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Mysteries of 9 5 DO (謎の95DO Nazo no Kujigoji-do) is the eleventh episode of Kamen Rider Zi-O: Supplementary Plan. It was released on TTFC accompanying the eleventh episode of Kamen Rider Zi-O as its "episode 11.5".


With multiple Sougo running around in 9 5 DO, a depressed Tsukuyomi recaps the latest episode and compares it to a Doraemon clone episode. As Sougo tries to cheer her up, she scolds him for creating a time paradox but he says it is too complicated for him to understand. Bewildered by his ignorance, Tsukuyomi asks Sougo if he knows what kind of Rider he is. Sougo confidently answers that he is a Kamen Rider, as written on his mask. Tsukuyomi says he is a clock-themed Rider, which surprises Sougo.

Prototype ZiO

Concept arts of Zi-O's mask

Woz appears and shows a censored top-secret image of early sketches for Zi-O's mask. As Sougo blows the blurring away, Tsukuyomi comments that all of them are clock-based. Sougo is amazed by those designs and thinks they are cooler than his own, which is "scribbled" on the face. Woz explains that having Kamen Rider written on the face would make the design more familiar. Sougo concludes that there are many things about him that even he didn't know.

Continuing the talk, Tsukuyomi points out that there are many mysteries at 9 5 DO as well, like the fact that it holds many items related to the previous Riders, includes the clock in Build's base. Tsukuyomi, Sougo and Woz then cutely ask the audience to find all of the easter eggs and post them on social media with #ジオウ補完計画 hashtag.

Woz then reveals another mystery in the shop, as the gears on the wall behind Junichiro Tokiwa's counter begin to turn, which makes Sougo surprised. Woz begins to read his book and states that "When this world is on the verge of destruction, these gears shall turn. The one clad in azure shall descend upon the field of gold." Sougo continue his reading and says that "to restore mandkind's connection with Earth..." but he quickly interrupts himself and says it sounds like something else.

Tsukuyomi says the biggest mystery here is the opening time of the shop. Sougo says since its name is "9 5", it must mean it opens from 9am to 5pm. However, Tsukuyomi reveals a schedule table and says the opening time is from 8am to 10pm, confusing Sougo. Feeling surrounded by all sorts of mysteries, Sougo tells the audience that he need to be more attentive. However, Tsukuyomi and Woz say the only important mystery here is the way he behaved in episode 11, as they stare intensely at him which makes him feel uncomfortable.



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