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Naki (亡 [なき] lit. "Death")[2] is a member of who resurfaces during the Workplace Competition under the control Gai Amatsu to support ZAIA Enterprise Japan in its efforts against Hiden Intelligence.


Pre-Daybreak Town Accident

12 years ago, Naki, alongside with Horobi, Jin, and Raiden were created and manufactured by Hiden Intelligence before they were hacked by the newly activated Ark and creating with their own goal to wipe out humanity. Horobi and Jin were re-activated in Daybreak Town, Raiden was assigned to maintain Zea by Hiden Intelligence while secretly acting as MetsubouJinrai's Sleeper Agent, even though he was unaware of that, while Naki somehow provided them with technology such as the MetsubouJinrai Forceriser. I'll Save The HumaGears Project Thouser

Returned & The Creation of Raiders

12 years later, Naki appeared and stole both a Raidriser and the Crushing Buffalo Progrisekey from ZAIA during the Flower Arrangement Challenge. Naki approached Rentaro Tachibana and put the Raidriser on his waist while also giving him the Crushing Buffalo Progrisekey so he could get his revenge on Sakuyo Ichirin. Although Isamu Fuwa questioned Horobi, he simply hinted it is the work of a "deceased" comrade of his. This is My Floristry

Next, Naki were seen approaching Tatsumi Arayashiki, who was unaware of their presence, and put a Raidriser on his waist while suggesting he use the Splashing Whale Progrisekey to get his revenge on Smile SumidaShe is a Home-Selling HumaGear

Although Naki was not seen again after the rampage of Splashing Whale Raider, Naki likely gave the Raidriser and Dynamaiting Lion Progrisekey to Masuji Narusawa, as well as the Storming Penguin Progrisekey to Teruo Nikaido off-screen. He Still Didn't Do It I'm in Love With Your Intelligence!

Freeing Horobi and Aiding Thouser

After Jin was restored he and Naki infiltrated A.I.M.S and freed Horobi, with Naki working to deactivate the surveillance cameras. While Jin returned with Horobi to Daybreak Town, Naki did not follow them. Firefighters Battling The Blaze

Fuwa Is Naki

Naki controlling Fuwa's body

It was later revealed that due to an A.I. chip implanted into Isamu Fuwa's head, Naki has been taking over Fuwa's body and interacting in the real world through him, creating Raiders and aiding Jin in freeing Horobi. My Rap Changes The World!

Later, while Fuwa was struggling with trauma after learning the truth, Naki possessed him and transformed into Vulcan Assault Wolf and interrupted the duel between Zero-One and Thouser. Our Dreams Don't Break


Before appearing in the series, Naki appears to have an identity crisis, though the cause of it is unknown.



Assault Wolf

Assault Wolf

"Shotrise! Ready, go! Assault Wolf! No chance of surviving."
―Transformation announcement[src]

Rider Statistics:[3]

  • Rider Height: 199.7 cm
  • Rider Weight: 119.6 kg

Ability Parameters:[3]

  • Punching Power: 25.7 t
  • Kicking Power: 57.8 t
  • Maximum Jump Height: 32.4 m
  • Maximum Running Speed: 100 m per 2 seconds

Assault Wolf (アサルトウルフ Asaruto Urufu) is Vulcan's upgraded form accessed by using the Assault Wolf Progrisekey with the Assault Grip attached in the A.I.M.S. Shotriser.

Naki briefly accessed this form while possessing Vulcan.

Assault Wolf is composed of the following parts:

