and speakerphones to centralize communication with the outside.
  • Assault Actor (アサルトアクター Asaruto Akutā) - The bodysuit; more specifically the silver areas. A human-type armament strengthening system that combines a hardened steel (「ZIA209-03」) with composite armor reinforcement and power assist with superconducting actuators and artificial muscles.
  • Orbital Binder (オービタルバインダー Ōbitaru Baindā) - The combat assist device on the chest. It incorporates a system that uses artificial intelligence to support combat. The information from each part sensor is shared, and the support for maximizing the efficiency of a series of operations including the firearm from search, capture, tracking to attack of the target is performed. This greatly improves the fighting power and increases the success rate of independent operations. However, the burden on the wearer due to the pursuit of the ability of the Assault Wolf Program key to the limit by eliminating safety devices and life support devices for the wearer that should be originally provided is not considered.
  • AW Breast (AWブレスト AW Buresuto) - The chest armor. The armor is layered to enable independent operation and strengthened with an irregular matrix frame. It also has a multi-lock laser that captures and tracks multiple targets simultaneously, improving target visibility and accuracy in dark places.
  • AW Arm (AWアーム AW Āmu) - The arms. Compared to the Kamen Rider Vulcan's Wolf Arm, agility and responsiveness are greatly enhanced for assault, and high potential of the wearer is required for use. In addition, it synchronizes the sighting device via the “Orbital Binder” on the chest to improve the accuracy of weapons and fighting.
  • AW Shoulder (AWショルダー AW Shorudā) - The shoulder armor. Multi-layered armor is equipped with “howling over” that can counteract the reaction of shooting and fighting with reaction, reducing the impact. It also has weapon bays and stores various weapons such as micro missiles.
  • AW Gauntlet (AWガントレット AW Gantoretto) - The gauntlets attached to the forearms. Hard points are provided for hanging weapons, and armaments such as submachine guns can be selected and equipped according to the needed tactics.
  • AW Grab (AWグラブ AW Gurabu) - The armor gloves. Compared to the Kamen Rider Vulcan's Wolf Glove, the paw pad connector on the palm of the hand synchronizes the aiming device via the A.I.M.S. Shotriser and the “Orbital Binder” on the chest to improve the accuracy of shooting.
  • AW Leg (AWレッグ AW Reggu) - The leg units. . The multi-layered armor is equipped with a gyro-stabilizer and weapon bay for posture stabilization, and stores various weapons such as micro missiles.
  • AW Greave (AWグリーブ AW Gurību) - The lower shin armor. By receiving the energy supplied by the A.I.M.S. Shotriser, the legs of the wearer are strengthened, and the running power, jumping power and kicking power are improved. It also synchronizes the sighting device via the chest Orbital Binder to improve the accuracy of hitting.
  • AW Boot (AWブーツ AW Būtsu) - The special armor boots. Adjustments specific to the impact performance have been made, and it also functions as an anchor for posture stabilization during shooting.
  • Shotriser finishers:
    • Magnetic Storm Blast (マグネティックストームブラースト Magunetikku Sutōmu Burāsuto): Vulcan fires an energy construct of a wolf’s head that bites down on the enemy and destroys them.

Appearances: Zero-One Episodes 29, 32



"Full Shotrise! Gathering Round! Rampage Gatling! Mammoth! Cheetah! Hornet! Tiger! Polar Bear! Scorpion! Shark! Kong! Falcon! Wolf!"
―Transformation announcement[src]

Rider Statistics:[5]

  • Rider Height: 199.9 cm
  • Rider Weight: 112.2 kg

Ability Parameters:[5]

  • Punching Power: 46.5 t
  • Kicking Power: 97.7 t
  • Maximum Jump Height: 61.2 m
  • Maximum Running Speed: 100 m per 0.9 seconds

RampageVulcan (ランペイジバルカン RanpeijiBarukan) is Vulcan's final form accessed by using the Rampage Gatling Progrisekey in the A.I.M.S. Shotriser. This form combines the power of 10 Progrisekeys, represented by their Rider Models being incorporated into the armor on the left half of their body. Naki can use this form alongside Isamu Fuwa when cooperating with him.

In this form, all of Vulcan's stats surpass Thouser and Jin Burning Falcon. They also have higher running speed, punching and kicking power than Zero-One MetalCluster Hopper, though the latter has a higher jump height.

