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Icon-exaid.pngThis article is about a monster in Kamen Rider Ex-Aid.

Motors Bugster (モータスバグスター, Mōtasu Bagusutā) is the monster born from data of the racing video game where anything goes, Bakusou Bike. As recorded by CR, Motors is part of the Low Tier of Bugsters within Kamen Rider Chronicle: alongside Salty, Aranbura, Revol, and Charlie. [The Forbidden Continue!?]



Motors is the boss of the Genm Corp. game Bakusou Bike, conceived by Kuroto Dan. As a Bugster, Graphite's origin is traced to the Y2K bug, which left what would be known as the Bugster Virus on the younger Dan's computer shortly following New Year's 2000. Secretly incubating the virus by infecting the young Emu Hojo with it, Kuroto Dan would arrange for its matured form to be extracted by Michihiko Zaizen ten years later.

Initial Emergence

Five years after Zero Day, the Motors Bugster emerged from Game Disease victim Yoshitaka Nishiwaki, who had been directly infected by Graphite upon his sister Riko's kidnapping. The stress over this eventually led to the Bugster virus taking hold into a giant wheel-like Bugster Union. The Union was destroyed by Level 1 Kamen Rider Lazer, the Motors Bugster forming and summoning a motorcycle, the Motors Viper, racing off. He appears again when Ex-Aid and Lazer attempt to reclaim Riko in a race. He races Ex-Aid riding on Lazer, dropping spiky virus bombs and shooting exhaust flames. He pulls ahead at the end, but is knocked off his bike by an energy slash from Ex-Aid's Gashacon Breaker Blade Mode, being defeated by Ex-Aid using Lazer's Gashat for a Bakusou Critical Strike.

After the fight, the Motors Bugster is lying on the ground, smoking but alive seemingly contradicting Yoshitaka's recovery, but before Kiriya can "examine the specimen", Kamen Rider Genm arrives and destroys him for good.

Level 5

He reemerges in a Level 5 form from Tsukuru Koboshi after he was forcibly infected by Kuroto Dan. Escaping the scene by outracing Ex-Aid despite him using a Speeding-Up Energy Item, he later attacks Genm Corp. headquarters to stress Tsukuru. Confronted by Ex-Aid again, he is told to step aside by Kuroto, watching him defeat Ex-Aid without transforming. Annoyed, he complains to Kuroto, only for Kuroto to assume Genm Zombie Gamer Level X, quickly dispatching the Bugster with a Critical End, absorbing his debris with the Gashacon Bugvisor.

Level 20

"I've evolved to Level 20, I'm super-supersonic now!"
―Motors Bugster Level 20[src]

Advancing to Level 20, Motors emerged from Neironzu band member Sora Iwamoto alongside Level 40 Bugsters Gatton and Kaiden. Engaged by Kamen Rider Ex-Aid Double Action Gamer, supported by Shishi RedIcon-crosswiki.png, Motors was pacified by their triple slash after Gatton and Kaiden fled. Motors soon resurfaced when Sora's stress was aggravated by Ren Amagasaki. Pursued by Ex-Aid to Seito Stadium, Motors was robbed of his Motors Viper, the bike having been reprogrammed away by the Maximum Gamer's Gun Mode Maximum Mighty Critical Finish to Motors' despair and anger. Ultimately, Motors was destroyed by Ex-Aid's Blade Mode Maximum Mighty Critical Finish.

Soon after, however, Motors was revived among all component Bugsters through the Gashacon Bugvisor by Parado as Kamen Rider Chronicle commenced.

Kamen Rider Chronicle

"I'll turn you into my next bike, come at me!"

