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"Hissatsu! Full Throttle: Monster!"
―Standard finisher announcement via Drive Driver[src]

"Hissatsu! Full Throttle Special: Hunter and Monster!"
―Finisher announcement w/ Justice Cage via Drive Driver[src]

"Hissatsu! Full Throttle: Tough Guy!"
―Finisher announcement for Type Tridoron via Drive Driver and Shift Tridoron[src]

"Hissatsu! Full Throttle: Kajiru!"
―Finisher announcement for Mach via Mach Driver Honoh[src]

"Hissatsu! Burst Full Throttle: Kajiru!"
―Finisher announcement for Deadheat Mach via Mach Driver Honoh[src]

The Monster (モンスター Monsutā), individually known as the Rush Fang (ラッシュファング Rasshu Fangu) and Rush Face (ラッシュフェイス Rasshu Feisu), is a pair of Tire Specific Items modeled after a car boot that are wielded by Kamen Rider Drive when he uses the Shift Massive Monster Car to activate the Massive Monster Tire, which can also be combined with the Hooking Wrecker and Deco Traveller Tires to create the Tough Guy Tire via Type Tridoron's Tire Blending ability.

It can also be accessed by Kamen Rider Mach if he inserts the Shift Car into his Mach Driver Honoh to activate the Kourin Signal Kajiru. Ultimately, however, Mach was never shown to use this ability.


The Rush Fang and Rush Face can be used to slash at enemies. The combined Monster incidentally holds the Massive Monster Tire when it is being deployed.

They are used as part of the Full Throttle finishing attack Monscrunch (モンスクランチ Monskuranchi), where Drive uses the individual parts of the Monster to create constructs of themselves and use them to smash enemies in-between them.

The Monster can also be used in unison with Justice Hunter's Justice Cage for a variation of the JustiSmash (ジャスティスマッシュ Jasutisumasshu) Full Throttle. This combined finisher was achieved when Drive quickly transformed into Type Speed Monster and subsequently Type Speed Hunter, performing the attack to destroy Roidmude 005 by crushing the Roidmude. Type TV-KUN: Hunter & Monster! Chase the Mystery of the Super Thief!




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