Vulcan is able to use the powers of the 10 Progrisekeys incorporated into their armor in order to enhance their attacks, such as using Lightning Hornet to fire a swarm of energy hornets and Punching Kong to strengthen his punches. They are also able to use the Rider Models for non-combat abilities, such as flying with Flying Falcon or anchoring themselves to the ground with Breaking Mammoth.

Naki lost access to this form after their A.I was extracted from Isamu's A.I. chip and transferred into a new body.

RampageVulcan is composed of the following parts:

  • Rampage Head (ランペイジヘッド Ranpeiji Heddo) - The helmet.
    • Rampage Border (ランペイジボーダー Ranpeiji Bōdā) - The gold section on Vulcan's forehead area. It is equipped with many visual devices with telephoto functions, special masks to assist breathing depending on the situation, sensors such as extended hearing, and many radar systems. The information obtained here is immediately sent to "Ability Breast" on the chest.
    • Rampage Signal (ランペイジシグナル Ranpeiji Shigunaru) - The control device gem on the forehead. It adjusts the Rampage Actor to adapt to each ability at any time, maximizing its ability.
    • Rampage Border Ear (ランペイジボーダーイヤー Ranpeiji Bōdā Iyā) - The 'wolf ear' attached to the Wolf Border. They are sophisticated auditory devices that can track up to 26 targets simultaneously within a 5km radius by detecting their sound patterns.
    • Rampage Border Hair (ランペイジボーダーヘアー Ranpeiji Bōdā Heā) - The blue and gold 'hair' located on the right side. Each 'hair' panel houses a type of reflector antenna that forms a beam. By changing the angles of each hair panel, the antennae patterns can be changed as well, allowing Vulcan to collect a wide range of information on his surroundings.
    • Ability Border Hair (ランペイジボーダーヘアー Abiriti Bōdā Heā) - The light-blue and red 'hair' located on the left side. Each colored 'hair' corresponding to each Rider Model functions independently and has the role of adjusting the parameters of the ability and adjusting the output balance when the special technique is activated.
    • Rampage Face (ランペイジフェイス Ranpeiji Feisu) - The blue faceplate. In addition to the anti-poisoning function that removes impurities in the air during inhalation, the special labyrinth filter enables breathing in water. In addition, when flying at high altitude, a supercharger can be used to maintain the same oxygen supply as on the ground.
    • Rampage Optical Visor (ランペイジオプティカルバイザー Ranpeiji Oputikaru Baizā) - The blue compound eyes. It not only allows Vulcan to see at a 160° viewing angle at eight times the visual acuity of normal humans, but also allows him to see it in night vision or shading. Additionally, it functions as an optical sight by synchronizing with various parts and weapons such as the A.I.M.S. Shotriser via the “Ability Breast” on the chestplate.
    • Rampage Communicator (ランペイジアクトコミュニケーター Ranpeiji Komyunikētā) - The 'ears'/communication devices. Located to the left and right of the Rampage Head, it integrates wireless communication devices and speakers to communicate with outside forces.
  • Rampage Actor (ランペイジアクター Ranpeiji Akutā) - The bodysuit; more specifically the dark-grey areas. It is a humanoid armed reinforcement system that combines the exterior of the cemented steel "ZIA-1000" (「ZIA-1000」) reinforced with composite armor and power assist with superconducting actuators and artificial muscles. In addition, the A.I.M.S. Shotriser functions as a medium for expressing the capabilities of each Rider Model and is used when transforming into a Kamen Rider Vulcan. It has an allowable range and flexibility that can immediately respond to an increase or decrease in weight due to a change in inflow energy type such as super power or super speed that changes depending on the ability, or a density change.
    • Rampage Shoulder (ランペイジショルダー Ranpeiji Shorudā) - The blue right shoulder piece. It is equipped with a Howling Over (ハウリングオーバー Hauringu Obā) device that counteracts the recoil of a shot, reducing damage to Vulcan.
    • Rampage Arm (ランペイジアーム Ranpeiji Āmu) - The right arm. Through the A.I.M.S. Shotriser, the energy produced enhances the wearer's strength and maximizing agility, grip and punch. In addition, it has a built-in gyro stabilizer and has a function to stabilize all firearms.