Motors eventually appeared as part of Kamen Rider Chronicle. Discovered by the Kamen Riders while attacking the Ride-Player Karita, Motors was engaged by Ride-Player Nico and Kamen Rider Poppy but quickly escaped before they could defeat him. Motors was later confronted, while attacking another Ride-Player, by Kamen Rider Brave who engaged him using the Gashat Gear Dual β's Level 50 Fantasy Gamer. Strongest VS Strongest! As revealed to Taiga Hanaya and Nico Saiba, Hiiro had recovered the Gashatrophy of Bakusou Bike from this incident. As the Gashatrophies could only be claimed by Ride-Players, the rare Kamen Rider presumably enticed the Ride-Player to deal the finishing blow for him.

Other Events

Kamen Sentai Gorider

Motors was part of an perpetually reviving army of Bugsters which emerged in the real world as a result of Kuroto Dan's plot to revive in the Game World. This endless horde was held off by Kamen Riders Brave and Snipe, sharing the Gashat Gear Dual β and Hunter Gamer between each other, while Emu Hojo was sent from CR to the Game World to stop Dan. Ultimately, the Bugster horde was suddenly dissipated in an instant as the destruction of the Game World brought about by Kazuma Kenzaki thwarted Dan's ambition to revive.


Like his game character basis, Motors is arrogant and only cares about winning, using any sneaky trick to do so.


Bugster Virus bacterium.

The Bugsters originate as the microscopic Bugster Virus (バグスターウイルス, Bagusutā Uirusu), a result of humans being contaminated by the Bugster, thus developing the condition known as the Game Disease (ゲーム病, Gēmu-byō).

The spiked wheel-like Bugster Union that became the Motors Bugster.

The Bugster Union (バグスターユニオン, Bagusutā Yunion) is the monster form of a Bugster-infected patient when the virus first flares up. When a Bugster-infected patient experiences enough stress, the Bugster Viruses inside multiply rapidly and overtake the patient's body, forming a giant orange virus form around it; the Union's shape seems largely irrelevant to the Bugster's appearance. Bugster Unions can only be defeated by a Kamen Rider in Level 1; the reason why is unexplained, though it may be because other Levels are too strong and may injure the patient inside the Union.

Appearances: Ex-Aid Episode 4

Motors Bugster

  • Motors Viper (モータスヴァイパー, Mōtasu Vaipā) - Motors Bugster's personal motorcycle.
  • He can shoot bombs and flames backwards from the pipes on his shoulders.

Appearances: Ex-Aid Episode 4

Motors Bugster Level 5

  • Height: 227.5 cm
  • Weight: 102.4 kg

Level 5 (レベル5, Reberu Faibu): Motors' upgrade gives him a large expansion of the gold exhaust pipes on his back which lets him go far faster on his Motors Viper than before, fast enough to outrace a Rider using the Speeding-Up Energy Item.

Appearances: Ex-Aid Episodes 18

Motors Bugster Level 20

  • Height: 227.5 cm
  • Weight: 102.4 kg

Level 20 (レベル20, Reberu Tuentī): Motors' second upgrade allows him to possess the body of his host, though his physical appearance remains the same.

Appearances: Ex-Aid Episodes 24

Powers and Abilities


Behind the Scenes


Concept Art

Motors Bugster was designed by Katsuya Terada (寺田 克也, Terada Katsuya).


  • His personal motorcycle, Motors Viper is based on a Honda XR 250.
  • The Motors Bugster's tortoise motif is ironic, as tortoises are rather slow animals.
  • He is currently the only Bugster to have both an initial appearance and a Leveled-Up return each lasting only one episode.
  • When his Level 5 form was destroyed, there was no "Game Clear!" announcement. This may either be a production error or stem from the fact that defeating him in a race instead of destroying him is how Bakusou Bike was intended to be and was initially cleared.
  • His head slightly resembles GorminIcon-crosswiki.png's head from Kaizoku Sentai GokaigerIcon-crosswiki.png.
  • Coincidentally, both Motors and Lazer, who are from the same game, are known for being manipulated and killed by Kuroto once their deed is done. The former two's deaths as well are catalysts of Emu Parado to further resented Kuroto to the point of revenge. As of episode 29, this trait may not be a coincidence.




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