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Nachi Sakuragi (桜木 那智 Sakuragi Nachi), formerly known as just Nachi (那智 Nachi), is a Japanese actor and model who portrays Gai Amatsu in Kamen Rider Zero-One. He is affiliated with LesPro Entertainment.


Sakuragi gained an interest in acting after watching The Great Escape with his grandfather in high school. He was selected as a finalist in the Junon Superboy Contest, but declined getting signed into an agency as he was already an ace baseball pitcher, which he had been playing for the last 12 years.

After he graduated high school, Nachi still had an interest in acting and began acting on stage. After passing a theater troupe audition, he joined Les-Pro Entertainment.

Personal life

  • Sakuragi had auditioned for the roles of Aruto Hiden and Isamu Fuwa, but ultimately landed the role of Gai Amatsu.
  • Sakuragi grew up watching the Kamen Rider series as a child, having watched Kuuga, Faiz, Kuuga, and Ghost. He was aspired to not only watch the series but also audition for a role after seeing actors his age be Kamen Riders.
    • Of note, Sakuragi's favorite Rider is Faiz and cites Masato Kusaka as inspiration for his role of Gai Amatsu.
  • Sakuragi was a fan of the actor Yosuke Kubozuka in high school.
  • Sakuragi was the ace baseball pitcher in high school. He can bend his right index finger back at a perfect right angle.
  • Sakuragi's favorite television drama is HERO.
  • His father named him after the waterfalls of the same name in the Wakayama Prefecture. Sakuragi initially began his entertainment activities under his first name not only because it was easy to pronounce, but also because of the meaning behind the two kanji used to spell the name.
  • Sakuragi's favorite anime is The Quintessential Quintuplets.




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