    • Rampage Gauntlet (ランペイジガントレット Ranpeiji Gantoretto) - The right forearm armor. It contains carbide steel ZIA-1000 equipped with a sharp fighting blade Wearstream (ウェアストリーム Uea Sutorīmu) increases the destructive power during fighting as well as defense. In addition, the accuracy of hits such as punches is improved by using the sight through the ability breast during the fighting.
    • Rampage Grab (ランペイジグラブ Ranpeiji Gurabu) - The right hand. It is capable of fine finger movements, able to capture and lock on an enemy within 1/30 of a second. In addition, it is covered with a special armor made of carbide steel dubbed ZIA-1000 (「ZIA-1000」) in the shape of a wolf claw, allowing Vulcan an increase in destructive punching power.
    • Rampage Leg (ランペイジレッグ Rampeiji Reggu) - The right leg. Due to the energy from the Shotriser, it enhances the wearer's leg strength, maximizing running, jumping and kicking power. It also has a built-in gyro stabilizer to stabilize shooting and running postures from all positions.
    • Rampage Greave (ランペイジグリーブ Ranpeiji Gurību) - The lower right shin armor. It contains the ZIA-1000 alloy and the Wearstream blade. In addition, the accuracy of hits such as kicks is improved by using the sight through the ability breast during fighting.
    • Rampage Boot (ランペイジブーツ Ranpeiji Būtsu) - The right foot. It is covered with a special armor made of carbide steel dubbed ZIA-1000 (「ZIA-1000」) and the Wear Claw (ウェアクロー Uea Kurō), which not only increases the power of kicks, but also acts as a type of weight that allows Vulcan to remain stable when shooting. The claw also acts as an anchor when shooting.
  • Ability Wing (アビリティウィング Abiriti Uingu) - The wing stored on the left shouder. It contains the Falcon Rider Model, which grants flight through an energy interference field with the wings. Also, when the "Rampage Blast" is activated, it has a role to stabilize the posture by piercing the frame into the ground behind as an anchor to suppress the super strong recoil.
  • Ability Arm (アビリティアーム Abiriti Āmu) - The left arm, comprised of the Gorilla Rider Model, which increases the arm's strength, and Shark Rider Model, which enables it to cut through anything with energy-based constructs and reduce resistance in water to enable high-speed swimming.
  • Ability Gauntlet (アビリティガントレット Abiriti Gantoretto) - The left forearm armor and left hand. It contains the Scorpion Rider Model for poison generation through a telescoping piercing unit or a punch, the Tiger Rider Model for flame-based attacks, and the Polar Bear Rider Model for blizzard-based attacks.
  • Ability Leg (アビリティレッグ Abiriti Reggu) - The left leg. It contains both the Hornet Rider Model for lighting-based needle constructs for knee thrusts, and the Cheetah Rider Model for strengthening the leg and enabling enhanced speed to run 100m in 0.9 seconds.
  • Ability Boot (アビリティブーツ Abiriti Būtsu) - The left foot. It contains the Mammoth Rider Model, which adds ultra-high pressure to the kick.
  • Ability Breast (アビリティブレスト Abiriti Buresuto) - The chest armor, comprised of the Wolf Rider Model. It controls the operation of equipment including firearms from target search / capture / tracking to firing of bullets based on information from sensors in each part to maximize shooting efficiency. This is a re-dominated main ability, and the effect is spreading throughout the body.
  • Shotriser finishers:
    • Rampage Power Blast (ランペイジパワーブラスト Ranpeiji Pawā Burasuto): The emblems of the Punching Kong, Breaking Mammoth, and Biting Shark Progrisekeys combine with Vulcan's body. Vulcan forms the Punching Kong Rider Model's fist around his arm and uses it to smash the opponents projectile. The Breaking Mammoth Rider Model's leg then forms around Vulcan's own leg, which he uses to crush the opponent. Finally, the Biting Shark Rider Model rushes toward the opponent before Vulcan emerges from it and grabs them between his legs, which are covered in blue energy, eventually causing the enemy to be blasted backward.
This form is exclusive to Zero-One Episode 32.

