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Momotaros' Summer Vacation

Momotaros' Summer Vacation (モモタロスのなつやすみ Momotarosu no Natsu Yasumi), abbreviated as Momo Natsu (モモなつ) is a short film that debuted between Juken Sentai Gekiranger: Nei-Nei! Hou-Hou! Hong Kong Decisive BattleIcon-crosswiki and Kamen Rider Den-O: I'm Born!. Using live action photographs, 3D computer graphics, and traditional animation (all of which is termed a Momotion Picture (モモーションピクチャー Momōshon Pikuchā) by the production team), it has Momotaros gloating of his strength until Master Sha-FuIcon-crosswiki dared him to prove it by swimming. After being made fun of by Urataros and Ryutaros, and bashed by Kintaros, Momotaros is talked into believing he can swim by Deneb. But as the "mind over matter" influence wears off, the Imagin and Master Sha-FuIcon-crosswiki of the Gekirangers tell the audience the movie's coming up soon.

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