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Mr. J (ミスタージェイ Misutā Jei) was the human form of the Crocodile Orphnoch (クロコダイルオルフェノク Kurokodairu Orufenoku), the first of the Lucky Clover members sent after Faiz. He has the ability to regenerate from attacks that would kill normal Orphnoch, the pile of dust he collapses into reforming a minute later, but he can only do this twice before actually dying.


A strong, usually silent black man who spoke perfect Japanese, usually seen with his pet chihuahua, Chaco, whom he cares very much for. After being destroyed by Kaixa's Xeno Clash twice, Mr. J was reluctant to continue his pursuit on Faiz until Murakami threatened him with being named a traitor and what would come of Chaco if he didn't complete his mission. Though Mr. J was finally killed by Faiz's Grand Impact, Chaco ended up in the care of Keiko Kurata.


CrocodileOrphnoch Kakutoutai

Fight Form

  • Height: 216 cm
  • Weight: 143 kg
  • Punching power: 3t

Fight Form (格闘態 Kakutō-tai)[1] is Crocodile Orphnoch's first form.

Appearances: 555 Episodes 11

CrocodileOrphnoch Gokyoutai

Strength Form

  • Height: 216 cm
  • Weight: 149 kg
  • Punching power: 3t

Strength Form (剛強態 Gōkyō-tai) is Crocodile Orphnoch's second form.

Appearances: 555 Episodes 12-13

CrocodileOrphnoch Kyouboutai

Rampage Form

  • Height: 222 cm
  • Weight: 158 kg
  • Punching power: 4.5t

Rampage Form (凶暴態 Kyōbō-tai) is Crocodile Orphnoch's third and final form.

Appearances: 555 Episodes 14-19

Video Game appearances

Kamen Rider 555 video game

The Crocodile Orphnoch is one of several Orphnoch who are playable in the Kamen Rider 555 video game.

Behind the scenes


Mr. J is portrayed by Kenneth Duria (ケネス・ドゥリア Kenesu Duria).

As the Crocodile Orphnoch, his suit actor was Jiro Okamoto (岡元 次郎 Okamoto Jirō), who has recently been the suit actor for several Heisei Riders.


  • "Mister J" is the pet name of the classic Batman villain The Joker, as coined by Harley Quinn. The comic line also features a crocodile-themed mutant named Killer Croc.


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