Kamen Rider Ark-Zero

Kamen Rider Ark-Zero

"Arkrise! (terrified screaming and distorted voices) All Zero."
―Transformation announcement[src]

Rider Statistics:[6]

  • Rider Height: 196.0 cm
  • Rider Weight: 122.4 kg

Ability Parameters:[6]

  • Punching Power: 47.6 t
  • Kicking Power: 96.3 t
  • Maximum Jump Height: 73.1 m
  • Maximum Running Speed: 100 m per 0.8 seconds

The Ark can transform into Kamen Rider Ark-Zero (仮面ライダーアークゼロ Kamen Raidā Āku Zero) by possessing Naki and using the Ark Driver-Zero. Although Naki has never transformed into Ark-Zero in the TV Show, it is possible in Kamen Rider Battle: Ganbarizing.

Kamen Rider Ark-Zero is composed of the following parts:

  • Ark-Zero Head (アークゼロヘッド Āku Zero Heddo) - The helmet.
    • Zero Face (ゼロフェイス Zero Feisu): The face armor. It is equipped with an ultra-high-performance antenna and a visual/auditory device that are premised on AI processing. As for the shape, the minimum elements as a Kamen Rider are extracted based on statistical data, and rearranged efficiently.
    • Eclipse Eye (エクリプスアイ Ekuripusu Ai): The visual device on the right side. It is a collection of image sensors of different methods in a compound eye shape. By combining with image processing, various information such as thermography and X-ray photography can be extracted.
    • Zero Face Vision (ゼロフェイスビジョン Zero Feisu Bijon): The image information collection device on the left side. By invading the network, it collects video data from reconnaissance satellites, security cameras in the facility, AI-equipped devices such as Humagear. As a result, every place can have its own field of view.
    • Zero Face Ear (ゼロフェイスイヤー Zero Feisu Iyā): The voice information collection device. In addition to the auditory sensor that boasts a sound collection range of 10 km in radius, it will collect voice data from communication devices such as mobile phones and AI-equipped devices such as Humagear by entering the network. By filtering the collected data, any sound can be extracted and heard.
    • Zero Face Antennae (ゼロフェイスアンテナ Zero Feisu Antena): The single antennae. The directionality is changed according to the environment, and a smart antenna that can simultaneously send and receive multiple types of enormous information, such as communication with various electronic devices and radar function, is adopted. In addition to hacking various electronic devices from here, human control is performed using special interference waves that manipulate brain waves.
    • Ark Signal Zero (アークシグナル ゼロ Āku Shigunaru Zero): The red gem on the forehead. A control device for the Ark-Zero system. The forced interruption program "Prisonment Chain" (プリズメントチェイン Purizumento Chein) checks the operating efficiency and malfunctions by intervening in the control system of the human gear under control, and makes adjustments as necessary to bring out the limits of the functions.
  • Zero Chest Gear (ゼロチェストギア Zero Chesuto Gia): The chest armor. It possesses the Worm Terminal (ワームターミナル Wāmu Tāminaru) and the Restraint Cable (リストレントケーブル Risutorento Kēburu) that can penetrate into various devices with excellent penetrating power, allowing it to create a bypass path with a controlled Humagear. As a result, the efficiency of information transmission and the energy flow rate can be increased to enhance the function of the human gear from the inside.
  • Zero Tector (ゼロテクター Zero Tekutā): The powered bodysuit. Similar to Kamen Rider Zero-One's MetalCluster Hopper "Amalgamate Tector", the Zero Tector is formed by enclosing the target with liquid metal released from the Ark Driver-Zero. The special metal possesses excellent toughness and wear resistance is filled with fluid metal as it is, and functions as armor while maintaining flexibility.
  • Zero Shoulder Gear (ゼロショルダーギア Zero Shorudā Gia): The shoulder armor. One miniaturized particle accelerator is mounted on each shoulder. Each group shares the nuclei and electrons, accelerates to sublight speed, and supplies them to the "zero hand gear" of the hand part to form a part of the heavy charged particle cannon.
  • Marchinis Arm (マーキニースアーム Mākinīsu Āmu): The arms. It possesses the power cable "M string" (Mストリング M Sutoringu) from the Zero Tector is stretched around like a human nerve, and forcibly controls the arm of HumaGear from the outside. As a result, it becomes possible to exhibit high motility that exceeds the potential of the human gear placed under control.
  • Zero Hand Gear (ゼロハンドギア Zero Hando Gia): The gloves. The sharp armor of the fingertips "Spite Nail" (スパイトネイル Supaito Neiuru) has the function of generating attractive force by partially reversing the barrier deployed from the "Zero Thigh Gear" of the thigh, and strongly adsorbing all objects. Also, the irradiation shaping machine "Beam Equipper" (ビームエクイッパー Bīmu Ekuippā) is equipped on the palm, and various data such as attach weapons are materialized by modeling beam. In addition, this irradiation port can be used as a part of a heavy charged particle cannon that emits in a beam shape by synthesizing electrons and nuclei supplied from the Zero Shoulder Gear.
  • Zero Thigh Gear (ゼロサイギア Zero Saigia): The thigh armor. An energy barrier generator "Coulomb Generator" (クーロンジェネレーター Kūron Jenerētā) is built in and forms a coulomb barrier generated by manipulating electric charges on the armored surface of the whole body. This allows the physical attack to be dispelled by repulsive force.
  • Marchinis Leg (マーキニースレッグ Mākinīsu Reggu): The legs. The power cable "M-string" of the powered suit "Zero Tector" is stretched around like a human nerve, and forcibly controls the leg of the human gear from the outside. This makes it possible to activate a special move that boasts an astonishing destructive power that exceeds the potential of Huma Gear placed under control.
  • Zero Shin Gear (ゼロシンギア Zero Shin Gia): The shin armor. The internal energy condenser “Zero Annihilator” (ゼロアナイアレイター Zero Anaiareitā) has the role of temporarily storing the energy supplied from the Ark Driver-Zero when activating a special move, and discharging a large amount of energy at once.
  • Zero Foot Gear (アークゼロヘッド Zero Futto Gia): The boots. When the Special Move is activated, the anti-annihilation field can be expanded to convert the substance that becomes a resistance or obstacle into energy. This invalidates the physical defenses and at the same time improves the destructive power of the kick.

