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The NEXTridoron (ネクストライドロン Nekusutoraidoron) is Kamen Rider Dark Drive's Rider Machine exclusive to Kamen Rider Drive: Surprise Future. It is based on the Mercedes-AMG GT. It was originally owned by the future Drive, Eiji Tomari, before Roidmude 108 stole it along with the rest of the Drive gear and headed to the year 2015.

Being a futuristic version of Tridoron, it is capable of conjuring holographic turrets that fire lasers from any side of the car, bonnet or side mirrors for ranged combat, as well as being able to ride down the side of a building.

After the Paradox Roidmude discards the Drive gear, the NEXTridoron is used by the current Drive. It is able to generate Shift Tires as shown during Shinnosuke's transformation into Type Speed before the final battle with 108. It can also assist Drive during Type Special's finishing move. The fate of this vehicle is unknown after 108's defeat.


Speedrop Type Special (スピードロップ タイプスペシャル Supīdoroppu Taipu Supesharu). Drive first begins by punching the enemy straight into the air while the NEXTridoron surrounds the enemy in a large blue energy sphere. Drive later leaps upwards and performs a powerful kick charged with yellow-colored lightning, strong enough to destroy even the most powerful of Roidmudes.

Shift Car

Shift Next

Shift Next Special (Next)

  • Shift Next Special (シフトネクストスペシャル Shifuto Nekusuto Supesharu, Based on a futuristic car): Allows Kamen Rider Drive and Dark Drive to transform into Type Next (タイプネクスト Taipu Nekusuto) using the dark blue Next side.


  • NEXTridoron is the first Rider Machine car not to be made by a Japanese manufacturer. Instead, the car comes from the German luxury car company Mercedes-Benz.
  • Like Tridoron, NEXTridoron's name is a clear homage to Ridoron, the car driven by Kotaro Minami from Kamen Rider Black RX.
  • Continuing the coincidental and intentional 1980s references from Type Fruits Delorean-like flight ability and Tridoron's K.I.T.T.-like supercar motif, NEXTridoron and Dark Drive both have blue electronic circuit lines seemingly inspired by Disney's TRON franchise.
    • Additonal, due to Tridoron being a reference to K.I.T.T., NEXTridoron also refers to K.I.T.T.'s future counterpart: K.I.F.T. (Knight Industries Four Thousand)


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