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My End Has Made You Cry (俺の最期にお前が泣いた Ore no Saigo ni Omae ga Naita) is the forty-seventh episode of Kamen Rider Den-O.


When Kai begins a multi-tier attack in order to eliminate Airi, both Ryotaro and Yuuto try to stop him, with a Imagin deciding to help in trying to make sure that the past and future is protected...


While celebrating the New Year with the Tarōs and everyone on the DenLiner as it docks into the KingLiner, Owner leaves to have his "final battle" with the Station Master before Den-O's own can begin. Urataros is bothered by the revelation as Kintaros eases the situation before asking Ryotaro to reveal his new year's resolution: for Momotaros and the others to stay with him. Later, Ryotaro visits a shrine with Airi to make his wish, seeing Yuto there as well. Meanwhile, after reminding his Imagin who's in charge when they demand him to sent them into the past, Kai begins his attempt to erase Airi by sending his massive Imagin army raging in the past while providing the timedate June 16, 2000 to Ryotaro. While Yuto remains to protect Airi, Den-O Liner Form goes back into time to take on the massive Imagin army. But Den-O learns too late that it was a trap, with Zeronos holding his own against the Imagin still in the present. Den-O was unable to hold them all off until Kintaros arrives and takes the Den-O Belt. Giving Ryotaro a model of Kintarō and other items that represent the other Tarōs, Kintaros uses Ryotaro's resolution to complete his contract with him though it meant he can't return to the DenLiner. Once he assumes Den-O Ax Form to take out some of the Imagin while telling Ryotaro of his resolve to put the future's safety ahead of himself, Kintaros holds the remainder off to give Ryotaro time to escape back to the present to save Airi as Kai probes her to see why she is his true target before killing her.


  • Den-O: Liner Form
  • Den-O (Kintaros): Axe Form
  • Zeronos: Zero Form


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DVD releases

Kamen Rider Den-O Volume 12

Kamen Rider Den-O Volume 12, DVD cover

Kamen Rider Den-O Volume 12 features episodes 45-49: Reliving a Blank Day, Now to Reveal Love and Truth, My End Has Made You Cry, Opposite Goodbyes... and The Climax Goes On, No Matter What.

91OoyLCAnwL SL1500

Kamen Rider Den-O Box 3, Blu-ray cover

Blu-ray Box 3 comes with 13 episodes.

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