This form is exclusive to Kamen Rider Battle: Ganbarizing.

Kamen Rider MetsubouJinrai

Kamen Rider MetsubouJinrai

"Progrise! Connection! (Connection!) Complete! MetsubouJinrai! Quartet with Unified Will!"
―Transformation Announcement[src]

Rider Statistics

  • Rider Height:
  • Rider Weight:

Ability Parameters

  • Punching Power:
  • Kicking Power:
  • Maximum Jump Height:
  • Maximum Running Speed:

MetsubouJinrai (滅亡迅雷 MetsubōJinrai) is the fusion form of Kamen Riders Horobi, Naki, Jin, and Ikazuchi, accessed when all four members insert Massbrain Zetsumerisekeys into each of their MetsubouJinrai Drivers within Massbrain, with the physical Zetsumerisekey and Driver being worn by Jin. The transformation will then disable all four Humagears and materialize the Rider from their minds.

Due to the nature of the Massbrain Zetsumerisekey, this form is uncontrollable as the fusion creates a singular entity with a unique personality that takes control over the body and quickly suppresses the minds of all four of its users.

This form has two finishers:

  • Massbrain Impact (マスブレインインパクト Masuburein Inpakuto): Magenta energy wires appear in front of MetsubouJinrai and transfer to their arm, which is then covered in purple energy while a purple wire diagram appears behind them. MetsubouJinrai then delivers a punch to the enemy, with more energy wires appearing upon impact.
  • MetsubouJinrai Impact (滅亡迅雷インパクト MetsubōJinrai Inpakuto): MetsubouJinrai performs a flying kick covered in purple energy that produces a sonic boom and leaves behind sections of MetsubouJinrai.net's emblem. When the kick strikes the target, the pieces line up, forming the full image.

Appearances: Zero-One Others: Kamen Rider MetsubouJinrai, Zero-One Others: Kamen Rider Vulcan & Valkyrie




Suit-equipped weapons:



  • Horobi: Aside from being founding members of MetsubouJinrai.net, Naki freed Horobi from A.I.M.S' custody alongside Jin. Naki eventually devoted themselves to fulfilling Horobi's dream over Gai's.
  • Jin: They were both founding members of MetsubouJinrai.net and Naki worked together with Jin to free Horobi from custody.
  • Ikazuchi: When the Ark was revived, it fired a massive shockwave which severely damaged Naki. Ikazuchi was the one who came to Naki's aid, and personally oversaw their repair after the Ark's fight against Valkyrie and Jin.
  • Isamu Fuwa/Kamen Rider Vulcan: Naki was shown to mock and confuse Isamu when he was tracking them down, laughing at his rage and confusion. It is later revealed that Naki has been "possessing" Isamu's body on several occasions, handing around Raidrisers and stolen Progrisekeys to human victims. When Naki starts to have a change in heart, they later help Isamu defeat Thouser. After being rebuilt in a new body, they keep a civil relationship to Fuwa, and even manage to make Fuwa laugh uncontrollably by delivering a bad pun styled after one of Aruto's jokes. They later help Fuwa one more time by giving him their Zetsumerisekey to stop Aruto before their Zetsumerisekey and Fuwa's Shotriser were destroyed after got damaged badly during the battle.
  • Aruto Hiden/Kamen Rider Zero-One: Naki first meets Aruto while possessing Isamu. Aruto manages to convince Naki to have a dream, resulting in Naki betraying Gai after reaffirming that Gai sees them only as his tools. Naki also demonstrates an understanding of Aruto's sense of humor, as they are able to deliver a pun in his style to amuse Fuwa.
  • Yua Yaiba/Kamen Rider Valkyrie: Yua is the one responsible for creating Naki's new Humagear body in order to know more about Isamu's original past. They would later replace her as the new technical advisor for A.I.M.S. after the final battle between Aruto and Horobi.
  • Williamson Yotagaki : TBA


