This article is about a/an Insectovore in Saban's Masked Rider.

A three-eyed green moth monster who has the ability to use moths to turn humans into Insectovores. He can also shoot lasers from his eye and wrap anyone in his long tongue. Count Dregon had Nefaria send the Maggots to lure Hal and Albee towards Mothitron during their bug hunt. Once that plan worked, Mothitron used his moths to infect the two of them. Slowly, Hal and Albee, who were immobilized by the attack, took on the characteristics of an Insectovore (claws, green skin, bug eyes, etc.). Ferbus, though, was able to escape and warn Dex. Using a butterfly Ferbus had caught, Dex created an antidote. As Masked Rider, Dex took Magno and the antidote to Hal and Albee's location, but then he was ambushed by Mothitron. During the battle, Magno tackled Mothitron and took Masked Rider to the cave. Once inside, while looking for Hal and Albee, Dex was attacked by Mothitron again. Dex chopped off Mothitron's tongue, but Mothitron still overwhelmed Dex. Magno tunneled into the cave to save Dex. Magno tackled Mothitron before Dex destroyed him with the Electro Saber and used the antidote to restore Hal and Albee. Mothitron fits the category of Double Face's unit.

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