  • AW Head (AWヘッド AW Heddo) - The helmet.
    • Assault Signal (アサルトシグナル Asaruto Shigunaru) - Vulcan Assault Wolf control device. The base armor “Assault Actor” makes adjustments to adapt to the Assault Wolf Progress key from time to time, maximizing its ability.
    • AW Border (AWボーダー AW Bōdā) - Vulcan Assault Wolf face special armor. Equipped with an extended auditory sensor and radar system, it has excellent search performance. Moreover, the obtained information is sent to the battle assistance device “Orbital Binder” on the chest at any time.
    • Wolf Border Ears (ウルフボーダーイヤー Urufu Bōdā Iyā) - The AW border extended auditory sensor. It has an excellent tracking function based on sound pattern detection and can capture up to 16 targets simultaneously within a radius of 7 km. On the right side, there is a dedicated antenna for communicating with a specific partner through a secret line with an increased security level.
    • AW Border Hair (AWボーダーヘアー AW Bōdā Heā) - The AW border radar system. This is a type of reflector antenna that forms a beam by applying radio waves to the panel. By changing the angle of the panel, the antenna pattern can be changed and all peripheral information can be collected.
    • AW Face (AWフェイス AW Feisu) - AW border special mask. Although a special filter is built in, it can take in the atmosphere, but it will not be submerged even under water pressure of 200m at the maximum.
    • Vulcan Optical Visor (バルカンオプティカルバイザー Barukan Oputikaru Baizā) - The blue compound eyes. In addition to the dynamic visual acuity enhanced by eight times that of humans and a viewing angle of 160 degrees in all directions, visibility is ensured under all conditions by switching modes such as shading and night vision. An “assault scope” is installed on the left side, and the focal length is increased by a factor of seven. It also functions as an optical sighting device by synchronizing with various parts and arms such as the A.I.M.S. Shotriser via the chest “orbital binder”.
    • Base Act Head (ベースアクトヘッド Bēsu Akuto Heddo) - The overall helmet. It is part of the Rise Base Actor. It is composed of Zain Ceramic (ザインセラミック Zain Seramikku) armor and is reinforced with a laminated exterior. It is equipped with many sensors. Furthermore, it is highly adaptable, able to change its abilities according to what Progrisekey is used.
    • Assault Act Communicator (アサルトアクトコミュニケーター Asaruto Akuto Komyunikētā) - The communication device. Arranged on the left and right sides of the Assault Wolf Head, it integrates wireless communication devices and speakerphones to centralize communication with the outside.
  • Assault Actor (アサルトアクター Asaruto Akutā) - The bodysuit; more specifically the silver areas. A human-type armament strengthening system that combines a hardened steel (「ZIA209-03」) with composite armor reinforcement and power assist with superconducting actuators and artificial muscles.
  • Orbital Binder (オービタルバインダー Ōbitaru Baindā) - The combat assist device on the chest. It incorporates a system that uses artificial intelligence to support combat. The information from each part sensor is shared, and the support for maximizing the efficiency of a series of operations including the firearm from search, capture, tracking to attack of the target is performed. This greatly improves the fighting power and increases the success rate of independent operations. However, the burden on the wearer due to the pursuit of the ability of the Assault Wolf Program key to the limit by eliminating safety devices and life support devices for the wearer that should be originally provided is not considered.
  • AW Breast (AWブレスト AW Buresuto) - The chest armor. The armor is layered to enable independent operation and strengthened with an irregular matrix frame. It also has a multi-lock laser that captures and tracks multiple targets simultaneously, improving target visibility and accuracy in dark places.
  • AW Arm (AWアーム AW Āmu) - The arms. Compared to the Kamen Rider Vulcan's Wolf Arm, agility and responsiveness are greatly enhanced for assault, and high potential of the wearer is required for use. In addition, it synchronizes the sighting device via the “Orbital Binder” on the chest to improve the accuracy of weapons and fighting.
  • AW Shoulder (AWショルダー AW Shorudā) - The shoulder armor. Multi-layered armor is equipped with “howling over” that can counteract the reaction of shooting and fighting with reaction, reducing the impact. It also has weapon bays and stores various weapons such as micro missiles.
  • AW Gauntlet (AWガントレット AW Gantoretto) - The gauntlets attached to the forearms. Hard points are provided for hanging weapons, and armaments such as submachine guns can be selected and equipped according to the needed tactics.
  • AW Grab (AWグラブ AW Gurabu) - The armor gloves. Compared to the Kamen Rider Vulcan's Wolf Glove, the paw pad connector on the palm of the hand synchronizes the aiming device via the A.I.M.S. Shotriser and the “Orbital Binder” on the chest to improve the accuracy of shooting.
  • AW Leg (AWレッグ AW Reggu) - The leg units. . The multi-layered armor is equipped with a gyro-stabilizer and weapon bay for posture stabilization, and stores various weapons such as micro missiles.
  • AW Greave (AWグリーブ AW Gurību) - The lower shin armor. By receiving the energy supplied by the A.I.M.S. Shotriser, the legs of the wearer are strengthened, and the running power, jumping power and kicking power are improved. It also synchronizes the sighting device via the chest Orbital Binder to improve the accuracy of hitting.
  • AW Boot (AWブーツ AW Būtsu) - The special armor boots. Adjustments specific to the impact performance have been made, and it also functions as an anchor for posture stabilization during shooting.

This form's finisher is Magnetic Storm Blast (マグネティックストームブラースト Magunetikku Sutōmu Burāsuto): Vulcan fires a construct of a wolf’s head that bites down at the enemy and destroys them.

Appearances: Zero-One Episode 29



  • Horobi: Aside from being founding members of, Naki was the one who, alongside Jin, freed Horobi from A.I.M.S' custody.
  • Jin: They were both founding members of and Naki worked together with Jin to free Horobi from custody.


  • Isamu Fuwa/Kamen Rider Vulcan: Naki was shown to mock and confuse Fuwa when he was tracking them down, laughing at his rage and confusion. It is later revealed that Naki has been "possessing" Fuwa's body on several ocassions, handing around Raidrisers and Progrisekeys to human victims.

Behind the scenes


Naki is portrayed by Satsuki Nakayama (中山咲月 Nakayama Satsuki). While possessing Isamu Fuwa, Naki was portrayed by Ryutaro Okada (岡田 龍太郎 Okada Ryutaro).


  • Naki's name comes from the second kanji in the Japanese writing for "MetsubouJinrai" (滅亡迅雷).
    • Even though their name is from the second kanji, Naki is the last member of MetsubouJinrai to appear.
    • Naki was name dropped in episode 18 by Horobi, where he said "One of our deceased comrades..." (今は亡き 我らの同志が... Ima wa naki warera no dōshi ga...).
    • Prior to episode 25, Naki was credited as the Mysterious hooded person (謎のフードの人物 Nazo no fūdo no jinbutsu).[4]
    • Similar to both Raiden and Horobi, Naki is also from the older generation of HumaGears.
    • Naki is the only member of who has yet to transform into a Kamen Rider of their own, not counting their possession of Kamen Rider Vulcan Assault Wolf.



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