  • Gai Amatsu: Naki was initially Gai's loyal aide until Naki starts to develop Singularity and understand the meaning of being a tool. When Naki started to retaliate, Gai destroyed them and had their A.I Chip implanted in Isamu. After Naki's awakening, Jin made a quick move to make them return back to themselves during their retaliation towards Gai, making Gai completely give up on Naki as they side with Isamu.

Behind the scenes


Naki is portrayed by Satsuki Nakayama (中山咲月 Nakayama Satsuki). While possessing Isamu Fuwa, Naki was portrayed by Ryutaro Okada (岡田 龍太郎 Okada Ryutaro), while keeping Nakayama's voice. As Kamen Rider Naki, their suit actor is Yuichi Hachisuka (蜂須賀 祐一 Hachisuka Yūichi), who previously served as the suit actor for Kamen Rider Ixa (Yuri and Megumi Aso), and is best known as the suit actor for most female Sentai Rangers.

Concept Art


  • Like all MetsubouJinrai.net members, Kamen Rider Naki is themed on an exctinct species, here a Japanese Wolf.
  • Naki's name comes from the second kanji in the kanji for "MetsubouJinrai" (迅雷).
    • Like Horobi, Naki's name is read in the Kun'yomi-style "Naki" (なき), rather than the more conventional On'yomi-style "Bou" (ぼう).
    • Naki was name dropped in episode 18 by Horobi, where he said "One of our deceased comrades..." (今は亡き 我らの同志が... Ima wa naki warera no dōshi ga...), which also translates to "It's Naki, one of our comrades...".
  • Prior to episode 25, Naki was credited as the Mysterious hooded person (謎のフードの人物 Nazo no fūdo no jinbutsu).[7]
  • Similarly to both Ikazuchi and Horobi, Naki is also from the older generation of Humagears.
  • Naki is the second MetsubouJinrai.net member to cooperate with the heroes after Jin.
  • According to a blog post by Satsuki Nakayama, the actor does not consider Naki to be any gender like themselves. Nakayama also stated that Naki’s gender can be open to viewer interpretation.[8] Producer Takahito Omori would later confirm in an interview that it was decided not to give Naki a gender.[1]
  • Azu's result of Naki's singularity test is as follows:
    • They stand at 164 cm, which is their actor's actual height.
    • Their Humagear No. is 0188.
      • When reversed, Naki's number could be read as 8 ( ha) 8 ( ya) 10 ( te) (gale), referencing to one of their Rider forms themes being wind.
    • Their operating system is MBJR002, which makes them the second member of MetsubouJinrai.net.
  • Naki is the first genderless Kamen Rider in the entire franchise, not counting Finis as Another 1.

Kanji (visor color): Yellow, blue, green, and orange.
Katakana (primary suit colors): Violet, silver, magenta, red.

  • Before the official reveal of Kamen Rider Naki, the April 2020 issue of Televi-Kun foreshadowed Naki's suit being white/silver with blue eyes. The MetsubouJinrai.net members are shown with their names in kanji colored after their helmet visors and their names in katakana colored after their primary suit colors.
  • Kamen Rider Naki reuses Kamen Rider ZeroZero-One's undersuit, as well as slightly repainted versions of its boots, armbands, gloves and knee pads.
  • Naki's transformation pose traces out the Death () kanji.
  • Naki is the only MetsubouJinrai.net member to canonically not become Ark-Zero in the TV show, with them transforming into said Rider in Kamen Rider Battle: Ganbarizing.
  • Naki is the second rider to be based from an extinct animal and use a Zetsumerisekey to transform, the first being Ikazuchi.



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